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The Owl Eye Magazine Issue 9

Third Place Mary C.

Third Place Mary C. Monson Acrylics on 11x14 stretched canvas, signed. PAWS’n Portraits 28

Snowy woods wonderlust powerful reserved eyes Arctic predator dangerous silent hoot knowing hoot wisdom familiar symbolic beauty inspiration OWLS magical parliament sweet art prey wild nature birds photogenic hoot tough trees death mysterious conservation magestic rare different wings flight screech Congratulations to all the Owl Art Contest Entries! We had a great turn out and I am happy to present the top three. First place will receive a print of the photography by Sham Jolimie herself, as well as a copy of the magazine in print when it comes out. Second and Third place will also receive a print copy of the magazine. All three winners did a spectacular job and everyone here at the Owl Eye as well as the judges were extremely pleased. I am proud to exhibit these talented people and will continue to encourage all of the artists that competed as well as new artists that create such inspired owl pieces. Lisa Spiegelman 35

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