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3.9 - Securities

3.9 - Securities management Status: Service type: Description: PROPOSITION Package Ensure an optimal security level on servers, and prevent any attack or intrusion risks. Standard service: This service includes : - Antivirus maintenance (regular virus definition update); - Server access management and tracking; - Restrictions management and tracking; - Antivirus scan and alerts twice a week; - Access rights management on servers and databases; - Firewall ports opening; - Patches and service pack implementation, on decision of the client. Through this service, Smarthys commits to maintain a preventive survey, allowing to propose technical evolutions and to pilot the client in the implementation. Cost of service: 1 working unit(s) by Serveur / Mois Service level: (processing time) White period Not applicable Red period Not applicable Working hours: Not applicable Application perimeter: User Scope: Prerequisite: Implementation procedures: EPM environments servers Technical manager Validate servers exploitation documentation Servers exploitation documentation Deliverables: activity report Request process: Ticket opening Monitoring Indicators: Alerts number Number of users who can access the databases / servers Exclusions:

4 - PILOTING Piloting allows to handle services strategy, engagements and quality. Piloting includes the following services: - Services strategic management; - Operational and financial sercices reporting; - Services portfolio management; - Incidents, problems and Go-Prod review; - Go-Prod and changes planification; Its goal is to provide the necessary elements for the piloting committee to: - Improve resource planning; - Guide processes review; - Control services financial and operational tasks. Piloting can includes audits, focusing on specific parts of the application. Copyright © 2012 Smarthys. All rights reserved

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