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1.5 - EPM training (HFM,

1.5 - EPM training (HFM, planning and EssBase) Status: Service type: Description: PROPOSITION On request Deliver an adequate traning to users and enhance their efficiency on EPM software Standard service: The training offer includes: - The organization of a training session (webcast or physical); - The animation of the training by presenting concrete cases of EPM uses; - The restitution through the provisioning of training support; - The experience feedback of Smarthys trainers on the use of EPM functionalities (hints and tips); Each course is evaluated by the participants with the aim of continuous improvement of content and pedagogy. Cost of service: 6 working unit(s) by Session (sessions of 10 users maximum) Service level: (processing time) White period To plan Red period NA Working hours: Not applicable Application perimeter: User Scope: Prerequisite: Implementation procedures: EPM application Business manager Demand validation and session planning Subscriptions and planning of training (common procedure between Smarthys and the client) Deliverables: Training support Request process: Monitoring Indicators: Not applicable Number of trained users Exclusions:

1.6 - Periods management Status: Service type: Description: PROPOSITION On request Maintenance of periods and administration of closing planning in EPM system. Standard service: This service includes: - Opening and closing of periods for journals management; - Opening (FIRST PASS), closing and locking of periods in process management; It enables consolidation services to focus on business issues without worrying about heavy and time consuming administrative tasks. Cost of service: 2 working unit(s) by POV (scenario / year / period) Service level: (processing time) Working hours: White period 7h (POV - triplet scenario année periode) Not applicable Red period 4h Application perimeter: User Scope: Prerequisite: Implementation procedures: EPM application Business manager / EPM administrator Not applicable Not applicable Deliverables: E-mail confirmation after each period opening and closure Request process: Monitoring Indicators: Ticket opening with a periods management planning Not applicable Exclusions:

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