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“Essalama” 1 & 2

“Essalama” 1 & 2 Workshops Two driving workshops were requested by the operations manager in order to discuss the rising trend in severity and frequency of road traffic accidents within ISG as a plan was required to take the necessary measures to reduce road accidents. The Workshops made up on the 26 th of August 2017 and 04 th of February 2018 at Krechba with factual information on road traffic accidents enabled the audience to be providing enough knowledge and strategies to reduce road accidents within ISG and hence become “Ambassadors” of the unsafe driving intervention plans at their companies and sites. The aims of “Essalama” Driving Workshops are to: Show why road accidents were occurring and to put in place improvement plans based on behavioural safety. Reduce trend in the severity and frequency of the RTA’s due to the intervention plans put in place by main ISG contractors Continue with the improvement cycle by adding specific improvement plans for 2018 Transport Department. (Audit actions & specific highest risk time like during month of Ramadan). Security Enhancement Project The ISG projects team have reached two important milestones completing the major Security Improvements Project at Krechba SEP01 in December 2017. The work involved new vehicle check points at VCP01 & VCP02 with Hesco anti vehicle & anti climb fencing; also included were new search building, at VCP01, equipped with baggage & body scanners and antivehicle “Delta” barriers. The Company Camp, Base de Vie and CPF were also provided with Hesco anti vehicle & climb fencing together with new search buildings as per the specification at VCP01. The work was completed by the ISG Projects KBA team which co-ordinated the two contractors involved with the work: TGCTP for the civil work & CTCO for the mechanical and electrical installation. Change people’s perceptions on why road traffic accidents happen and share the right attitudes and best practices. More than 80 managers and ISG safety professionals, TGCTP, Acosco, Petrofac, CTCO, Cieptal, Somias and Expro attended the workshops. The “Essalama” Driving Workshops made all participants a key part of the joint venture Driving Improvement Strategy to enable a “One Goal, One Team Approach”. This is in contrast to the past which attributed the cause of the accidents to the driver’s failings and not to those who were supervising and managing them and who were setting a company cultural climate. 02

Creating Value from Southern Fields Production ISG will continue to contribute substantially to the growth of Algeria with the commissioning and production of gas of Southern fields (SF) project. Maintenance Turnaround 2018 Turnaround Organization is established with main role to accomplish all activities related to successful planning and safe execution in time and within the budget assigned to all the related work for the TAR 2018 scope of work. TAR 2018 scope contains the three yearly inspections of 84 vessels in two different sites (KBA & TEG) and the plan will be as follow: The Northern field have generated huge of approximately 90 billion Sm3 of gas export since first gas in 12 th May 2004 from 45 producing wells in TEG, REG and KBA. The Southern Fields comprising four fields namely Garet el Befinat (GBF), Hassi Moumene (HMN) , In Salah (IS) and Gour Mahmoud (GMD) with reserve of about 63 Billion Sm3 field will deliver gas through 26 wells spread across the four fields beyond 2030. There have been significant improvements in ISG production potential since first gas from SF gas in 09- March 2016. Within the limit of our processing facilities, we have raised our potential to produce gas from 14 MSm3/d to 27 MSm3/d. For Q1 2018, our projected gas export volume is 2.06 billion Sm3. This requires multi team effort to achieve. The production team in Q1 2018 will capture values from fields massive drawdown campaign, flowlines and process optimization in addition to implementing the corporate reservoir management strategy to create our targeted value for 2018. We expect a production efficiency of 99% and we are striving hard to achieve or exceed the target. KBA TR2: Duration of 21 days (From 17/07/2018 to 07/08/2018) for the scope of 20 vessels TEG (FFSD/TR1/TR2): Duration of 28 days (From 17/07/2018 to 14/08/2018) for the scope of 44 vessels KBA TR1: Duration of 21 days (From 06/09/2018 to 27/09/2018) for the scope of 20 vessels 03