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1.7 - Securities changes

1.7 - Securities changes (add, supress, update) Status: Service type: Description: PROPOSITION On request Manage applicative securities and ensure the access auditability on EPM tools. Standard service: This service includes: - Adding users into the Shared Services; - Deleting users; - Access rights modification; - Provide an audit report on actual access rights; - Tracking changes on access rights into EPM; It enables consolidation services to focus on business issues without worrying about heavy and time consuming administrative tasks. Cost of service: 1 working unit(s) by Utilisateur Service level: (processing time) White period 5h Red period 3h Working hours: Application perimeter: User Scope: Prerequisite: Implementation procedures: Working days 9:00 - 6:00 PM (CET) On-call duty must be defined one month in advance EPM applications Every member of the financial team Acces rights validated by the manager and the N+1 Validate applicative securities management procedure and the corresponding RACI Applicative securities management Deliverables: Change form Confirmation E-mail Request process: Monitoring Indicators: Ticket opening with access rights to assign and the user login Changes number Exclusions:

2 - FUNCTIONAL ADMINISTRATION This level of service includes all business operations allow to maintain the EPM application to a good level. As part of ITIL best-practices, Smarthys ensures that methods and standard procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes in order to minimize the impact of consecutive incidents to the implementation of these changes and, therefore, improve the daily operation. As part of a SOX implementation, Smarthys ensures and implements control and auditability of all changes made to the application. The change management process garantees and ensures the quality of operations. Please find an example of a process used for change management. Open a support ticket Business Responsable Registration of a request Qualification and evalluation of request Change urgent ? Planification of the request Fast Track ? Realization of change in the developpement environment Achievement of change in integration environment Unit tests Realisation of change sheet Smarthys Validation ? Client Procedure Go-Prod Close of ticket Smarthys Copyright © 2012 Smarthys. All rights reserved

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