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1-Siah Armajani 5-Anselm

1-Siah Armajani 5-Anselm Kiefer 17-Morteza Momayez Director: Aziz Anzabi Editor : Nafiseh Yaghoubi Translator : Asra Yaghoubi Research: Zohreh Nazari

Siah Armajani Sia (Siavash) Armajani born 1939 is an Iranian-born American sculptor and architect known for his public art. One of Armajani's important projects is located at North Shore Esplanade at St. George's Ferry Terminal, Staten Island, NY. Armajani has said: Biography Siah Armajani, Bridge/Ramp, 1994, Stuttgart-Mitte, Innenhof der LBBW, beim Hauptbahnhof Siavash Armajani was born in 1939 in Tehran. In 1960, Armajani immigrated to the United States to attend college, as he had family living in the US. Siah Armajani designed the Olympic Torch presiding over the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He has worked on other projects such as the New York Staten Island tower and bridge, the Round Gazebo in Nice, France, and the Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. His 2005 work, Fallujah, is a modern take on Picasso's Guernica but has been censored in the U.S. due to its critical view of the war in Iraq. "All buildings and all streets are ornaments. Moreover, the lighthouse and bridge gives a place to the representational arts of poetry, music, and performing. By embracing all of the arts, the lighthouse and bridge asserts its own perspective everywhere." In 2010, he won a Knight Fellow award granted by United States Artists. An exhibition at Muelensteen Gallery in 2011 presented a dozen of Armajani's early pieces created in the years leading up to his arrival in America. 1

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