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SUMMARY Presentation Glossary 1 - User support 2 - Functional administration 1.1 - User problems 2.1 - Reports maintenance 1.2 - Smartview (install) 2.2 - Models maintenance 1.3 - Thick client (install) 2.3 - Queries maintenance 1.4 - Smartview Training 2.4 - Structure management 1.5 - EPM Training 2.5 - Rules management 1.6 - Periods management 2.6 - Data loading 1.7 - Application securities 2.7 - Mapping loading 2.8 - Tasks management 2.9 - Batchs management 3 - Technical administration 4 - Piloting 3.1 - Monitoring 4.1 - Piloting 3.2 - Exploitation 4.2 - Securities audit 3.3 - Major incidents management 4.3 - Usage audit 3.4 - Minor incidents management 4.4 - Technical audit 3.5 - Problems management 4.5 - Expert analysis 3.6 -Patch implementation 4.6 - Junior analysis 3.7 - Backups management 3.8 - Backup restoration 3.9 - Securities management Copyright © 2012 Smarthys. All rights reserved

Presentation The management of Smarthys shared services is based on: - A QAP - Quality Assurance Plan: introducing the services organization and management; - A service catalog : introducing the subscribed services The services are divided into four packs: 1 - Support 2 - Functional maintenance - TMA 3 - Technical maintenance - TMT 4 - Piloting Who ? What ? Why ? How ? Who ? What ? Why ? How ? Who ? What ? Why ? How ? Who ? What ? Why ? How ? Main objectives Deliver support to users Help, trainings Improve the efficiency of users Ensuring reactivity, and benefit dedicated skills The business manager All applicative functional changes Ensuring auditability of the system and limit the changes consecutive incidents Proceeding and controlling change management The technical manager Applications, servers and datbasesa. Limit downtime and reduce the vulnerability of applications Ensure reactivity, and benefit specific skills to resolve encountered incidents / problems The TMA / TMT manager Services include in the TMA / TMT Ensuring proper management of resources and services proposed Preparing regular reports, propose areas for improvement, and managing resources A reading guide to understand the service sheets as below. Reading Guide Status: Service type: Description: Specifies the service status: - OFFER: service in developpment but not yet in production; - IN PRODUCTION: service offered in production; Specifies the service type: - On request: the service request is usually activated by the creation of a ticket; - Recurrent: the service is done from day to day, or by following a planning and a fixed frequency; Provides a non-technical description of the service Standard service: Describes the content of the service in detail Service cost : Working unit(s) by base units The working unit can evaluate the cost of the expected service. Service level : White period Red period (processing time) The service level agreement (SLA) is the completion time of the service. There are two levels of SLA: - White periods: out of closing period; - Red periods: closing period; Hours of services: Sets the hours and days of service when the SLA applies. On-call duty can be defined to extend the ranges of service hours. Application perimeter: User scope: Prerequisite: Implementation procedures: Defines the applicability perimeter of the service. All applications / systems affected by the service Defines users with access to the service List the prerequisites expected from the user List the procedures for implementation Deliverables: List the expected deliverables from the provider Queries taken into account: List the possible entry points to submit a request Monitoring Indicators: Exclusions: List the indicators that allow a service tracking every month List the expected exclusions Copyright © 2012 Smarthys. All rights reserved

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