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4.6 - Junior analysis

4.6 - Junior analysis Status: Service type: Description: IN PRODUCTION On request Provide expertise of a senior consultant with a technical, technico-functional or consolidation accountant profile, in order to perform analysis or pre-analysis before a project / change. Standard service: This mission includes : - Support of the consultant from an experimented profile to execute requested tasks; - Actions tracking and a daily status on realized tasks. Cost of service: 5 working unit(s) by day Service level: (processing time) White period Not applicable Red period Not applicable Working hours: Not applicable Application perimeter: User Scope: Prerequisite: Implementation procedures: EPM application Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Deliverables: Daily report and tracking survey Request process: Monitoring Indicators: Exclusions:

Hotline: +33 (0)1 - 83 - 62 - 89 - 95 Ticketing: Smarthys contacts

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