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Just Create Issue 1

The first issue from Just Create. (formerly Hidden Weekly)

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10 | justCreate. issue 1 smooth terrain as well! For a long time, I didn't know that the terrain material's color could actually be changed hue or brightness wise. (Some are restricted) Smooth terrain, when applied correctly, can be a really beautiful and exciting landscape to adventure in.” “Is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to for supporting you along your journey as a developer on Roblox?” “Shout out to buzzark for putting up with my creation post spam when I first joined Hidden Developers, I was always so excited after every improvement and I posted a LOT.”

issue 1 justCreate. | 11 community creations Best community creation. If an award with such a title existed, then every builder, programmer, artist, mesh creator, videographer, or cinematographer would strive to obtain this award. You name a creator, they’d want it. The best community creation can only be done with one submission – one outstanding creation. For this issue of Just Create, that one creation was made by IDontHaveAUse. Fittingly, the creation is titled “Egg hunt 2018 artwork.” IDontHaveAUse named the art this because it perfectly describes what has been created - an artistic take on the Roblox Egg Hunt 2018 game. In the foreground of the image is a pale, smiling Roblox character dressed in a red, short sleeved shirt, black tie, white under-shirt, and red pants with brown sleeves. Moving to the character’s head reveals a black top-hat with pilot-style glasses sitting on the rim of the hat. In addition, there are two red and black antlers that stick through the hat and cover the character’s ears. The most notable object in the background of the image is an enormous, mountain-sized earthen structure. Much like a tree, it has earthen ‘branches’ that stick out from the central earthen ‘trunk’. These ‘branches’ have luscious green grass on top of them. An incredible amount of detail has been put into just this part of the background, as individual rocks can be seen in the trunk and branches of the earthen ‘tree’. IDontHaveAUse has even thought of the tiny things. Far on the left side of the picture’s background are multiple brown, simple houses, sitting atop some of the earthen branches. Even a small animal has been included, appearing to be eating the grass on the top side of the earthen ‘branch’. Moving on to some of the less prominent features of the image’s foreground, one of the first things that can be seen is a large mushroom to the right of the Roblox character. One of the ideas this mushroom helps to point out is that the light in the scene is coming from the far left of the image, outside the scope of the scene. The left side of the mushroom is more of a really light pink. Towards the middle of the mushroom, the light pink of the left side has transitioned to become a neon-like pink. The color for this middle section could be described as being very intense. The right side of the mushroom has become a dark purple, showing how the mushroom has blocked the light coming from the left side of the image. Going further down the mushroom reveals a two color stem. The stem has vertical pink and purple stripes running on it, with the left side of the stem being more brightly colored than the right side of the steam, which tends toward black as you approach the bulb of the mushroom. This shows how the mushroom casts a shadow on itself, illustrating where the scene’s lighting is coming from. On the ground and to the left of the large pink and purple mushroom

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