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2.9 - Management of

2.9 - Management of batchs Status: Service type: Description: IN PRODUCTION On request Maintain and create batches to execute recurrent administrative tasks, managed by batch or VBS file. Standard service: This service includes: - Operational batches to reduce maintenance costs and to ensure the optimal usage of the environment; - Batches / VBS for interfacing environments / applications; - A modification tracking and the auditability of every operation; Through this service, Smarthys is committed to maintain a planning of all planned tasks within its scope. This planning helps to limit the number of tasks in conflict over a time range, smooth the load and minimize the risk of incidents. Cost of service: 8 working unit(s) by Flow Service level: (processing time) White period Red period 1 day 6h (The service level is the time between the request and the implementation on test environment) Working hours: Application perimeter: User Scope: Prerequisite: Implementation procedures: Working days 9:00 - 6:00 PM (CET) On-call duty must be defined one month in advance EPM applications Business manager / EPM administrator / IT manager Validate the change management procedure and the corresponding RACI Changes management Deliverables: Change form Email confirmation Planning for GoPro Documentation updates (to be defined) Request process: Monitoring Indicators: Ticket opening with sequencing and scheduled tasks to execute Number of tasks scheduled Number of performed changes Exclusions:

3 - TECHNICAL ADMINISTRATION This level includes any technical operation allowing to maximize the availability of the application, and minimize any data loss risks and application vulnerability. The different services are adressable on : - an application (HFM, FDQM, Essbase, Planning, ...) - a server - a database (schemas) Securities management Patch installation Exploitation Change management Incidents management Problems management Monitoring Backups Restorations Securities management EPM application Servers Databases The technical maintenance is broken down in three areas : - corrective and progressing maintenance: allows to repair/restoring an application on environment; - preventive maintenance: allows to reduce the incident number; - proactive maintenance: offers multiple improvement axis which detects problems before they turn into incidents Smarthys use its EPM expertise and software like Accelatis, Nagios & SmartMonitor to detect problems before they turn into incidents, and propose improvement axis. Copyright © 2012 Smarthys. All rights reserved

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