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Stir the Pot #2 - Sanctuary Kitchen

Kitchen, a program of CitySeed in partnership with a network of Sanctuary volunteers, was formed in 2017 to promote and celebrate the community traditions, cultures, and stories of refugees resettled in culinary In addition to its historical diversity as a refugee resettlement Connecticut. New Haven alone received over 500 refugees in 2016 and expects a hub, number in 2017. With this diversity comes delicious opportunities for similar exchange, enriching the community at large and building ties cultural demographic divides. across and immigrants arrive here with the potential to contribute their Refugees unique skills and passions to the diverse and changing face of the own New Haven Area. Sanctuary Kitchen seeks to highlight these skills in Greater viable culinary pursuits that provide personal income economically while promoting their culinary traditions, cultures, and stories to potential, understanding and appreciation throughout our community. improve Sanctuary Kitchen, we believe that sharing a meal and personal stories At a strong and meaningful gesture of welcome and acceptance, an is space in which the simplest and most genuine cultural exchanges intimate occur. We believe in community and hope that our programs will can authentic connections between local residents and new arrivals. cultivate brings people to the table, enriches lives, and fosters mutual Food across diverse cultures in the most delicious ways understandings attending a Sanctuary Kitchen event, you're helping refugees possible.By asylum seekers receive training, support, income and opportunities to and their skills in meaningful ways.Find out more about Sanctuary Kitchen share its creation: (Get involved and Introducing Sanctuary Kitchen

FEBRUARY Sancturay Kitchen Tuesday, February 21, 5:30 - 7:30 pm CitySeed, 817 Grand Ave., New Haven Reading: How Food Can Impact Communities, Caleb Zigas, Executive Director of La Cocina Cooking: food from Sanctuary Kitchen Kitchen Table Talk: What power are you willing to sacrifice or what privilege are you willing to share to make the food system more equitable and sustainable?

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