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Market Watch The Rotex

Market Watch The Rotex engine is liquid cooled (left). The electric drive train was developed together with MGM Compro (below). The Skyleader team got support from MGM Compro. Because the MGM experts have not only electrified the similar Evektor sportstar, but also have successfully brought into the air quite a number of other aircraft including the weight-controlled trike, the light glider Archeopterix up to the motor glider Phoenix. MGM Compro uses electric motor of the Czech company Rotex and adapts these for the different aircraft. MGM developed not only the motor-management system for the SL 400, but also the battery management system and the batteries, including a quick charger. The 80KW motor is liquid cooled and receives its energy from a set of four battery packs with a total of 45 kilowatt hours. The flight time should be over one hour. 4 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Motor: MGM RE 80 Power: 80 kW Propeller: E-props Durandal 100 M Speed (IAS) VNE: 278 km / h Max. Speed (VH) 230 km / h empty weight (with 2 batteries): 355 kg / 785 lbs. empty weight (with 4 batteries): 437 kg / 963 lbs. Battery: Sony VTC5, 110 Ah Flight time: 1.5 hours Range: 230 km takeoff distance: 150 m Landing distance: 250 m Span: 9.2 m Length: 6.4 m Height: 2.4 m Wing area: 11.3 sqm Cabin width: 1.2 m At the AERO 2017 the machine could be seen for the first time. Currently it is flying in the Czech Republic in the ELSA class. Once the weight for the ultralight is officially increased, it should be able to transfer to the UL class. 42 e Flight Journal

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