Just Create Issue 1

The first issue from Just Create. (formerly Hidden Weekly)

The first issue from Just Create. (formerly Hidden Weekly)


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Editor-in-Chief Allie_King

WriterS Catelife99, Tycoonlover1359

Intern Writers Masquero, Mxstified, SimplyRekt


Graphic Artist uhKamil

Intern Graphic Artists KPH529, LILLY51701, Phenomizon,


©2018 justCreate. All rights reserved. Magazine designed by uhKamil. „justCreate.” is is

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"I’d like to welcome all of you to the very first issue of ‘Just Create’. This is for me,

and the entire team, a hugely prolific moment. Hidden Developers has come a long

way since its inception in July 2015. Now almost three years later we begin a new

chapter of our journey and I’m immensely proud that it includes not just our own

family but the entire Roblox family. Just Create is a new magazine for everyone in

the Roblox family who wishes to be informed and cares about the world we create

in. We hope you can join us on this amazing journey.

This first issue we find our feet with the help of a Roblox Empress and bring to you

some amazing creations from our community. We also bring you up to speed with

an event that is monumental in the Roblox calendar we’re sure you wouldn’t want to

miss. We interview one of the creators of the immensely popular indie game ‘Punching

Simulator’. All of this is yet to come, so read on.

As I said, this is our first issue and we are just finding our feet, so we would be most

grateful if you could leave your feedback. To do this just tweet to us, join our personal

group, or join our discord for quick communication. So please, enjoy!




Interview with Erythia: 8

Community Creations: 11

RDC: 16

Featured Game: Hexaria: 20

Interview with reawake: 22

erythia's DEVELOPM

8 | justCreate. issue 1

Roblox is full of many, many amazing and aspiring developers! There are

many ways you can develop for Roblox whether you are using Roblox Studio or

even importing your meshes and models from third party software like Blender or

Autodesk. Roblox Studio is compacted with thousands of different plugins which

you can install and use at your disposal to make things easier. Roblox Studio lends

you the ability to make Animations, 5k triangular models, unions, and even beautiful


Erythia is an amazing developer at Roblox and Hidden Developers. Using

terrain and the plugins F3X she has made it possible to create spectacular pieces

of work. Using smooth terrain she has created a vast majestic world for mystical

beings to roam. It doesn’t end there, she uses Roblox Lighting to give the world a

great feel of the game and increases its graphics. Erythia is not only a developer

making all the use of Roblox Studio for building and creating majestic things but

she makes it all the better with animations.

From interview with Erythia

When asked, what

is the “main core of your

game?” Erythia told us

“Well, when I began developing

my game, it started

off as a simple

showcase where you

could test out different

characters and tools that I

designed. It slowly began

to evolve in my mind as I

would design the characters,

terrain, or animations.

The central idea for

my game now is that you

start off as a robloxian

with or without wings,

and you go on quests,

search for gems, and

craft tools.

| One of Erythia's creations.

issue 1 justCreate. | 9


As you earn in game currency, you

will be able to unlock the creatures

of the map, such as dragons, mythical

creatures, and tiny adorable

animals. The player is encouraged

to explore the map via the quests,

which will many times lead them

to a location with gems.”

Erythia didn’t just come from

anywhere, but she had developers

who inspired and encouraged her

to keep going on and improving.

She said a developer who inspired

her a lot was Beeism. Beissm’s animations,

creatures, and meshes

really pushed her to challenge

herself to attain higher quality


| What an astonishing dragon!

“Eriythia, do you have any words of advice or tips to give new aspiring developers?”

“My first and most important tip in my opinion is practice. I've been working with

terrain for nearly a year now, and through practice, trial and error, I've slowly but

surely improved. Another tip I have is that letting your imagination take control

every once in a while is super important. Following the "norm" or "expected" is super

boring to me! I use a few plugins as well; F3X is my main tool because it allows

me to manipulate a single block into a full, clean, unique creature. If you want to

learn something new, try it, and explore every option that it offers.”

“What do you prefer when it comes to developing a map for Roblox?”

“I prefer terrain over triangles or blocky terrain, I've always been drawn to realistic

and hyper realistic terrain designs. I find the current roblox smooth terrain is the

best way to achieve that aesthetic. There is so much that people miss out on

10 | justCreate. issue 1

smooth terrain as well! For a long time, I didn't know that the terrain material's color

could actually be changed hue or brightness wise. (Some are restricted) Smooth

terrain, when applied correctly, can be a really beautiful and exciting landscape

to adventure in.”

“Is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to for supporting you along your

journey as a developer on Roblox?”

“Shout out to buzzark for putting up with my creation post spam when I first joined

Hidden Developers, I was always so excited after every improvement and I posted

a LOT.”

issue 1 justCreate. | 11

community creations

Best community creation. If an award with such a title existed, then every

builder, programmer, artist, mesh creator, videographer, or cinematographer would

strive to obtain this award. You name a creator, they’d want it. The best community

creation can only be done with one submission – one outstanding creation.

For this issue of Just Create, that one creation was made by IDontHaveAUse. Fittingly,

the creation is titled “Egg hunt 2018 artwork.”

IDontHaveAUse named the art this because it perfectly describes what has

been created - an artistic take on the Roblox Egg Hunt 2018 game.

In the foreground of the image is a pale, smiling Roblox character dressed in a red,

short sleeved shirt, black tie, white under-shirt, and red pants with brown sleeves.

Moving to the character’s head reveals a black top-hat with pilot-style glasses

sitting on the rim of the hat. In addition, there are two red and black antlers

that stick through the hat and cover the character’s ears.

The most notable object in the background of the image is an enormous,

mountain-sized earthen structure. Much like a tree, it has earthen ‘branches’ that

stick out from the central earthen ‘trunk’. These ‘branches’ have luscious green

grass on top of them. An incredible amount of detail has been put into just this

part of the background, as individual rocks can be seen in the trunk and branches

of the earthen ‘tree’. IDontHaveAUse has even thought of the tiny things. Far on

the left side of the picture’s background are multiple brown, simple houses, sitting

atop some of the earthen branches. Even a small animal has been included, appearing

to be eating the grass on the top side of the earthen ‘branch’.

Moving on to some of the less prominent features of the image’s foreground,

one of the first things that can be seen is a large mushroom to the right of the

Roblox character. One of the ideas this mushroom helps to point out is that the

light in the scene is coming from the far left of the image, outside the scope of the

scene. The left side of the mushroom is more of a really light pink. Towards the

middle of the mushroom, the light pink of the left side has transitioned to become

a neon-like pink. The color for this middle section could be described as being

very intense. The right side of the mushroom has become a dark purple, showing

how the mushroom has blocked the light coming from the left side of the image.

Going further down the mushroom reveals a two color stem.

The stem has vertical pink and purple stripes running on it, with the left side of the

stem being more brightly colored than the right side of the steam, which tends

toward black as you approach the bulb of the mushroom. This shows how the mushroom

casts a shadow on itself, illustrating where the scene’s lighting is coming


On the ground and to the left of the large pink and purple mushroom

12 | justCreate. issue 1

| IDHAU's Egg Hunt 2018 Artwork is this issue's best community creatio

is a smaller teal mushroom. This smaller teal mushroom follows the same idea of

having its left side brighter than the right side of the mushroom. Leading us back

to the top of the bulb is a teal streak that stretches vertically across the entire image.

Resting on the bulb of the pink and purple mushroom is a mystical butterfly.

This butterfly is colored teal, but leans more toward green. This unusually colored

butterfly signifies how this is a picture of a mystical world; one where some creatures

do not appear as we normally believe they do.

That streak of light mentioned earlier isn’t alone. The entire scene has multi-

issue 1 justCreate. | 13

n. Congratulations on such an awesome work!

-colored streaks of light sprinkled throughout it. With these light streaks coming

from the sky, it leads you up to it. There is hardly any sky shown in this scene, but

the little that is shown reveals the sky to be a mixture of pink and purple, with

some white mixed in as well to illustrate clouds. Like the sky, the trees are a mixture

of pink and purple. There are a few pink trees with purple trunks, and some purple-leafed

trees with light green trunks. The centers of the trunks are colored darker

than the outer edges, showing how IDontHaveAUse has paid close attention to

even the smallest of details.

14 | justCreate. issue 1

This is one of many works of art IDontHaveAUse has created. Having obtained

two Bloxy Awards, it’s no wonder why we chose one of IDontHaveAUse’s

pieces as our best community creation; the art they’ve created is truly spectacular.

We'd also love to show you some other IDHAU's best

creations below. Check them out!

| One of recent IDHAU's creations. This painting is based on a screenshot

taken from game "Booga Booga".

issue 1 justCreate. | 15

| IDHAU's commission for SHRED. Amazing!

| Edit of in-game screenshot from Vehicle Simulator.

18 | justCreate. issue 1

A little bit about R

| This year's RDC logo.

Attention all developers, the yearly Roblox Development Conference is just

around the corner! Several developers have been invited to attend RDC. RDC is an

event that Roblox hosts to see the best developers on Roblox. They invite a range

of developers; you might – possibly – be invited yourself. All attendees must be

above the age of sixteen. If you are under sixteen, then you must have a parent

or legal guardian. RDC is looking for developers who are willing to learn, and are

innovative. This year’s conference is going to be bigger than ever, and intends on

empowering developers far and wide on the largest scale possible. The first round

of invites has already been sent via email but more are still to come. Roblox Staff

Members will be happy to answer all of your questions!

Guess what? here will be another Game Jam! This will happen overnight at

RDC! A game jam is when a group of developers work together to make a game in

a certain amount of time, the judges will pick a game they think is the most fun. It

begins on Saturday night after the sessions and ends on Sunday afternoon. There

will be a large open space where teams can work on their games throughout the

night. Food will be served at night; including breakfast and lunch on Sunday. I wish

you the best of luck if you are attending. And remember Free Models are not allowed.

All Free Models are banned from the Game jam! You are allowed to use work

made by you.

issue 1 justCreate. | 19

DC 2018..

In the time you stay at the RDC, you will be provided with a hotel! Sadly, you

have to pay $75 per night, but that’s cheaper than usual! In the end it is worth it. In

order to check into the hotel you must be 18+, if you are not 18+ you must have someone

18+ check in for you. This hotel has a first come first serve based setting, so

be fast to get spot in the hotel! You will have the opportunity to purchase a hotel

room during your ticket purchase and we will pass your name directly to the hotel.

There’s no need to reach out to the hotel directly. They will be checking for IDs, so

don’t lie!

20 | justCreate. issue 1


While still in Development the game ‘Hexaria’ is already a well-established

elegant game self-advertised as a ‘MMORPG’. For people like me who are utterly

clueless that means ‘massively multiplayer online role-playing game’, so basically a

humongous game to play with all your friends. Don’t have friends? Irrelevant, this

game is so sociable that you will find some.

As soon as you spawn your attention is grasped by the Game Makers and an

atmosphere of complete isolation is established. To help you on your journey you

are given a tutorial through the medium of a captured friend. Bandits have captured

an innocent person and you are given the task to defeat them. This simple

interaction shows the amazing level of detail in the game; which at a first glance

you may not notice: the crisp GUI, the subtle use of particle effects to show the

boundary of your battleground, the animation that goes with each ‘card’. A card is

your way of doing battle - your cards do not all have to be offensive; some are for

healing and some are just plain trickery – a banana peel to make your opponents

slip up: literally.

| 'Hexaria' was also one of Ready Player One Event games, where you

could get the Crystal Key needed for the dominus!

issue 1 justCreate. | 21


‘Hexaria’ is one of the many games as of recent to utilise low-poly design,

this essentially means it has a cartoonish style. This is often used to juxtapose the

elaborate scenery created by the designer almost parodying ‘Minecraft’ with the

use of basic shapes to create much grander and far more interesting displays of

craftsmanship. Huge forests spring up before you enticing you into a journey few

could resist, and nestled in these rolling landscapes lay the odd secret: a cosy cottage,

firesome fire, or terrifyingly a bandit. Not to cause concern, these bandits are

the point of the game. Whilst partaking of your journey you are faced with firesome

foes to duel and conquer before being allowed safe passage on to discover


If you are lucky enough to stumble upon a certain villager you can venture

to a colosseum-style arena. Here the greatest, largest battles take place with the

game’s elite fighters flocking here to show off their skill and precedence. Though

this arena may seem scary it is not somewhere to be frightened of. If you wish to

advance quickly and learn fast then there is no better place than a circular prison

filled with the worst. Collect cards and you will soon be one of the elite massacring

the newbies.

22 | justCreate. issue 1


How did you start developing?

I just found it interesting.

When did you join Hidden Developers?

Maybe like 2-3 years ago, around there.

What do you like the most about developing?

What I really like about it is that once I’m finished with something, I can most likely say that

with the outcome and get to show it off too.

| ‘Punching Simulator’ is the brainchild of the amazing developer ‘reawake’. ‘Pu

Simulator’ is quite literally a simulator all about punching. How can something

stupid make a brilliant game? The answer to that: he who developed it. In an e

interview, with justCreate, ‘reawake’ gives us a glimpse into his world.

issue 1 justCreate. | 23


When did you start making „Punching Simulator?”

I am happy

It was late December of 2017 and really we just rushed into whatever I

thought of cause not only it was a way for us both to make money from

doing what we’ve been practicing, but it was just mainly beneficial.

What do you want to make in the future?

What I want to make is something that is improved from what I've already

made, just to see the gap in between how well I've done in those years.

Will the improved game be a simulator?

Probably, but once I'm done with that and I've seen what I can do maybe

something a little more, uh, I don't know the word for it but maybe "official".

Can you script or build? Or maybe even both?

My friend did the scripting and I did the building and GUIs until they were


Do you want to learn to script, or is building fine for now?

It'd be nice to learn something different, but I think I am just going to stick

to building taking into consideration that I want to get better at something


Do you have any advice to new developers?

If I were to give advice to anyone, it would be that sleep is important.


so outright


Having heard from the man himself, we are all the

more excited. We wait with anticipation for

whatever new game he may bring, but in the

meantime a small nap wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Do zobaczenia!

До встречи!

Until next time!

Our last words are:

„ Don’t worry about

failure. You only have to

be right once.”

~ Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox


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