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home,then I went to the

home,then I went to the guitar lesson.I always learn something new. Tuesday(14 March) I feel like every Tuesday is very chill.When I reached home after this easy day,I started to continue my favorite TV Series,The Flash.After a while,I went to Kaufland with my mom to help her choose what to cook for dinner. It was a good day Wednesday(15 March) I think every Wednesday is the hardest day from every week.When I was a child I thought this day is doomed or cursed,because every bad things could happen when it's Wednesday. It was so boring at school,I felt like the time was constantly staying at the same hour.At

home I sleeped so well. When night arrived, I went outside to stay with my beloved friends with I shared so many memories Thursday(16 March) ThIs is probably the best day into my schedule.I don't know why,but Thursday I feel refueled with adrenaline and I feel like this day goes so fast,even it's like every other day.after a full day of fighting my enemies on video games ,i went back to sleep Friday(17 March) Because of my last day's energy,I sleeped so hard,and i was the entire day at school without any source of energy,i was like a zombie.When I reached home I slept a little bit to be ready for one of my best friend's

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