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Just Create Issue 1

The first issue from Just Create. (formerly Hidden Weekly)

editor's welcome "I’d

editor's welcome "I’d like to welcome all of you to the very first issue of ‘Just Create’. This is for me, and the entire team, a hugely prolific moment. Hidden Developers has come a long way since its inception in July 2015. Now almost three years later we begin a new chapter of our journey and I’m immensely proud that it includes not just our own family but the entire Roblox family. Just Create is a new magazine for everyone in the Roblox family who wishes to be informed and cares about the world we create in. We hope you can join us on this amazing journey. This first issue we find our feet with the help of a Roblox Empress and bring to you some amazing creations from our community. We also bring you up to speed with an event that is monumental in the Roblox calendar we’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss. We interview one of the creators of the immensely popular indie game ‘Punching Simulator’. All of this is yet to come, so read on. As I said, this is our first issue and we are just finding our feet, so we would be most grateful if you could leave your feedback. To do this just tweet to us, join our personal group, or join our discord for quick communication. So please, enjoy! ~Allie_King Editor-in-Chief

contents Interview with Erythia: 8 Community Creations: 11 RDC: 16 Featured Game: Hexaria: 20 Interview with reawake: 22

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