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Exploration-4- Light

Exploration-4- Light diffusion and vegetation Light within wood zone was aimed to be refracted at some parts and diffused at others; this is to enhance the ‘forest-like experience’ of the interior spaces. However, after configuring the refraction methods in the previous explorations, it was decided that diffusion effect can be achieved through utilising from vegetation characteristics and their ability to scatter and filter sunlight. This approach suggests using thin metal or wire meshes, attached on to the inner side of curtain walls (on the higher parts), and housing the hanging vegetation. The vegetation in here will act as light diffusing elements, with the ability to enhance the physical connection with the greens as well. Explorations 3 and 4 were then integrated into the planning of wood zones. Figure 7.67 wood façade-4 test render 76

Wood zone-1- Yoga and Meditation Figure 7.69 sketch - meditation room Figure 7.70 sketch-the in-between space Figure 7.68 yoga and meditation plan Figure 7.71 render-outdoor option option 77

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