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TEAM-1 Academy Product Catalogue


PLEASE READ THESE IMPORTANT WARNINGS Please carefully review the following information as the equipment that TEAM-1 Academy Inc. offers poses a very substantial risk of serious injury or death. All of the products manufactured and sold by TEAM-1 Academy Inc. are intended for use by people trained and experienced for their intended purposes, inspections and maintenance of all of these products offered. Technical rescue, rappelling, climbing and the training involved are very hazardous activities. Each situation has its own unique risk and conditions and must be evaluated by those present. Effective risk management comes from experience, proper training and good personal judgment. LIMITS OF LIABILITY TEAM-1 Academy Inc. is not liable for any damages arising from abuse or improper use of the equipment, failure to follow adequate safety precautions or breach of the duty of either the purchaser or user. Adequate training and judgment is needed to reduce the risks inherent in the use of this equipment. Since these risks are out of the control of TEAM-1 Academy Inc., the liability shifts to the user and purchaser. DUTY OF PURCHASER AND USER The purchaser and/or the user takes on full responsibility of these products manufactured and sold by TEAM-1 Academy Inc. to: • Read the product instructions and labels and follow them. If you do not have a copy of the instructions, request a copy from TEAM-1 Academy Inc., 19 - 760 Pacific Road, Oakville, Ontario, L6L 6M5, Canada or visit the manufacturer’s website. • Inspect the product immediately after purchase and before and after each use. Read the note on inspection below. • Receive training in the proper use of the equipment and in the appropriate techniques. Proper training includes safety procedures, limitations of the equipment, inspection of equipment and risk management. If you are not competent in the use of the product, do not use it. • Determine if the product is suitable for its intended use and that it meets all applicable standards and regulations. The manufacturer can provide assistance but cannot be expected to be knowledgeable of all worldwide standards and regulations. • Use good judgment and do not exceed the limitations of the user’s skill or of the equipment. • Use adequate safety precautions, including belays and backup systems. Practice risk management at all times. • Do not alter the product in any way. Repairs must be done only according to the manufacturer’s instructions or returned to the manufacturer for repair. Alterations may void warranty. • If the purchaser is not the user of the product, the purchaser must provide each user with a copy of this notice and the product instructions. If additional copies of this notice or the product instructions are needed, they can be obtained from TEAM-1 Academy Inc. or the manufacturers website. INSPECTION Your company/agency is expected to have a policy for inspecting life-safety equipment. Inspection should be no less than after each use, and inspections must be done by personnel that meet your corporate training standard for inspecting life-safety equipment. Each user should be trained in equipment inspection and should do a cursory inspection before each use. 56 TEAM-1 ACADEMY INC. 2018 V1 PRODUCT CATALOGUE

COMPANY_____________________________________________________________ CONTACT NAME______________________________________________________ PHONE NUMBER______________________________________________________ 2018 CATALOGUE ORDER FORM EMAIL__________________________________________________________________ FAX_____________________________________________________________________ SHIPPING ADDRESS BILLING/MAILING ADDRESS SAME AS SHIPPING ADDRESS CONTACT NAME (IF DIFFERENT THAN ABOVE) _________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS______________________________________________________________ CITY ___________________________________________________________________ PROVINCE ____________________________________________________________ NAME _________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS______________________________________________________________ CITY ___________________________________________________________________ PROVINCE ____________________________________________________________ POSTAL CODE ________________________________________________________ POSTAL CODE ________________________________________________________ PART NUMBER PART NAME SIZE / COLOUR / LENGTH QUANTITY BY FILLING OUT THE ABOVE A QUOTE WILL BE PREPARED AND SENT VIA EMAIL. TEAM-1 Academy Inc., 19 - 760 Pacific Rd., Oaklle, Ontario, Canada, L6L 6M5 | | 905-827-0007 Ext. 121 | 1-844-42-TEAM1 (83261) 2017-V1

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