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Southern Trapper 2018 Catalog LR

When you're born with

When you're born with outdoor pedigree, hunting & fishing is a way of life The decrees of southern hospitality require families like Southern Trapper to give more than we gain. With just a little bit of luck, anything is possible. It is an old southern tradition to include a lucky two-dollar bill when offering a gentleman a wallet. For generations, families like Southern Trapper have followed this ritual like unwritten law. The Southern Trapper’s deed follows our word, as we stand by our work and demonstrate masterful dexterity for handcrafted leather.

Some memories are fleeting, and others aren’t. For me, it’s the hunting & fishing memories that I carry everywhere. Waking up before the dawn, to hunt each corner of the Great Plaines with my Grandpa “Pa”, is part of my hunting heritage. Hunting rituals and lessons learned were never forgotten, neither were the people I learned them from. “When you’re born with an outdoor pedigree, hunting & fishing is a way of life.“ Just as hunting & fishing traditions are passed on from generation to generation, so has Pa’s wallet. After buying several wallets that never seemed to last more than one season, I realized that the art of craftsmanship hadn’t been passed on past Pa’s generation. I set out to make my own wallet, just like the one Pa had. I tried every modification possible, but cheap leather will always be just that. So I decided to never settle again and founded Southern Trapper with a simple mission: build the leather goods that could stand up to all our adventures, and would be passed on to future generations. Since then, we’ve experimented with new materials and engineered some pretty extraordinary gear: a collection of slings that will always have your back, a collection of wallets you’ll always have, and a load of genuine holsters that make the best-performing shooter perform even better. Keeping true to our beginnings, every new product is tested in the fields under the most extreme conditions— the best R&D facilities we know. - Dane Bligh, Founder

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