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The Owl Eye Magazine Issue 9


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The Featured Owl: Page 6-15 The Featured owl is the Northern Pygmy Owl, photography by A.Bucci Photography. OWL NEWS: Pages 16-17 Burrowing Owls in Phoenix make landfill their home. Snowy Owl populations signify climate change. Owl Research Institute: Page 49 The ORI promotes owls at the animal of conservation. Hoo Knew: Page 47 Owl Myth and Lore: Page 48 Owls in Chinese Culture. Back Cover: Jon Ching Art Owl Books: Page 28 If you are on Facebook and a fan of owls you have seen Miriam Darlington’s Owl Sense. We are featuring the reviews. Owl Art Contest Winners! : Pages 32-35 1st place: Andrzej Rabiega, POLAND 2nd Place: Carol Klassen, UK 3rd Place: Mary C. Monson, US Owl Jewelry and Owl Shop: Pages 22-23 The New Owl Shop is open! Check out our page and website at www. 3 Art by Owl Art Suri

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