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Winter: December 2015 EDITOR'S MESSAGE: - The Christmas season is here and while some of us busily celebrate there are others, who sit quietly alone. Not by choice but families are often spread far and wide and health can keep others housebound. I challenge everyone to visit just one person in the building who won't be able to get out much this season. Drop by for a visit or ask him or her over for a coffee. I see some people helping others out every day at the Sandpiper and hope this is infectious over the Holidays and all through the year. I believe both the giver and receiver are richer for every encounter and we never know when we will make a new friend. It never ceases to amaze me how generous people are at the Sandpiper. Last month we held our Winter Garage Sale and broke all previous records. We did a few little things different but the returns were mainly because of the generosity of those who donated. We had so many large items that we held a Silent Auction to kick off the Sale. Everyone enjoyed the Auction and we have accumulated almost enough donations to hold another one next year. We made $550 on the Silent Auction and added to the Garage Sale the grand total was $1,760. After the sale everything was given to several charities so we will be starting over for the Spring Sale. We now have an empty storage room to keep donations for the next sale in May. YES, we will accept donations any time of year. Larger or more expensive objects will be set-aside for next year's Silent Auction. Call me and I'll have your donations picked up. I'm taking my own advice and have already cleaned out a couple of spaces and put a box of things in the RA Garage Sale Storage Room. It's nice to be able to move it right out of the apartment. Thanks to all who helped and donated to the Sale. You make it possible for the Association to run events at little or no cost to residents. This year we were able add to the seasonal decorations in the common areas, purchase equipment for the exercise room, games room, kitchen and party room and many other things that help with the social activities at the Sandpiper……. Give them all a Hand!! No Act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted. Aesop - Val Conway (301) Winter 2015 – Issue 12 - 1 -

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