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Market Watch SKYLEADER

Market Watch SKYLEADER SL 400 ELECTRIC: Successfully the SL400 Electric has already made its first flight. e-Trainer for Europa and China Since the entry of the Chinese Zall Group as the investor in Skyleader, the electric version of the SL 400 has become even more important. Because thanks to the bilateral agreement, the machine could fly shortly after the approval in China. LLike Evektor’s electric Sportstar, the Skyleader SL 400 Electro is a metal low-wing based on the standard UL / LSA version. Actually the machine has a lot in common with the e-sportstar. The complete drive unit was also developed by MGM Compro. In contrast to Evektor, who have only one airplanen model in the UL / LSA class with the Eurostar / Sportstar, Skyleader can show not only the SL 400 but also the models Skyleader 600 with retractable landing gear and the uncoated high-performance plastic GP One. CHINESE INVESTMENT Last year, Chinese industrial group Zall joined Skyleader. Thanks to the strong Chinese interest in electric flight, the e-plane from Skyleader has also made a huge impact. The machine, which was presented for the first time at AERO last year, not only completed its maiden flight in autumn 2017, but is also already ELSA-approved. 40 e Flight Journal

The Future ofAviation April, 18.- 21. 2018 Friedrichshafen - Germany The e-flight-expo is part of the annual AERO in Friedrichshafen / Germany. You will find the most advanced electric, hybrid, fuel-cell and solar aircraft and propulsion systems.

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