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DAY 5-> 18 July 2017

DAY 5-> 18 July 2017 Today is the big day, as every day we meet at the house of culture and we repeat for the last time before the show, the children are already starting to come with their parents. Slowly the room is filled and small "pupils" are preparing to enter scene. The show starts with the dancing of the little ones, after which start the musical moments as well as the dance and our play, nor do we realize when it ends and we are all called on the stage. Everything is perfect, to celebrate we go out in the old center and dance on the stage near the statue, I will miss these moments ... Tomorrow we go on the trip and we have to rest so the group is splitting and we hope to see our day Next 6

DAY 6 ->19 July 2017 Good morning, it's 8 and we just got to the bus to leave, it can be said that the summer is over, but I hope we will not. Let's go how we sit in the rooms and we wait to all ourselves. Wait a minute to get and have fun. , there's more time. I come back to tell you what I've done. 7

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