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There are two more days

There are two more days and this activity ends .... Children come and have fun and get ready to take pride in the show, the songs are heard outside and among the high notes they hear and the laughter of the children when they go wrong and Mrs. Loredana tries to help them. We, the volunteers, get to see the mountain trip, but when we see if we all notice that Radu disappeared, and from the other room there is a broken glass ... We were leaving another but running to the source of the noise, but what to see, Radu entered with his head in the door ... what a random ... good that nothing bad happened, he bandages and resume the disuasion after which we repeat again the dance and the play DAY 4 -> 17 July 2017 Today, kids have not come to repeat, we are volunteers. 4

We were arranging the room at the moment, and then we probably will repeat once more everything we will do tomorrow to make sure everything is ready, we have great emotions, it is my first show. We repeat and repeat ... we take a break and start to fight with water if it's summer at least to cool us ... after we all got wet we go back and we decide what we buy for the trip, today, I hope everything is good tomorrow ... 5

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