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Just Create Issue 1

The first issue from Just Create. (formerly Hidden Weekly)

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12 | justCreate. issue 1 | IDHAU's Egg Hunt 2018 Artwork is this issue's best community creatio is a smaller teal mushroom. This smaller teal mushroom follows the same idea of having its left side brighter than the right side of the mushroom. Leading us back to the top of the bulb is a teal streak that stretches vertically across the entire image. Resting on the bulb of the pink and purple mushroom is a mystical butterfly. This butterfly is colored teal, but leans more toward green. This unusually colored butterfly signifies how this is a picture of a mystical world; one where some creatures do not appear as we normally believe they do. That streak of light mentioned earlier isn’t alone. The entire scene has multi-

issue 1 justCreate. | 13 n. Congratulations on such an awesome work! -colored streaks of light sprinkled throughout it. With these light streaks coming from the sky, it leads you up to it. There is hardly any sky shown in this scene, but the little that is shown reveals the sky to be a mixture of pink and purple, with some white mixed in as well to illustrate clouds. Like the sky, the trees are a mixture of pink and purple. There are a few pink trees with purple trunks, and some purple-leafed trees with light green trunks. The centers of the trunks are colored darker than the outer edges, showing how IDontHaveAUse has paid close attention to even the smallest of details.

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