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TEAM-1 Academy Product Catalogue


MILLER REVOLUTION HARNESSES WIND These Revolution harnesses are specially designed for the wind energy industries. Full body 2 points harness with positioning belt. This harness is ideal for any working at heights on inshore windmill application. Equipped with a back D pad with fall indicator integrated, quick connect buckles on the belt and legs straps and also automatic quick fixing cam buckles for easy fit. CSA Approved. 1014807/WIND (S-M) 1014808/WIND (L-XL) 1014809/WIND (XXL) MILLER AIRCORE WIND ENERGY HARNESS FOR WIND TURBINE APPLICATIONS The Miller AirCore Wind Energy harness was specifically created for workers who build and service wind turbines. The lightweight design suits the needs of a physically demanding job and helps reduce fatigue while keeping your workers comfortable and safe. Comfortable AirCore harnesses are designed with patented Miller DuraFlex® stretchable webbing that provides greater flexibility and increased comfort. Increased Functionality With less surface area, integrated padding, and heat-reducing materials, the AirCore delivers the right mix of safety, comfort and durability for your workers. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS • CSA Approved • Max. Capacity: 400 lbs (181.4 kg) • Minimum Tensile Strength: • Webbing: 5,000 lbs. (22 kN) • *D-Ring: 5,000 lbs. (22 kN) • *Buckles: 4,000 lbs. (18 kN) MFP-ACFW-QCBDPUG (STEEL) (SIZE: Universal) MFP-AAFW-QCBDPUG (ALUMINUM) (SIZE: Universal) 22 TEAM-1 ACADEMY INC. 2018 V1 PRODUCT CATALOGUE

MILLER MIGHTEVAC SELF-RETRACTING LIFELINE TRIPOD COMBO Miller MightEvac Confined Space System includes MightEvac w/ 50-ft. of 3/16-in. galvanized wire rope and ManHandler Hoist w/ 65-ft. of 3/16-in. galvanized wire rope and 7-ft. (2 m) tripod with mounting bracket. Includes connectors with 3,600-lb. rated gates. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS • No annual factory recertification required* – Significant long-term savings/ lower cost of ownership (*Does not apply to Canada due to CSA Z259.2.2- 98 requirements. Must be inspected by a Miller authorized service center if involved in a fall or if fails user visual or function inspection) • Promotes quick and easy rescue with a 4:1 mechanical advantage (average speed of 25-ft. [7.6 m] per minute) • 310 lb. (1.4kN) weight capacity • For emergency evacuation only • Convenient, heavy-duty carrying handle MR50GC-Z7/50FT MR50GCM-Z7/50FT MILLER MIGHTEVAC SELF-RETRACTING LIFELINE The Miller MightEvac combines the performance and reliability of the best-selling MightyLite Self-Retracting Lifeline Series with a quick-activating retrieval mechanism for emergency evacuation. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS • 310 lb. (1.4kN) weight capacity • For emergency evacuation only • Convenient, heavy-duty carrying handle MR50GB-Z7/50FT (GALVANIZED) MR50G/50 FT (GALVANIZED - NO BRACKET) TEAM-1 ACADEMY INC. 2018 V1 PRODUCT CATALOGUE 23

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