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The Owl Eye Magazine Issue 9


Owl Workshops Wild Planet Nature Tours Hosted by the Owl Research Institute We began offering birding and natural history tours in 2006 in Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, Mexico, and Guatemala. Our tours are oriented toward birds, but include information about all aspects of natural history including mammals, plants, reptiles and amphibians, butterflies, geology, and even constellations. We are passionate about our field techniques, the educational undertone of our tours, our commitment to a low-impact philosophy with respect to wildlife, and our ability to have fun. We design our tours as though we, ourselves, are participating in them, and we hope that every participant has an enjoyable trip. Lastly, we make every effort to keep group sizes smaller than 10 people, as we feel this enriches the experience for each individual. If you have any questions about the pace of our tours, reservation information, guides, or travel arrangements, please send an email to courtney@ If you have questions for the guides about wildlife species or specific questions regarding a tour please email Long-Eared Owl Montana Workshop Barrow Alaska Snowy Owl Workshop 46

Hoo Knew? Crazy Interesting Owl Facts Since the northern pygmy owl is both a bird of prey and a predator, it intersting to find that this species has a set of “fake eyes” on the back of it’s head. These “eyes” are black instead of the normal yellow of the pygmy owl, but instead of being used to see, these eyes act as a deterrent from other predators, mainly larger owls. Photography on this page by A. Bucci 47 43

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