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Stir the Pot #2 - Sanctuary Kitchen

peace or war,

peace or war, the ultimate refuge the sanctuary of all that is “In lies distilled within the warmth of the kitchen. humane remember always, that all of us, and you and I “Remember, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.” especially, SANCTUARY KITCHEN — Paul Salopek, National Geographic ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

power are you willing to sacrifice or what privilege What you willing to share to make the food system more are New Haven The Policy Council Food on the third meets of every Wednesday from 8:30 – month am at City 10:00 to a Go Team Management a Incubate idea at business Grove, Collab, the Food the Meet Entrepreneur Group Up T A R T A S A R D E N G to the Land Trust Go New Haven of and the website a Garden Start the Land Attend Garden Trust Meeting Committee last Tuesday of the Month 6:00pm – the 7:30pm Seedlings from Buy Ground, Common Farmers Market, the your local farm or D U C A T E E O U R S E L F Y a cooking class Take Common Ground, at Global CitySeed, Gourmet, and Local out a book Check food from the about a food Watch documentary recipes with Share neighbors your with your Garden or children elders to the Farmers Go Market for a Volunteer organization food Sanctuary like New Haven Kitchen, Solar Youth Farms, a Downtown or Soup Evening Kitchen at your Eat Joint Neighborhood equitable and sustainable? (google the organizations, book lists, restaurants, meeting info, etc.) P A R T I C I P A T E S U P P O R T Shop Local page Cooking Matters. Hall. library Meeting Join a Farm CSA

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