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Morteza Momayez August

Morteza Momayez August 26, 1935 – October 25, 2005 was an Iranian graphic designer. He was one of the founders of Iranian Graphic Design Society (IGDS) and held a membership to Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI). He was the president of Tehran International Poster Biennial and Editor-in-chief of “Neshan”.Throughout his career, Momayez initiated many cultural institutes, exhibitions and graphic design publications. The renowned pioneer of graphic design in Iran, Momayez received the Art & Culture Award of Excellency from the president of Iran in 2004. Fine Art at University of Tehran in 1965 and his diploma from Ecole National Superier des Art Deco in Paris, France in 1968. Experiences: Graphic Design Magazines: Iran Abad(1960), Ketab va Keyhan Hafteh (1961-62), Farhang (1961), Kavosh (1963-64), Negin(1965), Farhang va Zendegi (1969-78),Roudaki (1971-1978), Cinema (1974-75), Memari va Honareh Iran (1987), Kelk (1990- ),Neghahe No (1991-99), Sharif (1993-2001),Tasvir (1992), Silk Road (1994-95), Faslnameh Khavarmyaneh ( 1994), Goftego (1994-),Payam-e-Emrouz(1994- 2000). Art Director and Graphic Design: Tehran International Film Festival (1973-77) Biography Morteza Momayez was born on August 26, 1935 in Tehran, Iran .His father was Mohammad-Ali and his mother was Kochak. He got his bachelor in painting from school of 17

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