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Just Create Issue 1

The first issue from Just Create. (formerly Hidden Weekly)

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20 | justCreate. issue 1 FEATURED GAME: Hexa While still in Development the game ‘Hexaria’ is already a well-established elegant game self-advertised as a ‘MMORPG’. For people like me who are utterly clueless that means ‘massively multiplayer online role-playing game’, so basically a humongous game to play with all your friends. Don’t have friends? Irrelevant, this game is so sociable that you will find some. As soon as you spawn your attention is grasped by the Game Makers and an atmosphere of complete isolation is established. To help you on your journey you are given a tutorial through the medium of a captured friend. Bandits have captured an innocent person and you are given the task to defeat them. This simple interaction shows the amazing level of detail in the game; which at a first glance you may not notice: the crisp GUI, the subtle use of particle effects to show the boundary of your battleground, the animation that goes with each ‘card’. A card is your way of doing battle - your cards do not all have to be offensive; some are for healing and some are just plain trickery – a banana peel to make your opponents slip up: literally. | 'Hexaria' was also one of Ready Player One Event games, where you could get the Crystal Key needed for the dominus!

issue 1 justCreate. | 21 ria ‘Hexaria’ is one of the many games as of recent to utilise low-poly design, this essentially means it has a cartoonish style. This is often used to juxtapose the elaborate scenery created by the designer almost parodying ‘Minecraft’ with the use of basic shapes to create much grander and far more interesting displays of craftsmanship. Huge forests spring up before you enticing you into a journey few could resist, and nestled in these rolling landscapes lay the odd secret: a cosy cottage, firesome fire, or terrifyingly a bandit. Not to cause concern, these bandits are the point of the game. Whilst partaking of your journey you are faced with firesome foes to duel and conquer before being allowed safe passage on to discover more. If you are lucky enough to stumble upon a certain villager you can venture to a colosseum-style arena. Here the greatest, largest battles take place with the game’s elite fighters flocking here to show off their skill and precedence. Though this arena may seem scary it is not somewhere to be frightened of. If you wish to advance quickly and learn fast then there is no better place than a circular prison filled with the worst. Collect cards and you will soon be one of the elite massacring the newbies.

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