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Opening Message-Welcome

Opening Message-Welcome to first edition! Dear Colleagues 2018 is upon us and with it comes the promise of great growth and achievements in all the OPS activities and concerns. We are particularly excited to begin 2018 by implementing further improvements to our organization with the purpose of stimulating future success. As part of this, it was felt that a dedicated newsletter to the Operations would be an efficient and the ideal vehicle to take this development in the right and positive direction. We have hence decided to launch a newsletter on a quarterly basis with the aim to supplement other forms of communication, reward and recognise all efforts made, report on previous events, share experience and give you tools that will help you do your job better under the best possible conditions. May we thank all of you who have contributed to make this newsletter and were the energetic powerhouse behind its issue. In the same context, we are very pleased to invite you all to participate and submit your proposals, ideas and subjects which are most welcome as every contribution is to be well considered and recognised. With this being said, we are delighted to introduce this very first edition of our OPS Newsletter in the hopes that you will find great value in its content. ISG OPS Management Team 24 February: A Day of Celebration in ISG It's February 24th, and you know what that means; it’s the Nationalization of the Hydrocarbons Day (February 24, 1971)! ISG, faithful to its traditions, celebrates this historic event every year by organizing cultural and sportive activities (football, basketball, tennis, dominoes, pétanque, ping-pong, scrable, billiard, chess, and sprint…). True to our slogan ‘’Fraternity, friendship, fair-paly and pleasant ambiance ‘’, cultural and sportive activities attract the full employees who actively arrange their time to participate with the spirit of enthusiasm and cheerfulness, which creates the exchange, excitement, and unity atmosphere among the teams. What makes this extra special is that all ISG employees, nationals and expatriates, are involved in a true team spirit which sets an example of unity and forms the image of ISG. Accordingly, on February 24th of each year, a special dinner is served and a closing ceremony for presenting prizes is held in all ISG sites. The purpose of these tournaments is to mark this special day and commemorate a very important event for the sovereignty and economy of our beloved Algeria. These celebrations are also an expression of how proud we are of all those who paved the way for our success today. 01