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The BCM-95 solution

The BCM-95 solution BCM-95, regarded as the world’s preferred and leading bioavailable curcumin extract, has been, and continues to be, extensively researched and developed by Arjuna Natural Extracts. BCM-95 was developed to overcome the various challenges faced by clinicians and users when wanting to use curcumin supplementation for its health benefits. 700% Delivers 700% more bioactive/free curcumin into the blood stream than standard curcumin extracts. 8 hrs Is active for over 8 hours in the blood stream. Convenient once or twice per day dosing. Uses a patented combination of curcumin 95% extract with A-turmerone, an essential oil of turmeric. This combination has been proven not only to increase bioavailability but also to offer additional benefits over and above curcumin alone. Uses no artificial additives and is 100% derived from the turmeric plant. Is the most extensively researched curcumin extract on the market, with over 33 human clinical studies and counting, validating and verifying its benefit and superiority. Is produced using green energy in an eco-friendly facility. Solar is the exclusive source of energy for the production of BCM-95. Fast acting. Users with inflammatory pain and discomfort are in most cases able to feel benefits within the first 3 days of use. Offers long term safety and is free from any major side effects.

Bio-Curcumin 95% Curcumin 400 mg = 2 700 mg Pilot Cross-Over Study to Compare Human Oral Bioavailability of 95% Curcumin Formulations SINGLE ORAL DOSES OF 2 000 MG EACH CURCUMIN IN BLOOD (ng/ml) 700 500 300 100 BIO-CURCUMIN Curcumin w Piperine and Lecithin 0 2 4 5 6 7 8 Cross-Over Study to Compare Human Oral Bioavailability of 95% Curcumin Formulations SINGLE ORAL DOSES OF 4 000 MG EACH CURCUMIN IN BLOOD (ng/ml) 1 500 1 200 900 600 300 BIO-CURCUMIN Other Curcumin 95% 0 2 4 6 8 10 12

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