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Market Watch A closer look of the parcel station after the parcel was retrieved from the drone, which can lift up to 4kg package. SKYWAYS This drone delivery system is program and managed by Airbus Helicopter. Though the vehicle is unmanned, it plays an important role in the overall eVTOL strategy of Airbus. Many subsystems and components such as autonomous flight control, detect and avoid sensors, beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) datalink, multiple vehicles air traffic management and so on are all critical to manned eVTOL aircraft design and operation as well. In February Skyways successfully completed its first flight demonstration at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Airbus launched Skyways project with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) in February 2016 to develop an urban unmanned air system to address the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the air delivery business in urban environment. The collaboration was subsequently extended in April 2017 with Singapore Post becoming the local logistics partner to the project. Scheduled in 2018, NUS students and staff will be able to make use of Skyways to have small parcels between 2kg and 4kg delivered to designated parcel stations within the campus. CAAS has been working closely with Airbus on the project, with an emphasis on co-developing systems and rules to ensure that such aircraft can operate in an urban environment safely and optimally. 4 During the demo flight, the drone took off from its dedicated maintenance center and landed on the roof of a specially designed parcel station where a parcel was automatically loaded via a robotic arm. Once successfully loaded with the parcel, the Skyways drone took off again and returned to land, demonstrating its automatic unloading capability. 16 e Flight Journal

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