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Just Create Issue 1

The first issue from Just Create. (formerly Hidden Weekly)

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18 | justCreate. issue 1 A little bit about R | This year's RDC logo. Attention all developers, the yearly Roblox Development Conference is just around the corner! Several developers have been invited to attend RDC. RDC is an event that Roblox hosts to see the best developers on Roblox. They invite a range of developers; you might – possibly – be invited yourself. All attendees must be above the age of sixteen. If you are under sixteen, then you must have a parent or legal guardian. RDC is looking for developers who are willing to learn, and are innovative. This year’s conference is going to be bigger than ever, and intends on empowering developers far and wide on the largest scale possible. The first round of invites has already been sent via email but more are still to come. Roblox Staff Members will be happy to answer all of your questions! Guess what? here will be another Game Jam! This will happen overnight at RDC! A game jam is when a group of developers work together to make a game in a certain amount of time, the judges will pick a game they think is the most fun. It begins on Saturday night after the sessions and ends on Sunday afternoon. There will be a large open space where teams can work on their games throughout the night. Food will be served at night; including breakfast and lunch on Sunday. I wish you the best of luck if you are attending. And remember Free Models are not allowed. All Free Models are banned from the Game jam! You are allowed to use work made by you.

issue 1 justCreate. | 19 DC 2018.. In the time you stay at the RDC, you will be provided with a hotel! Sadly, you have to pay $75 per night, but that’s cheaper than usual! In the end it is worth it. In order to check into the hotel you must be 18+, if you are not 18+ you must have someone 18+ check in for you. This hotel has a first come first serve based setting, so be fast to get spot in the hotel! You will have the opportunity to purchase a hotel room during your ticket purchase and we will pass your name directly to the hotel. There’s no need to reach out to the hotel directly. They will be checking for IDs, so don’t lie!

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