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In Ayurveda it is known

In Ayurveda it is known as Nitambha shoola or Kati shoola,Trikashool or Katigraha It occurs due to asthi dhatu kshaya and mamsa dhatu kshaya. . Pain is the main symptom of Vata dosha.Vataprakopak ahar-vihar like overeating of astringent, pungent, dry foods, stress, worries etc leads to vitiation of vata dosha.This vitiated vata doshas causing vitiation of other doshas and dusyas in body, which goes to back through the blood causing Katishool. Vata dosha pradhan–Dy food items intake, katu-tikta ahar,worries,stress can lead this problem. The pain is Variable, migrating, throbbing and intense in nature. Cold wind and cold condition aggravates the pain Pitta dosha pradhan–Excessive anger, shock, inflammation can lead this problem. The pain is steady burning, lancing, intese in nature. Hot weather and hot conditions can aggravate the pain. Kapha dosha – lack of exercise, overweight, eating of heavy oily food, daysleeping, constipation can lead this problem.The pain is Steady dull, aching, deep and diffused in nature. Cold will tend to aggravate the pain and warmth will help relieve it.

Treatment- Spine massage-Massage of back done in special manner by therapist by using medicated oil. Katiswedan-Nadisweda by dashmool kwath is very effective.Lavan sweda also gives a fantastic result in backpain. Kati Basti –A pool like structure is made with black gram floor at back region.then pouring of warm oil is done for particular period of time .Before that local massage of back is done. When cool, the oil is soaked up using cotton gauze and the process is repeated several times. For this purpose oilslike mahanarayana,dhanwantaram,bala etc can be used. Medicines- Mahayograj Guggulu Rasnadi guggul Kaishor guggul Vatgajankush Ras

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