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The Right to be Forgotten

Diversity in Collections

Diversity in Collections “ Archivists collectively seek to document and preserve the record of the broadest possible range of individuals, socioeconomic groups, governance, and corporate entities in society. ” SAA Values Independent Voices by Reveal Digital, the organization that digitized the magazine On Our Backs, is “a digital collection if alternative press newspapers, magazines and journals” (“About this Collection”). They were trying to preserve a record of voices that typically get little to no recognition. Vivian Maier’s photos show everyday life, and create a portrait of history through the eyes of ordinary people.

In deciding to protect privacy, however, a sacrifice must be made. By limiting the documents that are accepted into a collection and restricting access, many diverse voices will be silenced. By protecting the privacy of some, those who are often invisible in collections will remain invisible. Although making these materials available violates the privacy of those involved in the creation of the materials, refusing to share them denies the world of seeing and learning about diverse viewpoints of the world. Photo: @rarjunpillai/live-the-life-like-anopen-book-b88128b28800

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