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Just Create Issue 1

The first issue from Just Create. (formerly Hidden Weekly)

erythia's DEVELOPM 8 |

erythia's DEVELOPM 8 | justCreate. issue 1 Roblox is full of many, many amazing and aspiring developers! There are many ways you can develop for Roblox whether you are using Roblox Studio or even importing your meshes and models from third party software like Blender or Autodesk. Roblox Studio is compacted with thousands of different plugins which you can install and use at your disposal to make things easier. Roblox Studio lends you the ability to make Animations, 5k triangular models, unions, and even beautiful terrain. Erythia is an amazing developer at Roblox and Hidden Developers. Using terrain and the plugins F3X she has made it possible to create spectacular pieces of work. Using smooth terrain she has created a vast majestic world for mystical beings to roam. It doesn’t end there, she uses Roblox Lighting to give the world a great feel of the game and increases its graphics. Erythia is not only a developer making all the use of Roblox Studio for building and creating majestic things but she makes it all the better with animations. From interview with Erythia When asked, what is the “main core of your game?” Erythia told us “Well, when I began developing my game, it started off as a simple showcase where you could test out different characters and tools that I designed. It slowly began to evolve in my mind as I would design the characters, terrain, or animations. The central idea for my game now is that you start off as a robloxian with or without wings, and you go on quests, search for gems, and craft tools. | One of Erythia's creations.

issue 1 justCreate. | 9 ENT TIPS! As you earn in game currency, you will be able to unlock the creatures of the map, such as dragons, mythical creatures, and tiny adorable animals. The player is encouraged to explore the map via the quests, which will many times lead them to a location with gems.” Erythia didn’t just come from anywhere, but she had developers who inspired and encouraged her to keep going on and improving. She said a developer who inspired her a lot was Beeism. Beissm’s animations, creatures, and meshes really pushed her to challenge herself to attain higher quality designs. | What an astonishing dragon! “Eriythia, do you have any words of advice or tips to give new aspiring developers?” “My first and most important tip in my opinion is practice. I've been working with terrain for nearly a year now, and through practice, trial and error, I've slowly but surely improved. Another tip I have is that letting your imagination take control every once in a while is super important. Following the "norm" or "expected" is super boring to me! I use a few plugins as well; F3X is my main tool because it allows me to manipulate a single block into a full, clean, unique creature. If you want to learn something new, try it, and explore every option that it offers.” “What do you prefer when it comes to developing a map for Roblox?” “I prefer terrain over triangles or blocky terrain, I've always been drawn to realistic and hyper realistic terrain designs. I find the current roblox smooth terrain is the best way to achieve that aesthetic. There is so much that people miss out on

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