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2nd Stage Compression

2nd Stage Compression Project A major milestone was achieved in December 2017 with the successful start-up of 2nd Stage compression at TEG. This project was delivered by ISG - SFDP and was required to maintain production as the TEG Field reservoir pressure declines in the future. The project scope included: Revamping both TEG Gas Turbine Compressors with 2 stage bundles. Installing inter-stage cooling, a new 2nd stage scrubber, new anti-surge valves, piping and instrumentation. The project required four and a half months outage of TEG to complete major retrofit. TEG Supt Anis Militi and Azeddine Meddour led the TEG Field Ops in shutting down the TEG site and preparing CoW practices for SFDP contractor. Smooth commissioning was started in November 2017 Led by Start-up TL Ahmed Guerimeriane. As construction was completed a comprehensive PSSR process was initiated by TEG Supts to assure equipment were installed per design and operation readiness was in place. 10

More than 900 Trees Planted in Hassi Moumen They were many from all the disciplines: maintenance, logistics, technical department, intervention and HSE to take part in the event and actively participate and thoroughly enjoy the tree planting process that took place on the 19th of January 2018 from 2:45 PM at Hassi Moumen. A very first tree was planted by Cherif BEDJAOUI IS Superintendent, and by the end of the day a total of more than 900 various types of trees have been planted some of them being windbreaks, low-growing plants and flowering ground cover plants. Beyond their beauty, trees have many other values: they are the foremost source for producing oxygen and reducing the level of CO2 in environment. They also help to moderate temperature, muffle noise and play a role in protecting the environment. This is also a commitment since everyone in ISG is involved in the environment protection and the conservation of natural resources. “The participants were very enthusiastic and forthcoming in this event and all were happy and proud after the tree plantation was finished” Thank you for your generous contributions. It really feels great to do positive for the nature! 11