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Weekly Community Newspaper Page April 18 - 24, 2018 Call 978-462-6162 Senior Care for Peace of Mind. • Meal Preparation • Errands • Assistance with Mobility • Friendly Companionship • Respite Care for Families • Light Housekeeping • Bathing Assistance • Alzheimer/Dementia Care • Up to 24 Hour Care • Medication Reminders 978-462-6162 Why is this cat laughing? Contact your Advertising Consultant today! P: 978-948-8696 • F: 978-948-2564 He is so excited and happy that his humans just listed the family’s largest asset (their home) with Kathryn O’Brien. Not only is Kathryn one of the most successful Realtors on the North Shore (1300 homes SOLD), she is also an animal lover. She will take care of everyone while the home is being sold and make sure everyone is safe. Kathryn O’Brien (978) 465-1322 Call/email today Specializing in New Beginnings, Happy Endings and Smooth Transactions Andover and Newbury ARIES (March 21 to April 19) A little woolgathering is OK. But don’t let that dreamy state linger beyond midweek, when you’ll want to be ready to take on new workplace responsibilities. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Love rules the week for single Bovines seeking romance. Attached pairs also find new joy in their relationships. Friday should bring news about a business opportunity. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Home becomes the center of a new (c) 2017 King Features Syndicate, Inc. social whirl, as you show your talent for hosting great parties. You can expect to impress a lot of people who’ve never seen this side of you. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) The Moon Child might have to raise those powers of persuasion a notch to get a still-wary colleague to agree to go along. Finding more facts to back up your position helps. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Hold off trying to fix the blame for an apparent mishandling of a work situation. A full investigation could reveal surprising facts on how and why it really happened. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Your ability to find details others might overlook gives you an advantage in assessing a possibly too-good-to-be-true offer. A trusted colleague has advice. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Expect to be called on once again to act as peacemaker in a long-simmering dispute that suddenly flares up. Offer advice, but be careful to stay out of the fray. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Your organizational skills help you line up your priorities so that you get things done without added pressure. The weekend could hold a special surprise. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) New ventures are favored. But don’t launch yours before rechecking all facts and sources. Also, be sure you can rely on support from certain people. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Don’t be pushed into renegotiating an agreement, even though it might help avoid a potential impasse. Get legal advice before you sign or agree to anything. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Helping others is what Aquarians do so well. But this time, someone wants to help you. Expect to hear some news that will both surprise and delight you. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Things go so swimmingly that you’re tempted to take on more tasks. Best advice: Finish what you have now, then enjoy a well-earned relaxing weekend. BORN THIS WEEK: Your understanding of human nature helps you make wise decisions that are appreciated by all. You would make a fine judge. The Town Common Classified Form Use this form to submit your classified entry SPECIAL OFFER: 20 Words for 4 Weeks - $30 00 *SAVE $10 00 ! Prepaid Consecutive Ads, 75¢ for each additional word. Circle A Category For Sale • Wanted • Services • Free • Child Care Needed/Avail. • Rental Auto • Boat • Help Wanted • Animals • Yard Sale • Rental • Other _______ Payment Classified Ads must be paid for prior to publication. No billing options exist for classifieds. Cash, Checks, or Credit Cards Accepted. Checks made payable to: The Town Common DEADLINE: Wed. at 5PM for the following week. Cost per issue: $10.00 per issue / 20 words or less. (25 cents for each additional word.) or SPECIAL $30 FOR 4 WEEKS 1___________ 2___________ 3___________ 4___________ 5___________ 6___________ 7___________ 8___________ 9___________ 10___________ 11___________ 12___________ 13___________ 14___________ 15___________ 16___________ 17___________ 18___________ 19___________ 20___________ 21___________ 22___________ 23___________ 24___________ Name:____________________________ Address:_____________________________ Town:_____________________ State:_________ Zip:__________ Tel. #:________________________ Email: __________________________________ Number of Issues or Dates:_______________________________ Credit Card Type: __MC __Visa __ Amex __Dscvr Credit Card # ______________________________ Expiration Date _____/_____ Mail To: The Town Common, 77 Wethersfield St., Rowley, MA 01969 or e-mail the above information to:

April 18 - 24, 2018 Page 9 Health & Wellness BY J. PETER ST. CLAIR, DMD Last week I introduced you to a patient who has been struggling with dental decay (cavities), gum recession, and dental erosion (the chemical breakdown of tooth structure). I discussed how these dental problems are complex multifactorial diseases of epidemic levels affecting both children and adults. I ended with the idea that a healthy mouth requires more than brushing, flossing, and “fillings”. With current scientific evidence and new technologies, patients and practitioners need to begin to look at these problems not just from a drilling and filling approach, but also from a medical (preventive/ therapeutic) approach. If “we” continue to think the same way about dental issues, we will continue to have the same struggles and same results. There are over 19,000 different bacteria that have been found in mouths and every person has about 1,000 different types. Not all of them cause decay, but many of them have also been found to grow on artery walls. The medical/dental systemic connection is real and we must pay more attention to it. Dental decay is on the rise. Why the increase? Most of it has to do Every dollar counts in retirement, but there are certain things we can’t do without, like food. If you look for ways to save a few dollars here and there, it will add up. Here are some tips: * Grocery shop once a week, with a list. You’ll spend less because you’ll only be in the store once and won’t be tempted to pick up extra items. Avoid aisles that don’t have anything on your list. Brighter Smiles... with dietary trends. We snack more, eat more sugar/carbs, drink more soda, have more gastric reflux, take more mouth-drying medications, etc. Dental caries (decay) is a pH specific disease. The right bacteria, plus sugar, create acid which breaks down the enamel of the teeth. Add an already acidic environment and it is even worse. In most cases it is a preventable disease. The problem is that changing our thinking and behavior, the nemesis of all that is bad, is difficult to do unless there is an awakening among us. It is time for the dental professional to take a different approach when treating this disease. More focus needs to be shifted to prevention of decay rather just treating it. Filling teeth is treating the result of the disease but does nothing to prevent it. The dentist needs to take a more active role in assessing individual’s risk factors. In the dental world one way to do this is to use CAMBRA, which stands for Caries Management By Risk Assessment. Based on assessing an individual’s risk factors such as quality of home care, quality of salivary flow, medication and dietary issues, a caries-preventive strategy can be established. Dentists must take some responsibility and be open to a different management of this disease. They must also be able to motivate people to change habits. The bottom line is that if you want to be decay-free, you can be. For those at high risk, specific behavioral modifications are almost always necessary. To become aware Are You at Risk? Senior Scene Finding Extra Dollars of these often requires an assessment by your doctor. Doctors need to shift time away from treating things to be able to assess more and discuss the specific behavior modifications necessary for each individual patient. The patient needs to be receptive to hear and act on these changes. There are also some great products currently available and Northern Essex Fuel Corp. Automatic Delivery 24 Hour Burner Service Reliable . Honest . Friendly Service (978)388-5240 Prices subject to change. The Town look for Common in a dentist? others on the horizon. Everything from new toothpastes and gels with ions in them to rebuild tooth structure, sprays to neutralize pH, and probiotics are on their way. Right now you can use things like the sweetener replacement Xylitol, which by itself is cavity-fighting, but also works synergistically with fluoride. Prescription level toothpastes are also available and there is strong research for the topical application of fluoride varnish, the same stuff the kids get, for adults. The evidence is very clear – this is a preventable disease. Next time you go to the dentist and find out you have a new cavity, stop blaming the dentist or yourself, and ask to get a specific protocol for prevention of this disease based on your specific risk factors. Dr. St. Clair maintains a private dental practice in Rowley and Newburyport dedicated to healthcentered family dentistry. If there are certain topics you would like to see Dr. Laura anne Potvin, P.C. oPtoMetriStS EYE CARE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY! $2.49 per gallon 100 gallon min (978)374-1540 The Town Dr. nYLa LaMBert Comm Dr. KatHLeen Horn Dr. CatHLeen DouCette NOw LOCATED AT 939 SALEM ST., GROvELAND 978-374-8991 written about or questions you have please email them to him at jpstclair@ You can view all previously written columns at www. * Work from a weekly meal plan so you’ll have all the ingredients. If you find yourself eating the same things over and over, search online for new low-cost recipes. * Compare all the weekly flyers and prices. * If you’re near a big-box store, consider shopping with a friend and splitting up the large multipacks. Or, if you think you’ll use it enough, team up with a friend for an Amazon Prime membership and order online. * If you pay your insurance by the month, you likely pay a few dollars extra every month. If you can, pay by the year. * Look into the Lifeline program. You may qualify for lowcost Internet and phone. Check into Meals on Wheels, too. * Use the library for new books by your favorite authors. Sign up on Amazon to get email notices when an author is about to come out with something new. Then go to your library’s website and put a hold on that book right away. * Check into zero-interest credit cards to pay off other balances. * Look into property tax exemptions, and LIHEAP to reduce your heating costs. * Ask your pharmacist about special discount plans. Yes, some places have them. But above all, get used to asking, “Do you offer a senior discount?” (c) 2017 King Features Synd., Inc. All Phases of Dental Care Including: • Grinding/Clenching/TMJ Therapy • Sleep Apnea/Snoring Treatment What do you Our office provides individual attention based on each patient’s specific unique needs. Learn More: Please call our office to schedule a comlimentary 30-minute consultation. 151 Central Street, Rowley | 978-948-2030 Professional Interior Painting ~~~~~~ Jay's Painting 978-314-0140 Caring, Compassionate, Dignified Contact Service your advertising when you need consultant it most. today.... 77 Wethersfield Street, Rowley, MA 01969 We Offer: • Personalized and Traditional Funerals • Cremations • Graveside Services 978-948-8696 • Memorial Services 14 Independent St., Rowley, MA 978-948-7763 • Advance Planning Options Jeffrey E. Megna, CFSP Owner, Licensed Funeral Director (Type 3)

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