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Studios sculptures that

Studios sculptures that correspond to Kiefer's first studio was his home monumental constructions in the in Hornbach, a large converted surrounding woodland, and brick factory. In 1991 he left serpentine excavated labyrinths Hornback to spend time with great earthy columns that traveling in Japan, Mexico and resemble stalagmites or termite India. In 1992 he established mounds. Nowhere is it clear where himself in Barjac, France, the finished product definitively where he transformed his 35- stands; perhaps it is all work in hectare studio compound La progress, a monumental conceptart organism." Ribaute into a Gesamtkunstwerk. A derelict silk factory, his studio is During 2008, Kiefer left his studio enormous and in many ways is a complex at Barjac and moved to comment on industrialization. He Paris. A fleet of 110 lorries created there an extensive system transported his work to a 35,000 sq of glass buildings, archives, ft (3,300 m2) warehouse on the installations, storerooms for Périphérique in Croissy-Beaubourg, materials and paintings, outside Paris, that had once been subterranean chambers and the depository for the La corridors. Samaritaine department Sophie Fiennes filmed Kiefer's store.Victoria Stapley-Brown studio complex in Barjac for her (August 31, 2016),Anselm Kiefer’s documentary study, Over Your studio robbed of 12 tonnes of raw Cities Grass Will Grow (2010), marble and €1.3m lead sculpture which recorded both the The Art Newspaper. A journalist environment and the artist at work. wrote of Kiefer's abandoned studio One critic wrote of the film: complex: "He left behind the great "Building almost from the ground work of Barjac – the art and up in a derelict silk factory, Kiefer buildings. A caretaker looks after it. devised an artistic project Uninhabited, it quietly waits for extending over acres: miles of nature to take over, because, as we corridors, huge studio spaces with know, over our cities grass will ambitious landscape paintings and grow.

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