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COCOONERS - Making It Happen - No 4, March 2018

The digital version of our "Cocooners" half-yearly publication. Catch up about news, tools, thoughts, facts, people, work, future. Welcome to Cocooners. No 4, Mar 2018.

COCOONERS - Making It Happen - No 4, March

COCOONERS N°4 - MARCH 2018 MAKING IT HAPPEN TRUST UNCERTAINTY OUR STORY, YOUR STORY When size doesn’t matter. In this number we share a story of courage. It is the story about some people of a multinational high tech company who understood that even if you are today a big player in the worldwide market, it is fundamental to recognize that everybody needs to evolve its way of working. In particular, they wanted a more adaptive governance of the most important division of the company. Read at page 6 FROM THE FAMILY: AIED ROMA Together to change the rules. During Fascism in Italy, the regime approved l aws aimed at defending race and increasing birth rates. This was mainly achieved with art. 553 of the Penal Code that banned both propaganda and the personal use of any contraceptives. On 10th October 1953, the AIED (“Italian Association for Demographic Education”) was founded Read at page 4 COOKING IN OUR LABS • Nalu • LSP • Rory’s Story Cubes ® • Organisation Design • Core 2 Read at page 8 A word about Cocoon Projects Read at page 10 Meet LiquidO TM Read at page 12 COCOONERS IS PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER

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