Pegasus Post: April 17, 2018

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Macca’s for Marshland?

New McDonald’s planned in

old Raeward Fresh

Rare heron appears

Endangered bird’s surprise

visit to Bottle Lake

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21 - 31

Students dig in

at Linwood


LINWOOD College students

are digging in to help transform

their school’s landscape.

A naturalised area is being

developed at the college as part

of the $9 million Bells Creek

flood protection project.

A dual-use stormwater basin

and sports field is being built on

the northern half of Edmonds

Page 4 Page 5

PLANTING: Linwood College year 11 student David Elia is helping to develop a natural environment on the school grounds as

part of the Bells Creek flood protection project.

Park. As a result, Bells Creek

has been realigned through the


More than 2000 plants will be

introduced as part of the overall


The college’s environmental

group is working with students,

a contractor and city council

staff to plant up to 300 plants on

the school grounds.

“By involving students in the

project, we aim to nurture their

interest in the natural environment,”

acting city council land

drainage manager Tim Joyce


“We hope that they can embrace

the value of a flourishing

environment that benefits the

greater community,” he said.

Said Helen Mora, Linwood

College head of learning area,

science: “This planting gives

the group members their first

hands-on opportunity to action

one of their goals – to improve

the plantings already on Bells

Creek ready for when we come

back on-site after the rebuild.”


of golf club



plan failed

to tee off

• By Sophie Cornish

OPPONENTS OF the Rawhiti

and Avondale golf clubs land

swap plan are relieved it won’t go


Regenerate Christchurch has

axed relocating the two golf clubs

to a combined course in Bexley.

The decision comes after

widespread opposition. Those

against the plan feared Rawhiti

Domain and the golf course

would be turned into housing.

It sparked a community

meeting, which more than 100

people attended to express their


Guardians of Rawhiti cofounder

Cathy Baker said the

group was relieved with the

outcome after previously saying it

“opposed the idea vehemently.”

“I think a lot of people in New

Brighton . . . opposed it.”

Rawhiti Golf Club president

Leon Zilinskas said the club had

no definite opinion on the matter.

“We were still waiting to see

how everything rolled with it. We

were still open-minded about it

all and happy to stay where we


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Poto WilliaMS

MP for Christchurch East

Community Clinics

I will be coming to your neighbourhood on a bi-monthly basis to hear your concerns.

Starting on the first Monday in March

and bi monthly there after.

9am – 9:40am - Linwood, Linwood

Avenue, Outside the Salvation Army

9:50am – 10:30am - Dallington, Cnr of

Gayhurst Rd and Claydon Pl

10:40am – 11:20am - Stanmore/

Richmond, Stanmore Rd opposite New

World at the park

11:30am – 12:10 - Shirley, Cnr Marshlands

Road and Hammersley Avenue

Authorised by Poto Williams, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

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from the editor’s desk

AS MUCH as a new golf course in the

red zone would have been fantastic,

commonsense has prevailed over the

Rawhiti Domain land swap (see page 1).

Rawhiti Golf Club president Leon

Zilinskas is personally disappointed with

the decision, but the club in general had an open mind about

the swap.

The Avondale Golf Club was split over the shift from its headquarters.

That’s understandable.

The club has new premises, the course is in a good location

and has enough long and tricky holes to make you want to


If the land swap went ahead, developers would have swooped

in and turned the Rawhiti golf course and domain into housing.

That would have been a shame for New Brighton.

– Barry Clarke

get in touch



The Christchurch Star Company Ltd

PO box 1467, Christchurch


QE II school zone

Page 8

Marian wins shield

Top public speakers

Marian College is still “buzzing” after taking out the

Bishop Lyons’ Shield.

Page 14

Christchurch City Chorus


Angry parents ‘robbed’

Find out why Shirley mother Verity Verster is feeling

“frustrated, angry, abandoned and robbed” over the new

Shirley Boys and Avonside Girls’ High School campus.

A cappella champs perform

Go along to St Margaret’s Auditorium on Saturday at

7.30pm to support the chorus ahead of its attempt to win an

11th New Zealand Sweet Adelines title.


Sophie Cornish

Ph: 364 7437



Elaine Moon

Ph: 364 7436


Page 16

The best-read local newspaper, delivered to

15,657 homes every Tuesday

Linwood, Avonside, Richmond, Shirley, Burwood, Dallington,

Wainoni, Bromley, Aranui, Avondale, Bexley, New Brighton,

Northshore, Queenspark, Parklands, South Brighton.

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Tuesday April 17 2018 3


Bid to revamp war memorial

• By Sophie Cornish


ramp and the war memorial

could be revamped.

The Coastal-Burwood Community

Board has asked for

$200,000 from the city council’s

Long Term Plan 2018-2028 for

the project.

The plan would include getting

rid of the contentious anti-graffiti

panels on the war memorial.

Board chairwoman Kim

Money said it would be a “collaborative

project” with the

New Brighton RSA and the

community, which she hopes

would showcase the foreshore

area better, for the national and

international events which are

held there.

“The idea has came about for

various reasons, one being that

the community and RSA were

very disappointed with the look

of the panels which had gone

around the memorial.”

“At the same time, we have had

the lovely new development to

the north of the pier and we have

big events that we use the space

south of the pier for . . . we want

to take this opportunity to relook

at that space because we are

within a regeneration stage.”

Coastal-Ward city councillors

Glenn Livingstone and David

East have both expressed interest

in supporting the project.

“It’s a place of historical

significance, it’s a gathering

point on Anzac Day, we have

huge crowds. It does need

recognition in the council’s LTP,

in some way, so David and I

will be pursuing that,” said Cr


“I will be keeping an open

mind with a view to support that

. . . obviously we have to balance

all the needs around the city and

if we can accommodate that it

would be great,” said Cr East.

The $25,000 anti-vandalism

panels installed last July were

criticised by the RSA and people

in the community who called

them “ugly.”

The memorial was vandalised

by graffiti in 2015.

New Brighton RSA executive

manager Garry House said

the money was wasted and the

community was not properly


The contentious

New Brighton

war memorial


panels could be

removed if the


Community Board

get the $200,000

it requested for

the project from

the city council’s

Long Term Plan


New Brighton

RSA executive

manager Garry

House will be

pleased to see

them go.




Mr House said he will be

happy to see them go.

“They detract from it, they

don’t add to it. In the long term,

we hope that they will develop

that site. Put really good lighting,

more cameras, good signage

and maybe move some of those

obstacles like plants and trees so

it’s more visible.

If the panels are removed,

new security measures will be

installed to deter vandalism.




In Brief

Fire rages, homes at risk


Work has started on the revamp

for South New Brighton’s

community hub The Bridge.

The former abandoned and

earthquake-damaged Baptist

church was acquired by

The Bridge South Brighton

Charitable Trust. After two

years of fundraising and the

resource consent process, work

will now begin on the building

and is expected to be completed

in September, for opening in

October. Scaffolding went up on

Friday and the roof, which has

asbestos, is being replaced.


The Coastal-Burwood Community

Board has asked city council

staff to provide a peer review of

the Rawhiti Domain and South

New Brighton Domain arborists’

tree reports. It has also requested

copies of the terms and reference

and letters of engagement for

the two arboriculture firms who

undertook the tree assessments.

The board noted some concerns at

what it believes to be some disparity

in the assessments. It comes after

an independent arborist found

16 trees near the South New

Brighton Domain estuary edge to

be of “pressing concern” however

only pruning, not removal was

recommended for them.


• All vehicle repairs

• Oil changes and services

• Brakes • Loan car available

• Tyres, punctures & batteries

• W.O.F • Tune up

Your LocaL GaraGe



Phone: 03 388 3630

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4 Tuesday April 17 2018

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McMaster & Heap

Veterinary practice

A week of

orthopedics pAtients

Last week was a busy

orthopedic week at

the clinic. I love an

orthopedic challenge

and as a young

veterinarian I would

have loved to have

studied and specialized

in orthopedic surgery.

Steve and I went to

the UK early on in

our careers and Steve

studied Ophthalmology.

I didn’t think seriously

about doing a surgical

residency back then

as Steve and I were

desperate to get home

to our two dogs, Chief

and Tobias. Thinking

back it would have been

valuable for our Practice,

considering how fast we

have grown and how many surgical cases

we see. I know my limitations and often

we need to refer these cases to orthopedic

specialists for the best outcome, as long as

our client can financially afford this option.

First up was Pluto, an adorable 5 month

old grey

tabby who



home lame

on his right hind leg. No injuries, bruising or

swellings were noted, although his stifle felt

odd. Pluto was given an anti inflammatory

injection and sent home on room rest. He

returned a few days later having shown no

improvement so I radiographed his pelvis

and right hind leg. What I saw took me by

surprise. Pluto had

completely fractured

his patella (knee cap)

in half! I tried to splint

the leg but cheeky

little Pluto got that

off in no time. He

was cage rested for

1 week and then

rexrayed. As you

can see the gap has

widened between

the patella fragments.

Currently Im seeking



advice from a referral surgeon as to what is

the best approach for little Pluto.

Baxter is the cutest, calmest 6 month

old Beagle who presented to me initially

4 weeks ago just sore and stiff in his

hindquarters. He had leapt out of the car

and yelped and cowered, as if he had

Open 7 days

Cnr Hoon Hay & Coppell place

phone 338 2534, Fax 339 8624

e. mcmasterandheap@yahoo.co.nz


pain somewhere. On

examination his left

hind leg had limited

movement. Baxter was

otherwise well, had been

fed a premium puppy

kibble but I was slightly

worried that Baxter may

have a degree of hip

dysplasia. When Baxter

was neutered I xrayed

his hips. I noticed a left

sided femoral neck stress

fracture. We have strictly

rested Baxter and the

rexray taken one month

later showed the fracture

was slowly healing. Luckily

this will come right with

time, premium nutrition

Baxter and taking it easy on the

exercise front.

Baghera, a 6 year old

black DSH, was bought in by the SPCA

one weekend after being found on the

road, unable to move. Luckily he was

microchipped so we found his very worried

owner that day. He came in very cold, in

shock and not able to stand at all. We

immediately placed Baghera on intravenous

fluid, warmed him up with hotties and a

heating pad, administered pain relief and

xrayed his hindquarters. He had suffered 2

pelvic fractures – an acetabular fracture to

the left hip and a sacroiliac

fracture to the right side.

Both these prevented him

from standing, therefore

he couldn’t use his litter

tray. He was hospitalized

for a few days to make sure

he had bladder function

and to stabilize his

condition. All the surgical

options were discussed ( one being referral)

with his loving owner and it was decided

that we do surgery at the clinic, performed

by Dr Steve Heap. So far Baghera is home,

mobilizing, tioleting and doing well. Thank

goodness for microchips!

As you can see we often need to consult the

specialists for the best

option and outcome

for our patients. We

have digital xray so

can easily email the

images to the referral

veterinarian and

we will often get a

report back in a few

days. Steve and I are

in the early stages

of building a large

new addition that

will join our existing Practice ( we are just

waiting for council consents). We are very

excited as this will allow us to offer more

services to our clients and to employ more

vets with specialized skills in particular areas,

and a specialized soft tissue and orthopedic

surgeon will be on that list.

Dr Michele McMaster

McMaster & Heap

NEW: McDonald’s is considering opening a restaurant on Marshland Rd at the

site of the former Raeward Fresh.

McDonald’s for

Marshland Rd?

MCDONALD’S IS planning to open a

restaurant on Marshland Rd near Prestons


It has applied to the city council to

convert the former Raeward Fresh site at

410 Marshland Rd into a restaurant with a


It is one of three restaurants McDonald’s

wants to set up in Christchurch.

Others include one on Woolston’s Ferry

Rd and one on Yaldhurst Rd.

It comes after parents, schools and

•From page 1

However, Mr Zilinskas said personally

he was disappointed. “I thought

it was a great opportunity to

get brand new facilities for our

club but also, in my view, I think

the whole suburb needs a bit of

operation to come back.”

Avondale Golf Club president

Dave Buchanan has said

previously the club was divided

over the merger. He didn’t want to

comment on the decision to not go ahead

with the plan.

Coastal Ward city councillor Glenn

doctors pleaded with the city council in

2016 to introduce a bylaw to stop fast food

outlets opening close to schools.

The restaurant would also feature a Mc-

Cafe and a playland area for children.

The Marshland Hall Trust is disappointed

said member Sian Ruth after having its

eye on the site for a potential community


The current Marshland Hall is not fit

for purpose and the trust is considering

options for a new site.

Golf clubs won’t merge

Livingstone is pleased Regenerate Christchurch

had listened to opponents of the

plan. “This is an encouraging sign

for the future development of the red

zone; that the local host community’s

views matter and are taken into account.”

Said Regenerate chief executive Ivan

Iafeta: “The same land could be used in

Ivan Iafeta other ways that would provide greater

overall outcomes consistent with the

vision, objectives and land use assessment

criteria.” Mr Iafeta said housing may still

be included in the plan for the Ōtākaro

Avon River Corridor regeneration area.

Dyers Road Landscape

& Garden Supplies

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Tuesday April 17 2018 5


Safety to be addressed by

removing Westhaven trees

• By Sophie Cornish

A NEW report has found fewer

trees in the Westhaven area need

to be removed than originally


In October, a city council assessed

314 trees in the area and

found 168 which were recommended

for removal.

Of the 168, 138 could be replaced

and 30 could not.

However, a new report by city

council has found that 90 trees

of the original 168 can be

retained for around five to 10


The trees have become oversized

and the roots are causing

damage to infrastructure including

footpaths, kerbs, vehicle

crossings, driveways, walls,

fences and letterboxes.

The issue is causing public

safety issues and involves 24


City council arborist Dieter

Steinnegg said only 78 need to be

removed at this stage.

“This will lessen the immediate

impact to the community and the

environment in terms of loss of


Of those 78, 39 can be replaced

in the same location and 39

potentially elsewhere within


“The repairs to city council

owned infrastructure will still be

able to progress at the same level.”

LINWOOD AVENUE School pupils

have voiced their support for the

proposed Linwood-Woolston Pool site in

Smith St.

They even delivered their submissions

directly to local community board members.

Accompanied by their teacher, Jane

Thomson and deputy principal Trevor

Proctor, the 26 pupils walked to the

favoured pool site on the corner of

Linwood Ave and Smith St to hand over

their individual feedback to Linwood-

Central-Heathcote Community Board

CRACKED: Trees causing damage in Westhaven will be removed,

however less now than originally thought.

The majority of the trees within

the Westhaven area were planted

in 1998 and 50 per cent of those

trees are now considered to be in

poor condition.

The tree species involved are

chairwoman Sally Buck and deputy

chairman Jake McLellan.

Several youngsters read their project

submissions to the board members, making

their case for the indoor pool site in

Smith St.

The year 5 and 6 students delivered

their plea on the final day of site submissions,

saying they had included several

facility suggestions.

Year 6 pupil Reine Pene, 10, strongly

supports “the plan of putting the new

pool on the corner of Smith St.”

“It is important to know how to

plane, elm, birch and liriodendron


Species being considered for

the replacement include nyssa

sylvatica, acer rubrum and magnolia


SPOTTED: A rare white heron at Bottle Lake Forest.

Rare heron swoops into

Bottle Lake Forest Park

A RARE white heron has made a

surprise visit to ponds near Bottle

Lake Forest.

The bird, which is endangered

and one of a population of about

150 around New Zealand, has

been spotted in the area by city

council park ranger Jason Roberts.

City council ornithologist

Andrew Crossland says it’s the

first time he has heard of a white

heron visiting the ponds.

Work that has been carried

out by city council rangers in

recent years to create wetland

habitats and attract native birds

seems to have been effective, he


“It’s a bit of a coup to get an

iconic native bird like this one in

the area. White herons are found

in the estuary, at Lake Ellesmere

and at Travis Wetland but not

swim,” she said.

“If we are lucky enough to have the

pool in Smith St, I would also like a diving

board to encourage people to conquer

their fear. I would also like a pool for

swimming lessons so people know how

to survive,” she said.

Ms Buck said the youngsters have

highlighted their support for an indoor

pool in Smith Street.

“We want the children to come to the

community board meeting and present

their case for the new pool site, underlining

its importance for the area,” she said.




Fire rages, homes at risk

usually in these dune lakes near

Bottle Lake Forest.

“What we’re trying to do is

create a chain of wetlands that go

along the coastline and link up

the Avon-Heathcote Estuary and

the Brooklands Lagoon. We’d

like to get birds that are passing

through to stop and spend time


“Before the city council started

this work there was nothing but

seagulls around there, but now

there are pukeko, native ducks,

pied stilts and other water birds

that have colonised these ponds.

This heron is the rarest and most

impressive of the new species that

have been attracted to the area.”

Mr Crossland says the heron is

an adult in non-breeding plumage

and is likely to have come

here from breeding grounds on

the West Coast to feed.

Pupils back idea of pool for Linwood-Woolston

SUPPORT: Chairwoman Sally Buck accepts

a pool site submission from Linwood

Avenue School pupil Reine Pene, 10. ​







03 260 0325 - Cnr of Worcester St & Stanmore Road


Tuesday April 17 2018


Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi


PUBLICAN: Dean Calvert (left) turns back the clock as he poses in

front of a photo at the Valley Inn Tavern from when he was a

22-year-old pro boxer. (Above) – Joseph Parker fighting Anthony

Joshua in Cardiff.


Former champ hooks up with Parker

• By Gordon Findlater

VALLEY INN Tavern owner

Dean Calvert got closer

than most to Joseph Parker

in the build up to his world

heavyweight title unification

fight with Anthony Joshua in

Cardiff, Wales.

The former New Zealand titleholder

travelled with his father

George and brother Bryce to

London ahead of the fight where

they spent time with Parker in

the build up.

Mr Calvert, 47, comes from a

boxing mad family.

Their love for the sport has

seen them travel to a number

of high profile fights around

the world, including the Floyd

Mayweather Jr v Manny

Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas in


However, the world title fight

between Parker and Joshua on

Easter Sunday was unlike any

the family had travelled to see

before. They were made to feel

like part of the Parker family in

the build up to his biggest fight

to date.

Mr Calvert’s main connection

to the Parker camp comes

through Parker’s trainer Kevin

Barry, who also trained Mr

Calvert in the early 1990s.

“We got made to feel like part

of the family. His mum would

come down to breakfast every

morning and say hello and give

us a hug and a kiss,” said Mr


“We were lucky enough to

be invited on his team walk

the morning of the fight. It’s

something he does the morning

of his fights; just goes for a 15min

walk to relax.”

Mr Calvert won four New

Zealand titles in his career as a

welterweight. He also won the

Jameson Belt in 1992. The belt is

awarded to the best boxer at the

national championships each


Mr Calvert’s first boxing

trainer was his grandfather

FAMILY: Dean Calvert, Joseph Parker, Bryce Calvert and

George Calvert in the UK.

Ryan Mitchell. This was before

he worked with Barry who was

training David Tua at the same


Mr Calvert had 70 amateur

fights before going on to register

a professional record of eight

wins from eight fights. He took

what was originally set to be

a short break from fighting at

24. However, Mr Calvert never

returned to training.

“I do regret it sometimes, but

then I’ve had a lot of other great

memories since doing other


After boxing, Mr Calvert

worked for his family cleaning

business for 17 years before

buying the Valley Inn Tavern in


“I like the social side. It’s a

good place to catch up with

friends and the locals.”

Although Mr Calvert was

lucky enough to be at Cardiff’s

Millennium Stadium 10 rows

back from the action, he says the

Valley Inn Tavern is as good a

place as any to watch the fight.

“We were chock-a-block for the

Parker fight. We had a couple of

hundred people here, every time

he’s fought it’s been like that.”

Outside of boxing, the tavern

owner managed to find time for

some business research.

“We organised a good pub

crawl one day.”

“I bought a few menus to have

a good look at. We’ve got a few

more vegans asking for meals at

the moment so the main thing

I looked at was a few different

options for that.”

As for the future of his

favourite boxer, Mr Calvert

believes at just 26, Parker has

the determination to bounce


“He was talking to us on the

plane on the way home and

he’s just determined to get

back in there and get back to

the top.”

We’ve been trusted to look after hundreds

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You can trust us to look after yours too.

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021 054 5003

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Zealand Property Management

Office of the Year, 2016/17

Prier Manson Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008)

The magazine for

gardeners who

like To geT Their

hands dirTy



Discover Christchurch’s

best priced pet


• Grooming

cats and dogs

• Daycare -

all breeds

• Long stay/

short stay

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inspections welcome anytime!


kenneLs & cattery

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8 Tuesday April 17 2018

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Your Local Views





Fire rages, homes at risk

QE II school rezoning angers parents

Shirley resident

Verity Verster

talks about

how several

suburbs may be

left out of the

potential new

Shirley Boys and

Avonside Girls’ High School



Boys and Avonside Girls’ High

School has left local residents

feeling robbed.

Families remained in the area,

decided to rebuild their homes

with the prospect of being able

to send their children to either

high school. The rezoning has

excluded the current community

of Richmond, Dallington, Shirley

and Edgeware, leaving residents

frustrated, angry, abandoned and


This community remained in

the area for the schools. When

the schools were facing closure

– we fought alongside them to

remain open. When the schools

announced that they would

NEW SCHOOLS: Several suburbs may no longer be in the

zone for the new Shirley Boys and Avonside Girls’ High School

campus being built at QE II Park.

remain open but would need to

relocate, we were assured that

we would be zoned for the new

schools. We were given assurances

that we could send our

children to a single sex high


Based on those assurances,

many families decided to rebuild

their broken and damaged homes

and primary school children

continued to attend broken and

damaged primary schools. The

promise made to them was the

opportunity to attend a state-ofthe-art

campus, steeped in tradition

with a reputation second to

none. My boys would be SBHS

graduates. There was a silver


This is why we are so angry.

Why we are here today. Comments

have been made that we

have a local high school close by;

the re-zoned area doesn’t have a

school and needs one; we argued

against the inclusion of a further

area yet want to be included

ourselves etc.

This argument is not about

what we have v what other

areas don’t have. It is not a them

against us and vice versa argument.

The bottom line – the

Ministry of Education made

assurances that affected the

decisions local residents made.

Big decisions. Life changing decisions.

The MOE has gone back on

those assurances and cut us out

completely. Any resident anywhere

in Christchurch faced with

this realisation would be angry.

Would be frustrated. Would feel


Furthermore, although the

school and the MOE have

been in communication for 18

months regarding ‘rezoning’, the

local residents have only been

informed now and given three

weeks to rally together and fight

for inclusion. The culpability

lies at the door of the MOE yet

it is no where to be seen – no

representatives, no one to answer

the questions that residents need

answers to.

Readers respond to an

article about what the

community wants in the

QE II Park masterplan,

including a three-par golf

course and a new walking


Graeme Halliday – No, I

would rather this land rebuilt

into a theme park, wouldn’t that

be much better?

Leslee Wilson – No thank

you, there’s too many golf courses

in the area as it is for a select few.

It needs to be multi-use.

Veronica Cockinakis –

Yes, and a mini golf for families


Jared Rowbotham – Prefer

the old leisure centre, to be


Readers respond to an

article about WorkSafe

investigating New

Brighton’s potholed car

park on Hawke St

Bill Misselbrook – As I

read it the owners of this private

property have been allowing the

public to use it for parking at no

charge. Why would you complain

about getting something for free?


WorkSafe New

Zealand will see

what can be done

to fix the potholes

in New Brighton’s

Hawke St car park,

which Coastal-

Burwood Ward

city councillor

David East says

are dangerous.



It’s not as if anyone is forcing

people to use it and there are

pathways around the outside that

can be used if anyone considers

it a hazard. Come on people,

personal responsibility and


Unless the owners are feeling

particularly benevolent, then

the most likely outcome of

complaining will be that public

access is lost.

Westerly Le Breton –

Imagine being elderly or disabled

trying to navigate this wreck.

Gayle Elizabeth Lord

– They could always turn the

potholes into the 50m pool they

won’t give us

at QE II.



– Now watch

them fence it

off (for safety


and have

less parking



Holmes – And how do you

think that money is going to

be made back? Goodbye free


Jennifer Perkins – What

does it take to get this done really.

Kathryn Macgregor – I

don’t think anything will happen

. . . multi-person ownership is

ridiculous, too, I say city council

buy it.

Peter Cooper

– No, the city

council will put

in a cycleway.

Karena Mary

– About time.

Anna Sunnex

– Looking

forward to seeing

the potholes


Lynette Hill – About bloody

time. Should have been done

years ago.

Taking Care of Business

Buying or selling commercial or residential property, leases,

employment contracts, building contracts, we take care of it for you,

so you can take care of business.

3 locations: New Brighton, Styx Mill & Kaiapoi


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now on









$1,650 $1,950

2 SEATER (not pictured)

$1,490 $1,750

The Cologne adds a look

of style and class to your

home with its clean lines and

comfortable seating. Choose

from a wide range of fabric

or leather options.


This smart design is upholstered in fabric with a chaise that can be left or

right hand facing.

$2,550 $2,995


Exclusive to Global Living the Florence is a sleek ultra-modern lounge suite. With it’s soft

leather and detail stitching the Florence Suite will add a look of style and class to any room.

$2,350 $2,760 $1,650 $1,950


The beautiful button detail on the New York gives it sophisticated style while the

plywood/solid wood base and no-sag spring seat provide comfort without compromising

on its elegance.

2 SEATER (not pictured) $1,865 $2,195 2 SEATER (not pictured) $1,490 $1,750


Ultra-modern chair with straight lines,

curved headrest and sleek metal legs.

Range of fabrics available to suit any decor.

$810 $950


This lovely Parisian themed chair would

look great as a piece in a bedroom or

living room.


Versatile modern dining table extends from 1200 to 2400 in

length. Compact enough for everyday use but easily extended

to entertain family and friends.


Simplicity and rustic style underpins the Stockholm Extension

Dining Table which is an entertainer’s dream.everyday use but

easily extended to entertain family and friends.


This comfortable, good looking chair

suits many different tables. Made from a

hardwearing pu material 4 colour options.

$850 $995 $850 $995 $1,570 $1,849

$199 $235


This stunning chair is a great way to

modernise your dining area. Commercial PU

backing, available in black, grey or white


Rustic yet contemporary design. Iron cross

back offers comfortable support. Available

in oak with a natural or white finish.


Understated elegance, timeless design.

Upholstered in a soft, durable PU the

seating comes in three vintage colours.


Crafted from a combination of oak veneers and sculpted solid oak

legs, the Norway range is characterised by its striking beauty.

$190 $250 $195 $229 $190 $225 $975 $1,150 $1,189 $1,399


Bring modern style to your living room with the Sanza sideboard.

This contemporary sideboard in a white high gloss lacquer features

a brushed stainless steel base which adds a stylish finish.

CITY: 100 Moorhouse Avenue | HOMEBASE: 199 Marshlands Road

Open Monday-Friday 9am-5.30pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm

FREE in-home consultation

Struggling to find that special piece or don’t know where to start?

Why not take advantage of our FREE in-home consultation in

which one of our experienced consultants will come to your home

to discuss form, function and flow, all at no cost and obligation free.

To book a consult, phone 0800 749 999 or

email consult@global-living.co.nz

0800 749 999 | global-living.co.nz

10 Tuesday April 17 2018

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Meet & Greet

Thursday 19th and

Friday 20th April

11am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm

Colouring in


© 2018 DHX Worldwide Limited. Teletubbies and a l related characters, titles and logos are trademarks of DHX Worldwide Limited. A l Rights Reserved.

© 2018 DHX Worldwide Limited. Teletubbies and a l related characters, titles and logos are trademarks of DHX Worldwide Limited. A l Rights Reserved.

© 2018 DHX Worldwide Limited. Teletubbies and a l related characters, titles and logos are trademarks of DHX Worldwide Limited. A l Rights Reserved.

© 2018 DHX Worldwide Limited. Teletubbies and a l related characters, titles and logos are trademarks of DHX Worldwide Limited. A l Rights Reserved.

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa

and Po colouring options

available - colour one in

and be in to win! See online

for more information.

Colouring in competition

Return your entry to the Customer

Service Kiosk by Thursday 26th April

and the winners will be announced

on Friday 27th April.

Visit www.thepalms.co.nz for details.

The Palms Shopping Centre

Corner Marshland & New Brighton Roads, Shirley


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Richmond’s Avebury

House offers meeting

space for hugs


be able to use rooms in Avebury

House in Richmond for free this

winter – in exchange for a hug.

The initiative is part of the

Avebury House Community

Trust’s new three-year plan to reestablish

itself as a community

development organisation and

social enterprise.

“Avebury House knows how

tight budgets are for community

organisations, so we are offering

meeting spaces for free to reduce

a little bit of financial stress,”

said community trust social

enterprise manager Michelle

Whitaker. Special conditions

apply, including hugs being

“expected, but not mandatory.”

The plan will be carried

out over three months, starting

next month and ending in July,

she said.

“It is also a way to support the

well-being of staff and volunteers

in the midst of winter. ‘A change

is as good as a holiday’ from

your desk to a tranquil, beautiful

heritage house nestled in nature,

and hugs are proven to be good

for well-being too.”

The rooms will be available in

a first-in, first-served basis.

• By Sophie Cornish

SALTWATER therapy, surfing

and fluro is the ‘recipe’ a New

Brighton community group is

using to tackle mental health


Rosie Lamb, along with two

friends, founded OneWave New

Brighton, which just celebrated

its first birthday.

The group is one of several

worldwide which originally

started at Bondi Beach in

Sydney, with the goal of

getting people together to raise

awareness about mental health

through surfing, swimming,

yoga and other beach activities,

all while wearing fluro.

The group now has offshoots

spanning 80 beaches in 26


Miss Lamb said the group,

which is made up of males and

females across all ages, meet at

the New Brighton beach on the

first Saturday of every month at


“I think the beach has such a

massive impact on well-being.

We either surf, swim, go for

walks or just sit and chat. We

check in with each other to see

how everyone’s doing. It’s about

normalising talking about how

you are feeling.”

Miss Lamb said while the

group doesn’t offer surfing

lessons, there are other activities

for those who don’t surf.

So why fluro?

“It’s about making yourself

seen. It welcomes other people to

approach us and to come along.

It’s seen as a way to put yourself

out there.”

OneWave founder Grant

Trebilco originally got people

talking to him on the beach

by wearing a suit and going

out surfing. People would then

approach him out of curiosity.

Miss Lamb said the group had




Highlighting mental health

Fire rages, homes at risk

ONE WAVE: OneWave New Brighton is tackling mental health

through saltwater therapy, surfing and fluro.

greatly helped her.

“It’s given me a reason to get to

the beach early in the morning.

A lot of people don’t necessarily

like going to the beach that early

in the morning, but I think it’s

the perfect way to start your


“It gives me a good group of

people to talk about stuff with.”

•OneWave New

Brighton can be reached

via its Facebook page

– www.facebook.com/





26 – 35 YEARS ONLY $591.00*

= $11.37 p/wk

18 – 25 YEARS ONLY $493.00*

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ONLY $326.00*

= $6.27 p/wk

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U14 ONLY $99.00*

= $1.90 p/wk



Contact Nathan on 03 3830307 or manager@waimairibeach.co.nz

for more information on how to take advantage of these promotional rates

460 Bower Ave, Parklands | www.waimairibeachgolf.co.nz

Basic information: Promotional Pricing is (A) available to NEW members only (B) valid for a 12-month subscription

only (C) non-refundable (D) available for a short time only (E) determined by birthdate at the time of joining

12 Tuesday April 17 2018

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1 in 2 people

deficient in B12

Emerging research has shown as many as 50% of older adults

& as many as 25% of younger adults are deficient in vitamin B12.

Scientists at Rush University Medical Center found those most

deficient in vitamin B12 to have the smallest brain mass & the lowest

scores on tests measuring short-term memory, concentration &

brain performance. Another study showed that older people with

higher levels of B12 in their blood have bigger, healthier brains &

score higher on cognitive tests than those with lower levels. Yet

another recent landmark study showed that B12 supplementation

slows the accelerated rate of brain shrinkage & declining cognitive

function. B12 is essential for energy production, cell health,

regulation of mood & sleep cycles, nerve health & repair, &

prevention of homocysteine a serious cardiovascular risk factor

that is known to cause damage & plaque in the blood vessels. It can

also increase the chances of a stroke. Harvard researchers found a

34% decrease risk of vision loss in a study of participants aged 40+

who supplemented with B12. Another study linked a higher risk

of hearing loss in subjects in their 60’s who were low in B12.

The reason so many people lack B12 appears to be our body’s

ability to absorb it declining with age as the digestive system

becomes less efficient. Anti-reflux medication & other drugs

further reduce B12 absorption. The

the form of Methylcobalamin

sublingual tablets that are

dissolved in the

mouth & thru




Up to 1 in 2 people may have a shrinking brain due to a lack of vitamin B12.

Supplementation of methylcobalamin B12 has been shown to reduce the rate of brain

shrinkage & support memory & brain function. B12 is also known to protect against

homocysteine a serious cardiovascular risk factor that can also damage the hearing,

eyesight & affect the mood. B12 is essential for energy, cell health & nerve function.

B12 SupportS:

• Memory & Brain Performance

• Helps protect brain from shrinking

• Energy & Recovery

• Nerve Function

• Helps protect blood vessels from damage

• Sleep

• Cellular Health & Repair

• Vegetarian’s Diet

• Good Health

• Cardiovascular Health





Superior Methylcobalamin B12

(High Absorption Sublingual Lozenges)

100 Lozenges

Only $ 32 .90

200 Lozenges

Only $ 59 .80


Bringing You the Best in Natural Health



110 SEAVIEW RD, NEW BRIGHTON • PH 03 388 5757 • Email: enquiry@marshallshealthshop.co.nz



Our new ULTIMATE BEAUTY OIL contains a perfect combination of three of the best skin

oils known to help keep your skin healthy vibrant & flawless. The 100% pure blend is as

natural as it gets containing only Organic Dilo, Organic Argan & Wild Rosehip with no other

additives to give your skin the best natural nutrition. These three oils all offer remarkable

skin benefits.


• Skin moisture (Hydrates the skin)

• Gives the skin a natural boost of nutrition giving it a youthful glow

• Helps restore skin elasticity leaving it plumper & softer

• Helps restore damaged skin & speed healing

• Reducing scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, blemishes

• Has powerful anti-aging properties to protect your skin helping

keep it young & healthy

• Stimulates healthy new skin cells

Bringing You the Best in Natural Health

good news is B12 in

bypassing the

digestive tract have

been shown to

effectively raise B12

levels in the body.

Further detailed information is available

from the Natural Health Advisers at Marshall’s Health &

Natural Therapy, 110 Seaview Road, New Brighton, Phone:

388-5757. We are always happy to help!









110 SEAVIEW RD, NEW BRIGHTON • PH 03 388 5757 • Email: enquiry@marshallshealthshop.co.nz



beauty oil?

Are you looking for a beauty oil that

contains a blend of some of the most

effective oils available & that these

oils are just 100% pure & natural with

no fillers or cheap additives?


OIL BLEND contains a perfect

combination of three of the best

natural healing & skin restoration

oils available to give your skin what

it needs!

The first oil is the remarkable

Organic Dilo. One of the best kept

secrets of the Pacific Islands Dilo oil may however be the number

one natural beauty oil available. According to ethnobotanist Chris

Kilham, Dilo is a powerful skin regenerator, as it is one of the most

effective agents in promoting the regeneration & formation of new

skin tissue. It is super-absorbing & can penetrate all three layers of

the skin, offering exceptional cell hydration & regeneration. Dilo

contains powerful antibacterial, antioxidant & anti-inflammatory

properties which promotes the growth of healthy & glowing skin.

Organic Argan oil (or liquid gold) is the next amazing oil that

is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients, fatty acids & vitamin E. It

gives the skin a youthful glow restores elasticity & leaves the skin

feeling plumper & softer.

Wild Rosehip is the final powerful oil. It is known to hydrate the

skin & correct skin damage over a period of time. It is well known

to help with scars, stretch marks, age spots, skin pigmentation &

reduce the signs of premature aging.

The ULTIMATE BEAUTY OIL BLEND helps give your skin the

nourishment & nutrition it may require to restore itself & keep it

vibrant & flawless.

Marshall’s Health & Natural Therapy, 110 Seaview Road,

New Brighton, Phone: 388-5757. Bringing you the best in natural




Paying rates for a house that’s

too big? Paying maintenance and

heating costs for space you don’t use?

A move to one of our

architecturally designed villas

at McKenzie Lifestyle Village in

Geraldine will cut those costs.

Three villas are available for

occupation now, priced from


Talk to Hayley Grant today

on 0800 84 55 24.





Ear Health Canterbury has been

providing a microscopic ear cleaning

service in Canterbury for 19 years

From small beginnings in 1999

where monthly clinics were held in the

Christchurch Hearing Association in

Beveridge Street the service expanded

rapidly as clients discovered and

appreciated the benefits of micro suction


Twelve months later clinics had

increased to 5 days a week and with the

help of more trained Registered nurses

and Reception staff clinics opened in

Rangiora, Ashburton Timaru Temuka

and Waimate.

In 2004 the clinic moved with the

Hearing Association to larger premises

at 275 Riccarton Road. They remain

there today offering a Monday to

Saturday service and a popular and busy

mobile service to Retirement Villages,

Rest Home residents and to people with

mobility difficulties in their private


While a weekly clinic is still held in

Ashburton, the South Canterbury clinics

are now under new Management.

Many conditions affecting the outer

ear canal can be treated and monitored

at Ear Health including infections,

relieving impacted wax and removal of

foreign bodies. Preventative education is

also offered and for those with hearing

aids due to sensorineural hearing loss

Ear Health has accredited ACC and War

Pension funding

This safe, accessible, affordable ear

care is provided to all age groups in a

client focused environment with the

nurses working collaboratively with

General Practitioners, Audiologists,

Hearing Therapists and Secondary Care


Maintaining good ear hygiene has

many benefits. It can improve hearing

and balance, reduce the symptoms of

tinnitus, improve the effectiveness of

hearing aids and reduce the incidence of

aural infections. Most importantly, this

then enhances quality of life.

To contact Ear Health phone Jillian

or Linda on 03 3488 716.

Professional Ear Care

ACC and WAR Pension Approved

275 Riccarton Road Between Clyde & Ilam Rds

Spacious parking • Orbiter & Metro bus stops outside

For all appointments

Phone 348-8716

Fax 341-5873

Rest home and private

home visits available

by arrangement

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16th - 22nd April 2018

Fresh Cut Cauliflower


7 99


Fresh Brinks NZ Skin-on

Chicken Breast Fillets


1 29



11 99


Fresh NZ Lamb Leg


1 99


Whole Crown Pumpkin


2 69


Olivani Olive Oil Spread 500g

99 ¢ ea 89

Schweppes Flavours Soft Drink 1.5L

(Excludes Mixers)

79 ¢ ea

Wattie’s Whole/Crushed Tomatoes 400g

¢ ea

Delmaine Salad Beans 390g


17 79


Speight’s Gold Medal Ale/Summit

12 x 330ml Bottles


1 69


Arnott’s Tim Tam 160-200g


1 49


Special Blend Coffee 90g

Save time, Shop Online

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clickcollect.nz or download the app.

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Launch Offer

FreshChoice Parklands

60 Queenspark Drive, Christchurch.

Open 7am – 11pm, 7 days.

FreshChoice.co.nz FreshChoiceNZ 383 1004

FreshChoice Parklands

Terms & conditions apply, visit clickcollect.nz for details. While stocks last at FreshChoice Parklands only.

We reserve the right to limit quantities. Trade not supplied.

Owned and


by locals



[Edition datE]

Tuesday April 17 2018


Latest Christchurch news at www.star.kiwi




• By Sophie Cornish



Carey, Katie

Ryan, Louise

Daly, Jodie



Dallas, Taylor


Grace Hintz,

Izzy Bloxham

(head girl),

Sarah McKenzie

and Rozyczka


were all part

of the Bishop

Lyons’ Shield


winning team.

Marian wins public

speaking contest

MARIAN COLLEGE is “buzzing” after

proving itself to be the best Catholic

school in the Canterbury Catholic Diocese

for public speaking, said principal Mary-

Lou Davidson.

The school finished first overall out of

seven schools in the Bishop Lyons’ Shield

competition held at Villa Maria College.

The team of 10 won the debating and

senior speech sections, were first equal in

scripture reading and junior speech, and

third equal in religious questions.

Mrs Davidson said the event was highly

anticipated and celebrated the spirit of

competition and camaraderie between

participating schools.

“The result was an amazing effort by

the whole team. The Marian community

is buzzing with news of the win, we have

had past students and parents contact us

to congratulate the girls. All the hard work

that was put in leading up to the competition

from both students and coaches has

paid off.”

The competition was established by

Bishop Lyons in 1947 when he was bishop

of Christchurch.

Mrs Davidson said it was the second

year this particular Marian College debating

team had won its event.

“Some of the team had older sisters who

had competed and won in past Bishop

Lyons’ Shield events, so it is lovely to see

family traditions continuing,” she said.

This year the scripture reading event

was held in Te Reo Māori for the first

time. Students read a scripture passage

in Te Reo as well as answered questions

about what the passage means and how it

applies to young people today.

Year 12 student Ngahiraka Dallas was

awarded first equal in scripture reading

with a St Bede’s College student.

This is the fourth year Marian College

has won the shield. It previously won it in

1995, 2009 and 2015.

Haeata students learn

about biomechanics

Choosing the

right heat pump

for your home

Whether it be a new build, or

a retrofit, most homes include

at least one heat pump, if not a

whole heating solution. They can

provide cheap, clean heat and are

much more convenient than a log

burner as you just need to press

a button. But how do you decide

what is best? Choosing the right

sized heat pump is key to ensuring

optimum comfort levels. Every

situation varies and it is therefore

important to get professional

advice from heat pump experts.

The range varies from wall mounted high

walls, floor mounted systems, multi systems,

ceiling cassettes, right through to ducted

central heating systems allowing you to have a

very discreet way of heating your whole home

to a constant temperature throughout.

Firstly, you must select a heat pump that

is suitable for the size of the space you wish

to heat. Usually a site visit is the best way to

ascertain this. Not only is the size of the area

taken into consideration but also, insulation,

building orientation, windows and ceiling

space. There are a wide range of heat pumps

available with different heating outputs so it is

important to select

the correct size for

Heating is a major

investment in your home

and it is vital to get the

right advice.

your requirements

that will handle

the job but not

be unnecessarily


Secondly, the

location of your

heat pump is also extremely important. The

cheapest installation is a back to back where

the outdoor unit is positioned directly behind

the indoor unit however this is not necessarily

always the best option. It is vital that the indoor

unit is positioned in a place that will not be

constantly blowing on you. Also important, is

the location of the outdoor unit. Most people

do not want their outdoor unit sitting directly

in their outdoor entertaining area or right

outside their bedroom window.

Choose a brand you can trust. Many brands

have come and gone over the years but there

are a number of manufacturers who provide

reputable and reliable products. All brands vary

in their energy efficiency, quietness of systems

and price, so it depends on your application as

to which will be most suitable. Major brands

such as Panasonic, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin,

Toshiba and Hitachi are all reliable brands

backed up by good technical after sales service.

Ensure your heat pump is installed by an

accredited installer. This will not only ensure

correct installation of your heat pump, but also

validate the manufacturers warranty.

Other things to consider when choosing a

heat pump are time

clocks, ease of use of

the remote controllers,

air filtration and also

wifi capabilities.

Heating is a major

investment in your

home and it is vital to

get the right advice.

Enviro Master Ltd specialise in the supply,

installation and servicing of all major brands

of heat pumps. Our salesmen are engineers

ensuring you get quality, unbiased advice as

to which system will suit your application

the best. Enviro Master Ltd offer a free, no

obligation quote and will come to your home

to see what is required.

Visit our website at www.enviromaster.




Amazin’ Autumn Specials!!

• We will offer you the best quality brands and

option of heat pump for your home/business

• Providing Heat Pump solutions for over 15 years to Cantabrians

• We personally guarantee all our products & installs for 5 years

(providing annual maintenance has been completed)

Phone us today for your free consultation & quote

TEAM: Haeata Community Campus students Krystina Faafoe and Kazenie

Te Hua (right) joined Middleton Grange School students Diane Kim, Caitlyn

Piao and Henna Im at the Lincoln University Recreation Centre for National

Biomechanics Day activities. The day aimed to give the high schoolers

an understanding of the research associated with science, technology,

engineering and mathematics.


PHONE 03 366 0525


“A local team for local people”

[Edition datE]

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Air Con


Does your range

hood suck?

Air Con Christchurch is your locally owned company recognised by EECA and

CCC as a provider of insulation and heating to meet the Building Code and

landlord requirements. We have all major brands and offer the chance to win

a $5000 Gold Coast Holiday with every heat pump, insulation or ventilation

purchase prior to December 2018.

Summer cooling

“Did you know your heat pump is an air

conditioner?” BUT!! If you bought it for

heating it will struggle to cool the area as

cooling is always less output e.g. Mitsubishi

Electric MSZGE42 = 5kW heating and 4.2kW

cooling. So always ask your installer if you

want cooling as well as heating. We at Air

Con Christchurch always advise what we have

quoted for.

Cooling tips

Select “Cooling” and set at 20 – 22 degrees this

will save you up to 30% running costs and still

be cool (try it and see). 16 degrees is too low.

Winter Heat Pump Specials

Heat pump cleaning

is now due for the winter.

Use this editorial and we will provide a Heat

Pump Clean Service for $59.95 in Christchurch.

See our website for comprehensive list.

Heating tips

Hi-wall and floor consoles only. Ducted

systems excluded.

Select “Heat” on heat pump and set temperature

at approximately New 21 Zealand’s – 22 degrees with fan on Call best Air Con Christchurch low temperature

on 03 343 3049 house.


or 0800 161 163 or visit our website on


performance heat pump, guaranteed!

While ordinary heat pumps produce less heat below 7°C,

only Mitsubishi Electric HyperCore ® Technology guarantees

its fully rated capacity right down to -15°C so you get

all the heat you paid for.

WIN A $ 5000




5.3kW Heating

Wide Temperature Operation


FH25 3.2kW Heat Pump





Installed BACK BB. TO BACK*

including Conditions GST apply.





Your chance to win with Heat Pump purchase. See in store for details.

GREE heat pumps are designed to

operate efficiently from -22° to +43°C

Hypercore 2.2-8.4kW Heating


Dimensions (WxDxH): 750 x 215 x 600mm

Heating Capacity:

5.8 kW (min 2.2kW–max 8.4kW)

Heating Efficiency – COP:

3.94 / ACOP: 3.94


including GST

Cooling Capacity:

5.0kW (min 1.6kW–max 5.7kW)

Cool Efficiency–ER:

3.57 / AEER: 3.57


Unit 8/33 Watts Road, Sockburn


KJ60 6.8kW Heat Pump


Installed BB.

Conditions apply.

Hypercore -15°

0800 161 162

03 343 3886


Whether it plain sucks, or whether it

doesn’t suck enough, or even if it is a noisy

sucker - Smooth-Air can help.

Smooth-Air can either improve your

current Range Hood, or custom build to

your specifications.

“We can take your attractive but noisy,

underperforming range hood and retrofit

it with one of our whisper quiet remote

extraction fans.” says Richard Jack, Regional

Manager of Smooth-Air, “We have fans

which can sit in the ceiling space, or outside

on your wall or roof to make it extra quiet.”

In-house testing showed a difference of

20dbA (decibels) between a remote fan

from Smooth-Air and a common in-hood

fan range hood. This corresponds to a

quadrupling in perceived noise level.

Range Hood conversions include removal

of existing fan and rewiring for

new remote fan. Your local sparky

can easily carry out installation of

the new fan.

For kitchens not suited to a

standard range hood, Smooth-Air

can manufacture and powdercoat

a bespoke range hood to match

your décor. Custom built range

hoods have the benefit of being

designed specifically for your

As well as being whisper quiet,

Smooth-Air’s remote fans are

Quietly Superior Heat Pumps

Unit 8/33 Watts Road,

Sockburn, Christchurch


powerful - sucking out cooking smells and

moisture so they don’t circulate around

your home.

Moisture in your home can cause mould

and mildew on your walls and furnishings.

It is also bad for the health of the occupants.

Household cooking is a major source of

internal moisture, therefore an effective

kitchen extraction system can make a

significant difference to internal moisture


Smooth-Air can also help with other

forms of ventilation, such as bathroom

extraction, condensation reduction or

whole house ventilation.

Contact Smooth-Air on 0800 SMOOTH

(0800 766 684) to ask how they can help

you with your kitchen extraction, as well

as any other ventilation requirements.

Effective kitchen extraction stops moisture and

odours going through your home.

Ventilation Equipment Suppliers



Smooth-Air has a wide range of

ventilation equipment to bring

fresh air into your home.


(0800 766 684)



351c Blenheim Rd



03 343 6184




Remote Extraction Fans

Range Hood Cupboard Inserts

Monday - Friday

7.30am - 5pm


16 Tuesday April 17 2018

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Ascot Petanque Club

Tuesday and Friday, 9.30-


A friendly social club

willing to teach beginners

the great game of Petanque.

Boules can be supplied. Go

along and learn the easy


Ascot Community Centre,

12 Ascot Ave, North Beach.

Table Tennis Club

Tuesdays 7.30pm

The St Albans/Shirley

Table Tennis club is looking

for new members to join

its friendly club. All levels

are welcome. There are

some spare bats available.

Games can be social

or competitive. Phone

evenings only with any

inquiries Ian 021 586 802

or Shirley 027 343 3981

St Albans/Shirley Club,

269 Hills Rd or entrance at

end of Crosby St

Have-A-Go at Indoor


Every Tuesday,


Indoor bowls for the

senior community. No

experience necessary and

all abilities welcome. Go

along to try it out. Please

wear soft shoes. Cost per

person is $2. First session

free. Phone Tania Smith

at ACTIS on 963 7070,

or 027 540 5442 with any



Community Centre

Ascot be fit exercise

classes for ages 50+

Wednesday 1-2pm,

Thursdays 9.30am

Times may change to

just Thursdays at a later

time. Cost is $4 and a cup

tea will follow. All inquiries

are welcome. Phone either

Margaret 383 2665 or

Margaret at 383 2337.

Ascot Community Centre,

12 Ascot Ave

Boys’ Brigade in Shirley

Thursday, 6.30-8pm

Email sophie.cornish@starmedia.kiwi

by 5pm each Friday

The boys enjoy a wide

range of action, fun, games,

life skills, leadership and

competition – all the stuff

they are really into, and

really need to become true

kiwi icons and responsible

leaders. The creative weekly

programme is both skills

and values based. For more

information, phone Chris

on 385 6446.

106 Emmett St, Shirley

Ascot Scrabble Group

Friday, 12.45pm

Challenge your word

knowledge with other

like-minded folk. Join in

with this friendly group

suitable for beginners or


players. Cost $3, includes

afternoon tea.

Ascot Community Centre,

Ascot Ave, North New


Shirley International


Friday, 9.30-11.30am

For mums and underfives

from refugee and

migrant backgrounds. We

provide a playgroup and

English class. Cost is $2 a

session or $10 a term.

Te Puna Oraka/Shirley

Hub, 69b Briggs Rd.

Barrier Free Computing

Saturday, 10-12pm

This service is provided

by Computer for Special

Needs Trust is an

organisation that offers

assistance with using

computers for people

experiencing disability in

a friendly and supportive

setting. The tutors will be

on hand to help beginners

as well as provide assistance

with emailing, accessing

the internet, playing games,

researching a homework

assignment, and literacy

or numeracy development.

There is also the

opportunity for socialising

with others with similar

interests. Free of charge,

standard library printing

Go along to St Margaret’s

Auditorium on Saturday

at 7.30pm to support the

10th-time Sweet Adelines

champion in New Zealand,

the Christchurch City Chorus.

The group are looking for

support before they head to

Wellington to compete in their

11th regional contest. If you

love shows and cabaret, come

join an a cappella chorus at an

evening of musical celebration.

Jazz, pop, ballads, barbershop,

music from the 20s to the

modern day. Featuring

special guests the Leopard

Coachlines Canterbury Brass.

Tickets are $25 for adults and

$10 for children up to 17 years.

Phone 021 976 572 to book.

and copying costs apply.

New Brighton library, 213

Marine Pde

Anzac Remembrance

Sunday, 11am

The Friends of Linwood

Cemetery will be holding

an Anzac commemoration

on Sunday. Please bring

your own seat if required.

For further details, phone

Craig on 021 2240 114

Linwood Cemetery,

Butterfield Ave entrance

Golden Oldies Movies

Monday, 1.30pm

Every Monday the New

Brighton Museum plays a

film classic and this week

its The Great Waltz by

Luise Rainer and Fernard

Gravet (1938). The theme

is musical drama. Running

time 1hr 44min.

8 Hardy St

Eastside Gallery


Mon-Fri 11-4pm,

Saturday noon-3pm

Eastside Gallery presents

Art is everything and

nothing – Eastern Quirks.

German born artist Lily

Verschnaetti has gathered

together another 11 local

artists to create something

crazy, unusual, fantastic

and not to forget quirky. If

it is small or big, black or

very colourful, painted or

dripped, wood or metal,

real or fantasy, it is always

right in front of your eyes. .

Exhibition runs until April


388 Worcester St

Line dance class for

absolute beginners

Monday 6-7pm, Tuesday

and Wednesday, 12.30-1pm.

For further details phone

Mary 389 8809 or 021 216


Bromley Community

Centre Bromley Rd

(Monday), sports hall

Woolston Club Hargood

St (Tuesday and



Papanui High School

Term 2 2018 night classes

As daylight saving ends and the evenings

become longer why not take the opportunity

to take up a new hobby, learn a new skill,

meet some new people and have fun at

the same time then join one of Papanui

High School’s exciting range of Adult and

Community Education Courses for Term 2

beginning from 7 May. We have a wide range

of courses to choose from and guarantee you

will find something to appeal regardless of

age or interests.

Two of our new classes on offer for Term

2 are Upholstery and Furniture Repolishing


Raewyn Clegg

Registered Teacher of

Piano and Theory of


29 Lancewood Drive


Ph 322-9377


and Restoration.

In the Upholstery course you can learn

how to repair, repad and recover your

favourite piece of furniture. This is a fun

hands on class is being taught by Steve

McDonald from McDonald Hartshorne

Upholstery. The class is being held over two

days Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 June 9 am –

4pm both days at a cost of $153.

If furniture repair is something you

are interested in but you do not want to

reupholster your favourite piece you might

like to join our Furniture Polishing and

Restoration class where you will learn the

basics of stripping, sanding and repolishing

your own item of furniture. This is a hands

on course and students will need to bring

their own chair, coffee table, tea wagon or

similar item to work on. This course is being

taught by Mike Fullen from Seatons French

Polishers and is also being held on Saturday

23 & Sunday 24 June 9 am – 4 pm at a cost

of $203. This fee includes the cost of all your


For further

information and

enrolment on

these or any of our

classes please visit

our website www.


or email Barbara

Roper on rpb@


or telephone our

office on 3520701.

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Tuesday [Edition April 17 datE] 2018 17 3

continuing education

Learning happens

at any time and a

good discussion

helps it happen

Lifelong Learning is not just about older

people learning. It is about good discussion,

taking risks and accepting new challenges

and opening your mind to new ideas. At any


I sit in my office and listen to a group

discussing a wide range of issues in the next

room. Some of their viewpoints I agree with

and some I don’t and I can tell that they do

not all agree with each other. So they discuss

intently then they laugh and have lunch

together. They continue to sort out the world

and issues as far apart as Use of Technology,

Autonomous vehicles, Importance of Art,

Relevance of religion, Veganism, City

transport, Competition in sport, The moral

maze etc.

Kazuko has just completed a series of 3

sessions transforming a room into a place

to absorb Japanese culture while in another

a group discuss “Arguments, Fallacies and

Trickery”. Why can some people argue really

well and others cannot?

Our term 2 programme will is available

online now and enrolments can be made

via that at cwea.org.nz or by contacting us.

adult and community education

at Risingholme community centre

As term one draws to an end its time

to start thinking about enrolling for term

two. There are still spaces available and we

are pleased to have some new classes on

offer. Term two starts on Monday 7th May

2018 and all class information is available

via our website. www.risingholme.org.nz

Our new classes include Print

Making, Art of Motion and Dance, Art

of Creativity and Motion, Coding and

Electronics using Arduino, Zentangle

and Drawing and Sketching. We have

also developed a new series of classes

that focus on sustainability ‘Future

Living Skills’ This sustainable living

programme is a practical, fun way to

learn and use actions, which not only

reduce your environmental impacts, but

can also save you money and bring you a

heathier lifestyle. The ‘Plastics Free’ and

‘Fermented Foods’ workshops although

run separately are being offered

as part of the ‘Future Living Skills’

programme. We are continually

developing new courses based on

the information that we gather from

the community, so please check our

website regularly for updates.

Risingholme’s traditional base of

art and craft courses continues to

flourish with a full range available

at a number of venues. They

include fabrics, woodwork skills,

cake decorating, health & fitness

and well-being, computing, guitar

and photography, cooking as well as

many others.

Have you ever considered

learning a new Language we have

a number of these that will run

throughout the year including NZ

Sign, Te Reo Maori, ESOL, Russian

Italian, Arabic, German, Spanish

and Italian. Language classes run at

a variety of levels from Beginners to

more advanced.

If you can’t find what you are

looking for – “Tell us what you would

like to learn”

For more information on

classes at Risingholme, Riccarton

High School, Christchurch Girls

High School, Shirley Boys High

School and Hornby High School,

contact Risingholme Community

Centre at 332 7359 or email info@


The full programme for

Term 1 is on our website at


Adult and Community

Education Term 2, 2018

Come learn with us

Risingholme Community Centre offers

a wide range of short courses, each term,

at a range of venues.

Shirley Boys’ High School

Painting with Acrylics, German Language, Photoshop, Reiki Level 1, Spanish

Language Level 3, Te Reo Maori, Thai Cooking, Website Design, Woodwork,

Yoga (range of classes). Art of Creativity & Expression, Intro to Coding &

Electronics using Arduino, Art of Motion & Dance.

Risingholme Community Centre

Art (Create with Pastels & Paints, Mixed Media, Watercolour, Painting with

Acrylics), Mindfulness, Cake Decorating, Drawing & Sketching, Embroidery,

ESOL, Fabric & Craft Skills, Guitar, Pottery, Sewing Skills, Upholstery, Using

your Overlocker, Weekend Sewing classes, Yoga, Wood Sculpture, Woodwork,

Woodwork for Women, Zentangle, Weaving, Printmaking, Fermented Foods,

Plastics Free.

Christchurch Girls’ High School

Dressmaking, Embroidery, Te Reo Maori, Watercolour Painting, Drawing &

Sketching, Preserving Fruit, Vegetables & Herbs.

Hornby High School

Sewing Skills, Thai Cooking.

Riccarton High School

Calligraphy, Level 3 ESOL IELTS, ESOL Business English Intermediate.

Indian Cooking, Italian Language, NZ Sign Language (a range of levels),

Russian Language, Sewing Skills, Spanish Language, Te Reo Maori, Arabic, A

taste of Egyptian cooking, Picture Framing.

Full details available on www.risingholme.org.nz

Risingholme office at 99 Hawford Road

Phone 332 7359 | Email info@risingholme.org.nz


18 Tuesday April 17 2018

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high School

Encouraging ExcEllEncE in our community




Mairehau high School is a smaller community

high school with a focus on achievement,

success, excellence and quality. The school

is a co-educational high school established

in 1961 to serve the northeast sector of

christchurch. The school’s name is that of

the district named for the daughter of Marshland’s landowner and benefactor, arthur

gravenor rhodes.

Harry romana, Principal

in Maori, Mairehau is a shrub prized for the fragrance of its flowers, the fragrance of the

Maori mist maiden.

The motto, ‘Mairetia i te matauranga’ means ‘be fragrant with wisdom’.

The crest outline is a symbolic canoe prow denoting hallowed ground. in its upper part

is a symbolic Mairehau flower and the mere of leadership below it. The scrolls symbolise

a continuing heritage and the white line the living soul of people. The school colours are

red, white, and black as these were the only colours available to Maori craftsmen.

Mairehau high School is an innovative and creative state secondary school focused

on high expectations of achievement. We have enjoyed significant roll growth in 2018

and look forward to welcoming more students into our community school in 2019 and

beyond. important features of the school include:

• a culture of innovation based on collaboration and mutual support among staff

• We are a true community school, valuing diversity and individuality, and welcoming


• excellent relationships between staff and students

• our size means we are very flexible

• our rebuild will allow us to retain our traditional classroom environments

• We have Flexible learning Time for three hours per week at Years 9 and 10

• an academic Dean with responsibility for promoting achievement

• We offer many scholarship opportunities

• an emphasis on pastoral care and close personal contact with students’ families,

including “The Mairehau Way.” our school care programme (challenge,

achievement, responsibility, and empathy)

• emphasis on school improvement through a focus on student presence,

engagement and achievement

• Deans responsible for pastoral care and academic achievement of each year group

• We are a restorative Practices School

• We have a Senior School Dean with responsibility for the pastoral care and academic

achievement of Years 12/13

• our art Teacher, angela Marshall, has provided significant progress with the school’s

well-considered gifted and Talented education (gaTe) programme. a wide range

of abilities is identified and fostered in gaTe planning and approaches. identified

students have ongoing opportunities to explore and extend their learning within

their area of special ability.

Further details about the school may be found on our website www.mairehau.

school.nz, our school app or our facebook page.

2018 Musical Production

We are producing our musical production ‘high School Spoof-ical’ on May 16 and

17 at 7.30pm in our school hall. a group of enthusiastic students and staff have been

rehearsing after school and at the weekend for the last two to three months, so this

promises to be great entertainment. We would love you to join us in a night of toe tapping

good times.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children and students,

and are available at our school resource room where eFTPoS is available.

Thanks for supporting us.

First Foundation Scholarships

We are very proud of our First Foundation

Scholars Tayla Prouting and Tarryn

Wilson who received these scholarships

at an award ceremony on Feb 26 at the

commodore hotel.

This scholarship will provide them with

valuable financial support for three years

of tertiary study.

Tayla is pursuing a health Sciences

degree while Tarryn is studing towards a

commerce degree.

Tarryn is also attending a Business Boot

camp at Massey university for 4 days

during the upcoming term break. This will

give Tarryn an excellent overview of what

it will be like to study at university and

what a degree in commerce will involve.

left to right: Tayla Prouting , Tarryn Wilson

Dianna Isaac Retirement Village had an

Easter surprise from our students.

Niko Smith

Head Boy



5.00 - 7.00pm

Phoebe Pratt

Head Girl

our students, armed with baskets full of delicious

chocolate eggs, gave the residents of the complex an

egg, a smile and a chat.

We are looking forward to our new rebuild and improved facilities which will allow us to

retain traditional classroom environments.

Mairehau high School — a community school with vision, empathy, and an inclusive

culture, working together to meet the needs of our students.

left to right : Jess Thomson, caley gopperth, Tarryn Wilson

Mairehau High School, Hills Road, Christchurch P. 385 3145 F. 385 3143 admin@mairehau.school.nz www.mairehau.school.nz

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high School

Encouraging ExcEllEncE in our community

Wharfedale Track Overnight Trip

From the 20th to the 21st of March 2018, the outdoor education level 2 and

3 class completed the Wharfedale Track.

The Wharfedale Track is one of the best and longest stretches of single track

in canterbury - curving through the beech forests around Mount oxford.

The students spent their Tuesday afternoon hiking the 15km track to the

destination of the Wharfedale hut where they then cooked their dinner on

gas cookers outside.

it was an early rise on the 21st where students were then back on the track at

8.30am to head back to View hill car Park.

overall this trip really brought the class together and the students feel they

know each other far better.

Trucking Industry Expo

left to right: eden Williams, Piers Jones, Jordan Sach

a group of students recently attended the inaugural Trucking industry expo. We battled

a cold day with rain, but it was a great opportunity to hear about the careers that are

attached within all aspects of the trucking industry – from driving, to sales, engineering

and satellite navigation.

all students were given enough time to hear about what is involved and requirements to

enter any of the careers on show and ask any relevant questions.

Next term, we have arranged a visit to one of the exhibitors we talked to, who builds the

truck trailers.

eden, Piers and Jordan are standing beside an elite truck motor that cost a mere $1.4

BillioN to develop.

World Vision Youth Conference

on 14th March,

five Mairehau high

School student

leaders attended the

World Vision Youth

conference which was

hosted at the la Vida

conference centre

in christchurch. The

World Vision Youth

conference (WVYc)

is an international

leadership event for

secondary school

leaders (years 11-13),

run by World Vision.

The day is designed

to ignite a passion for

justice and equality in

young New Zealanders,

and equip them with

lower, left to right: Jakob callender, anysha Te Moana

Standing left to right: Jade Komene, Tarryn Wilson, Kerry Fairbrass

the leadership tools they need to go out and create change both locally and globally.

overall, each of the students felt they really gained a wider perspective and have been

influenced into incorporating some of the main points they learnt from the conference

into initiatives at Mairehau high School.

“I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend this event! I feel that I am

now more equipped to share the knowledge that I gained with the students at

Mairehau High School.”- Tarryn Wilson (Marketing Student leader)

Year 12 PE camp

Mairehau High School, Hills Road, Christchurch P. 385 3145 F. 385 3143 admin@mairehau.school.nz www.mairehau.school.nz

20 Tuesday April 17 2018

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The Ultimate

Driving Machine


Experience elite performance in the athletic BMW X5 xDrive30d M Sport Edition for

just $129,900^. This impressive high-spec sport edition is enhanced with performance

features such as the iconic M Sport package, 21” M light alloy wheels and a third

row of seats. Get the ultimate stylish driving machine with all the finer touches for

$129,900^ or from an estimated weekly payment of just $299*.





Christchurch BMW

30 Manchester Street, Christchurch, 03 363 7240. www.chchbmw.co.nz

^Price excludes on-road costs. Includes 5 year warranty/roadside assist and 3 years’ servicing. Offer based on BMW X5 xDrive30d M Sport Edition RSP $129,900 which includes $16,550 worth of savings and additional feature

specifications. Offer ends 31st May 2018 or while stocks last. Not to be combined with any other offer. For full car specification see www.bmw.co.nz. * Estimated Weekly Payment (EWP) means the estimate of the weekly cost to you for

budgeting purposes of the monthly payments required for this monthly finance product. Offer based on a BMW X5 xDrive30d on a loan agreement, with an initial deposit $42,600, 47 monthly payments of $1,295.31 and a final payment

(month 48) of $51,617. Total Amount Payable is $155,096.07 including an establishment fee of $175, a dealer origination fee of $200, PPSR Fee of $10.35 and recommended on-road cost. BMW Financial Services New Zealand

terms, conditions and standard lending criteria apply.

392 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch. Sales, Service, Parts & Finance: 03 379 0588

NEW 2018 ASX

ONLY $27,990 *

If you’ve got an eye for style, look how much you’ll take

home in a new pre-registered ASX XLS & SAVE $8,700

• Smartphone Connectivity

• Reversing Camera

• Daytime Running LEDs

• 7.6L per 100km Efficiency

• 2.0L Engine

• 18” Alloys

• 5-Star Safety

• Keyless Entry

• New Sports Fabric

*Price listed is for a pre-registered ASX 2WD XLS. Price excludes On Road Costs & New Vehicle Preparation.

Offer available while stocks last, limited numbers and colours available. Visit mmnz.co.nz for full Diamond Advantage terms and conditions.

New Zealand Schools: Public Private Partnership (PPP3)



Drawing Title:




Project No.:





2016-11-09 SBAG 1403

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Tuesday April 17 2018 21

School open DayS

Ultimate campus

taking shape at QEII


Sue and John.

advertising feature

Construction of the new state-of-the-art campus for Avonside

Girls’ and Shirley Boys’ High Schools is progressing

rapidly with opening on track for next year.

The new campus will feature a Performing Arts Centre

with a 750-seat theatre and a 200-seat theatre, a hockey turf,

four sports fields, three indoor gymnasiums, a café, and a

large library and learning centre.

Both Avonside Girls’ Principal Sue Hume and Shirley Boys’

High School Headmaster John Laurenson are excited by the


“There are now more than 100 workers on site – that will

peak to more than 300 in coming months. The steel framing

is up and the concrete slabs are down and we can see now

just how big this campus will be – it’s simply wonderful,” says

John Laurenson.

“You can finally see all that we have been talking about and

dreaming about taking shape. We will be onsite with our

students, staff and community making the most of all of the

fantastic new facilities before we know it.”

The campus is due to open in Term Two of 2019. It will be

the first time in New Zealand’s history that two single sex

schools will be co-located.

John Laurenson says the co-location will enable the schools

to offer students more.

“Because we’re building together, we’ve been able to build

bigger and better facilities.”

Sue Hume says the co-location will also enable better educational


“We’ll collaborate on teaching some senior subjects, so we

can offer students wider choice and there’s also the opportunity

to work together on co-curricular opportunities – such

as productions, sports competitions and the like.”

Both principals are keen to point out that the co-location is

not a merger.

“We’ll still be Shirley and they’ll still be Avonside. We’ll

work together, but both schools will retain their own culture,

identity, staff and uniform. This is not a co-ed school,” says

John Laurenson.

“Research shows that single sex education benefits both

boys and girls,” says Sue Hume. “Boys perform better academically

and girls participate more. This new campus, has

been designed so that students will still spend most of their

time in a single sex environment.”

Both Sue and John say the campus will be an asset the east

of Christchurch will be proud of.

“We’ll be right alongside the new QE2 Sport and Recreation

Centre, the School of Gymnastics and have a satellite

unit for Ferndale School onsite. It’s going to be a great place

to learn.”




Thursday 24 May 2018 from 5.00pm – 7.00pm

The evening begins in the gymnasium at 5.00pm, with an

address from the Principal Mrs Sue Hume, and student

representatives. A tour of the school follows, with the

opportunity to talk to teachers and students.

We look forward to welcoming all prospective students and

families for 2019.

www.avonside.school.nz PH: 03 389 7199

22 Tuesday April 17 2018

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School open DayS

Catholic Cathedral

College -

To live by faith

Catholic Cathedral College is first and

foremost a Catholic school and for 150 years

Catholic children of Christchurch have been

educated on this site. We aim to produce

graduates who are confident, compassionate,

connected citizens, willing to make a positive

contribution to our society with a focus on

faith, justice and equity.

As the only co-ed Catholic College in

Christchurch, with a vibrant mix of ethnicities,

we offer excellent preparation for life.

We have a strong focus on our bicultural

heritage and all students from Year 7 to 9

learn Te Reo Maori.

We encourage our students to strive for

excellence and have had sustained excellent

academic results over recent years for all students,

including Maori and Pasifika students,

across all three levels of NCEA.

Our Vocational Pathways programme

offers individualised programmes giving students

access to a range of tertiary providers.

If you are looking for a Catholic faith-based

education, please visit us on our Open Evening

and experience the special atmosphere

and sense of family that is so evident.

Cashmere High

School – future ready

The good thing about our unpredictable

and changeable future is that it comes one

day at a time – and humans have successfully

navigated dramatic changes and shifts

in periods of our history. Schools, like other

businesses, are busy thinking and planning

to best prepare for the complex modern

and technologically focused future world.

Cashmere is a school with clear direction in

a time of uncertainty.

Here at Cashmere High School

we are future ready, thanks to

our new property works,

successful implementation

of our BYOD (Bring Your

Own Device) programme,

personalised learning

pathways and consistently

excellent educational outcomes.

Mark Wilson, Principal

We have just completed Stage

1, and are well into Stage 2, of our

Christchurch Schools Rebuild programme.

This will deliver modern vibrant facilities

that provide good conditions (e.g. acoustics

and temperature), are digitally connected

(e.g. wifi), and allow for genuinely flexible

learning (e.g. both traditional and innovative

approaches). All our students use their own

digital device (BYOD) to learn not only the

content but also digital skills (e.g. cybersafey)

to equip them for the modern world.


advertising feature

Yet learning is not restricted to digital tools,

with plenty of time for physical exercise and

hands-on practical experiences. Our personalised

learning includes offering broad

curriculum choices and relevant support for

both gifted and talented and those requiring

learning support.

Our consistently outstanding NCEA results

open up personalised pathways for students

– whether this involves moving

onto higher tertiary studies

(e.g. universities) or through

into trades and apprenticeships.

Our staff recognise

and support students to

find their own individual

passions and future pathways.

As a community state school

we also offer our students a safe environment

to socially mix with a wide range

of students and develop the competencies

to live and work in a diverse global society.

We are proud of our mission statement that

means we focus on “developing both the

intellect and character of our students” – in

order to craft well balanced young people

confident in realising their potential in the

modern world.

Open Evening Thursday 24th May, 6.30-8.00pm

www.cathcollege.school.nz | 62 Ferry Road | Tel: 982 1690


MIDDLE YEARS (Year 7-10)



excellent preparation for

senior college years

well prepared for life beyond

the school gate

Growing in Wisdom & Stature

Application closing date

for Years 7 to 10, 2019

enrolments is:

June 22, 2018

Enrolments for Years 1–6

close on August 24, 2018

Working together with

families in the south west of

Christchurch. Our students

benefit from our specialist

teaching with emphasis on

pastoral care and our special

focus on personal character

development and learning.

For more information, contact us on: (03) 338 8153 or enrol@aidanfield.school.nz

or go to our website www.aidanfield.school.nz

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Tuesday April 17 2018 23

School open DayS

Christchurch Girls’ High School/

Te Kura O Hine Waiora

advertising feature

Nadia Schikker - Head of Acland, Stephanie Lester – Head Prefect, June Mathenge –

Deputy Head Prefect

2017 Year 13 student recipients of the Bickerton-Widdowson scholarship

award, which recognises high achievement at NCEA Level 3 and New

Zealand Scholarship: (left to right): Sophie Marris, Emma Coultas, Marina

Vivas, Phoebe Milne and Emma Wotherspoon

Founded in 1877, Christchurch Girls’ High

School / Te Kura o Hine Waiora benefits

greatly from 140 years of proud educational

achievement. This year our Performing Arts

Centre has added a new dimension to the

education we are able to offer. Art, Drama

and Music are finding inspiration inside a

building that offers light, space and volume

with purpose built and designed facilities.

All the programmes at Christchurch Girls’

High School are designed with girls in mind.

We want our students to explore the possibilities

that are on offer so that when they

leave school they will have choices and can

determine their own future and not have it

predetermined by others.

We prepare our students by asking them to

embrace tradition, innovation and excellence

and to appreciate the importance of each

in shaping the future. The school values,

developed by the students themselves, are an

integral part of the education we offer:

Compassion Aroha - A Christchurch Girls’

High School girl will show empathy and

concern for others. She will have an understanding

of the world and people beyond her

own circumstances, giving service and acting

with decency.

Gratitude Whai Whakaaro - A Te Kura

o Hine Waiora student is thankful for the

support of her family and whanau. She is appreciative

of the opportunities she has been

able to explore at school.

Honesty Pono - A Christchurch Girls’ High

School girl will act with integrity. She will be

known for her honesty, courtesy, reliability

and trustworthiness.

Strength Kaha - A Te Kura o Hine Waiora

girl will stand tall and proud. She will have

the have the courage and strength of character

to do what is right, facing challenge and

change with confidence.

We warmly invite you to come and see

what Christchurch Girls’ High School/Te

Kura o Hine Waiora has to offer you and

your daughter.

Christchurch Boys' High School

A modern school with a rich past


Tuesday 22 May 4pm–7pm

There will be displays, activities, tours and a chance to

discuss the educational opportunities the school offers.

The Prospectus will be available on the night or from …

The Headmaster

P O Box 8157 Riccarton

Christchurch 8440

Tel (03)348-5003 enquiries@cbhs.school.nz

Fax (03)348-8121


24 Tuesday April 17 2018

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School open DayS

Middle schooling

makes a difference

Having a curriculum and learning environment

designed specifically for learners in the

“middle years” (Years 7-10) is essential to

ensure high levels of motivation and engagement

in learning during these crucial years.

At Hillmorton High School, having a

consistent approach without a transition to a

new school between Year 8 and 9, is proving

to be positive in terms of accelerating

student learning within the Middle School.

We are currently working with our architects

designing a new Middle School building

with 22 “General Learning Areas”. These

areas are flexible and can operate as single

cell classrooms or be opened up to allow

more adaptable learning spaces; the best of

both worlds. This building will not disrupt

learning as it is being built on the current

tennis courts.

This environment fits well with our broad

Middle School curriculum which allows

learners to explore and find both their

strengths and passions.

The advantage of combining the skills of

specialist Year 7 and 8 teachers, with the secondary

subject specialists gives our Middle

School learners significant advantage. Additionally,

our “Big Day Out” events and end

of year student electives allow our young

people to learn in a range of environments,

often participating in social action such as

planting, working with the elderly, along

with exploring the city, the Art Gallery and

the university.

Our Middle School is ensuring real educational

success and positive future prospects

as students move into the Senior School for

Years 11-13.


Thursday 24 May

6 - 8pm

Tours any day by appointment

Personal best, nothing less Whāia te iti kahurangi

Hagley Community


Kia ora tātou. Welcome to Hagley’s Junior

Graduating College!

What’s important at Hagley, a school with a

160 year old history which makes it nearly as

old as Christchurch itself?

Our values matter. Those values

are seen in the relationships our

teachers build with each of our students.

It’s how we treat our students

that sets Hagley apart, valuing them

as individuals – that is the Hagley

way. What does that mean for our

students? They feel that teachers are

interested in them and care about

their learning, they feel that they’re

experiencing success – and much





Hagley Junior Open Night

Looking at high school options for 2019?

Join us for our Junior College Open Evening and discover

more about what Hagley can offer you!

TUESDAY, MAY 8TH | Please join us at either 4.30pm or 5.30pm

Te Huruhuru Ao o Horomaka

Information Evening

Tuesday 15th May


Hornby High School Auditorium

Open Afternoon

Wednesday 16th May

12.30pm - 2.30pm

See the Junior College in action

180 Waterloo Road, Hornby

Ph 03 349 5395


advertising feature

We’re often asked, what makes Hagley different?

We have a culture like no other. No one

wears a uniform and everyone’s on a first name

basis. But that’s just for starters. Students come

to Hagley because they’re treated with respect,

accepted for who they are as unique individuals.

They know it’s cool to be


We love our students aiming

high and doing well. We

believe there is no single stereotype

for success. At Hagley

being successful comes in

many shapes and forms.

We want you to feel excited

about coming here. We look

forward to you being part of Hagley’s 2019

Junior Graduating College!

Mike Fowler - Principal


When asked what they most want for their

children, the answer that comes back from

parents with resounding consistency is happiness.

One of the really important building

blocks of happiness is strong relationships,

and at Hornby High School we take great

pride in the work that we do to build and

maintain strong relationships throughout the

school. We understand that these relationships

have to be learning focussed, because it

is your child’s learning that matters, and that

these relationships have to be built within

your own cultural context, because to each of

us our culture grounds us in who we are.

These are exciting times for Hornby High

School as work on our school rebuild

proceeds. We move into the first of our new

buildings at the end of term 2 this year.

These new buildings offer a mix of public

and private spaces that match the learning

needs of individual students. They have been

designed to exploit what we call the ‘synergies

‘of different subject areas that is to allow

those logical real world connections to be

easily discovered and experienced by students.

All of this is grounded in programmes

that promote basic literacy and numeracy

skills while also allowing students to develop

the communication, creativity, thinking

and collaborative skills that our new world


Join us as we work towards our aspiration

to be “A centre of creative excellence He

puna auaha”.

Phone us on (03) 379 3090 ext 884 or visit www.hagley.school.nz

for more information about Junior Enrolments.

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Tuesday April 17 2018 25

School open DayS

Medbury School

Marian College

advertising feature

Marian College 2018 student leaders Rachael Nilsson, Izzy Bloxham

(Head Girl), Olivia Altenburg-Carey and Louise Daly.

Medbury School is the only independent

boys’ school in Christchurch, offering an education

for both dayboys and boarders from

Years 1 to 8. Medbury offers a traditional

education, encompassing the Medbury values

of manners and respect, and its vision is

to provide an education which prepares boys

for life in the 21st Century.

Whilst placing a high value on Literacy and

Numeracy in a ‘boys-only’ learning environment,

Medbury also believes in helping boys

develop as confident individuals, and developing

personal attributes, such as organisation,

confidence, relationships with others,

and independence.

At Medbury, the focus is on the ‘whole

boy’, and small class sizes enable teachers to

deliver a personalised learning programme,

ensuring that every boy has the support, extension

and encouragement he needs to discover

and develop his particular strengths.

The learning programmes are all focused on

a boy’s way of learning, providing them with

a structured environment, with competition,

boundaries and an opportunity to succeed.

Medbury’s Headmaster, Ian Macpherson,

states, “Our passion at Medbury is to unlock

the potential of every boy. It is why we exist

– to understand each boy’s opportunities and

challenges, then personalise an education

which encourages him to strive to be the

very best he can be.

Friendships, values and a quiet self-confidence

that comes with sound preparation,

will provide an invaluable foundation for the

boys’ educational journeys ahead.”

For more information please contact the

Registrar on 03 351 6169, email office@

medbury.school.nz or visit www.medbury.


Marian College is a Catholic state integrated

school for girls with a reputation for

punching above its weight.

With a maximum roll of 430 students, Marian

College is fortunate in having a friendly,

family atmosphere which comes from teachers

and students knowing each other well.

Father of three Marian College students

and of current Head Girl, Steve Bloxham,

says his daughters have thrived academically

and received a well-rounded education with

a strong understanding of community and


“Marian College provides a safe campus

with a special sense of family that combines

fun and a good work ethic and, for our girls,

has produced a group of friends for life.”

Student well-being is important at Marian

College and each individual is nurtured and

her skills and talents fostered. Students have

every opportunity to contribute through

participation, service and leadership.

Marian College has a genuine commitment

to the values inherent in the traditions of the

religious orders of the Sisters of St Joseph of

the Sacred Heart and

the Sisters of Mercy.

Marian College

open night is being

held on Tuesday 15

May from 4-7pm

(Principal’s welcome

at 4:15pm and

5:30pm) and open

day is Monday 28

May from 1-3pm

(starting with Principal’s


Thinking Schools, Think Medbury

You are invited to attend the


Tuesday 8 May 9.00am - 10.45am

The Headmaster will speak at 10.15am

Academic, Boarding & Music Scholarships available for 2019

03 351 6169


Medbury School

109 Clyde Road, Fendalton

26 Tuesday April 17 2018

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School open DayS

Middleton Grange School

Character, Excellence, Service for the Glory of God


Tue 22 & Thur 24 May 2018

am & pm



Bookings Open

Term 2

Middleton Grange


Formation is at the heart of the education

Middleton Grange School provides – a

whole of life formation. We see learning as

holistic; it aims to instruct the mind, shape

the heart and equip the hand. The root of

formation is faith and so Middleton Grange

not only provides a first rate general education

but also biblically based teaching in the

Christian faith.

Formation of the mind is not primarily

intellectual contemplation or conceptual

mastery but a learning that nurtures wisdom

and discernment. It is a learning that

challenges the mind to think, discern and

critique the ideas and theories pupils are

exposed to from a Christian perspective.

Middleton Grange’s learning culture allows


advertising feature

the formation of the heart so that it shapes

the character of each pupil to develop habits

of righteousness, compassion and integrity.

This formation of the mind and heart generates

responsiveness. We want our pupils to

engage in the society they live in, to be of

benefit and blessing in a practical way.

For Middleton Grange School, while our

academic results are of the highest level,

what is highly prized, is that our pupils

exercise wisdom, serve the community and

promote the well-being of others. It is about

forming the pupil to be the person God created

them to be.

All of this is summed up in the school

motto: Character, Excellence, Service for the

Glory of God.

Primary School : Years 1-6

Middle School : Years 7-10

Senior College : Years 11-13

Places available particularly at Years 1, 4, 7, 9, 11-13

2019 Enrolments Close

Friday 22 June 2018 (Y7-13)

Friday 24 August 2018 (Y1-6)

If your child turns 5 next year, you must apply this year.

We are known for

our quality education as a compassionate community

in which the God-given gifts and talents of pupils are nurtured and celebrated

A Year 1-13 non-denominational co-educational Christian School

High quality affordable Christian education in a State Integrated School setting

Highly qualified teachers who are committed Christians

High expectations for academic achievement and behaviour

New Zealand Curriculum delivered from a Biblical perspective

Strong partnership and shared vision between home and school

for God’s calling on the life of the child

Christian values modelled and encouraged


30 Acacia Ave, Riccarton

+64 3 348 9826 www.middleton.school.nz Christchurch, New Zealand




Working together for the good of students

and families has been a successful recipe

for Christian Integrated Schools in Christchurch.

The Christian School Network has been

in existence for over ten years. Aidanfield

Christian School, Emmanuel Christian

School, Hillview Christian School and

Middleton Grange School decided in 2005

that there was much to be gained by working

together cooperatively. They recognised

opportunities to share successful teaching

practice, curriculum development initiatives

across a wide spectrum of school operations

as well as cooperatively strengthening their

special Christian Character. They recognised

that their ability to serve students and

families was greatly enhanced by working

together in a close and trusting relationship.

The success of the network has seen other

schools wanting to join in. Early in the piece

Rangiora New Life School became part of

the network. The schools joined together to

support the genesis of Ashburton Christian

School and also culminated in the start up of

a brand new school in Rolleston in 2015.

The schools have developed interlocking

enrolment schools which assists in providing

transparent pathways in Christian education

from new entrant through to Year 13.

A further strength has been a cooperative

engagement with the Ministry of Education

who have been pivotal in assisting the

networks successful development.

Hillview Christian School

Yr 1–10

Middleton Grange School

Yr 1–13

Emmanuel Christian School

Yr 1–10

Aidanfield Christian School

Yr 1–10 Yr 1–8

Open Days: 15 & 17 May



for details

p: 332 6923

e: office@hillview.school.nz

w: www.hillview.school.nz

• High quality affordable Christian education

• Qualified teachers who are committed Christians

Open Days: 22 & 24 May



for details

• High standards of academic achievement and behaviour

p: 348 9826

e: office@middleton.school.nz

w: www.middleton.school.nz

Open days: Viewing by appointment



for details

p: 359 3595

e: office@emmanuelchristian.school.nz

w: www.emmanuelchristian.school.nz

p: 338 8153

e: enrol@aidanfield.school.nz

w: www.aidanfield.school.nz

A network of non denominational Christian Schools offering limited places in 2019

• Co-educational and State Integrated

• New Zealand Curriculum delivered from a Biblical perspective

• Christian virtues modelled and encouraged

Open days: Viewing by appointment



for details

Open days: Viewing by appointment



for details

p: 550 2653

e: office@rcs.school.nz

w: www.rollestonchristian.school.nz

• Strong partnership and shared vision between home and school for God’s calling

on the life of the child

• Pathways for pupils from Aidanfield, Emmanuel, Hillview and Rolleston to

Middleton Grange School at Senior College level

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Tuesday April 17 2018 27

School open DayS

Opening our doors – We know girls

advertising feature

The feedback we constantly hear from parents

and girls is that they feel very much at

home at Rangi; the school grounds are green

and open; the common spaces are bright and

relaxing; the classes sizes are small but fun

and challenging; and the choices are many

and varied.

At Rangi Ruru there’s a refreshing frankness,

an openness, and an encouragement to

share – achievements, problems, ideas, goals.

That can only happen where there is comfort,

confidence and happiness.

Rangi Ruru has outstanding facilities,

teaching staff, specialist tutors, 30 sporting

codes and 75 top coaches, incredibly good

exam results, a phenomenal theatre arts programme,

an outstanding choice of options

in music with high performance support

programmes available, a very proud history,

a visual arts curriculum that has to be seen

to be believed, and personalised learning in

small classes with some of the best teachers

in the country.

We continue to be one the country’s leading

girls’ schools academically too – consistently

in the top 3% for NCEA achievement

with a significant number of scholarships

awarded to Rangi students each year.

We know girls and one of the really key

things that makes us stand out from the

crowd is the importance Rangi Ruru Girls’

School places on wellbeing, being happy and

making sure every girls is the very best human

being she can be.

Open Day is on Monday 14th May 1pm –


We Know Girls

Open Day

14 May / 1-5pm

Come along to our Open Day and experience

all that Rangi Ruru has to offer.

Year 7 – Year 13, Day and Boarding School

28 Tuesday April 17 2018

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School open DayS

Papanui High -

Preparing students

for their future

Giving students the opportunity to study

from an innovative and broad curriculum is

critical to providing each student a pathway

that meets their individual needs. We

allow for a greater range and flexibility in

subject choice including the utilization of

the secondary/tertiary interface.

This reinforces the philosophy

underpinning personalised

learning and is strongly

supported by understanding

our students’

interests, passions,

talents, and ultimately

their career aspirations.

We understand that

for effective learning

to take place, it has to be

implemented in such a way

that students will be highly engaged.

The school does this in a ‘forward

thinking’ way by creating learning environments

that allow our students to see value in

what they do and achieve. Papanui “PRIDE”

is what we represent and we demonstrate

this by having young adults leave our school

as confident learners who have gained the

appropriate qualifications and social skills

to become valued contributing members of


All that we do here is reinforced by positive

relationships, an ethos of caring, cultural

responsiveness, inclusion, and high expectations

– what we call “Our Full service

Model”. The school highly

values the connectedness

of curricular and cocurricular

learning. We

have a philosophical

understanding that the

holistic development of

the student is critical to

their individual success.

The school has worked

hard to consolidate recent

initiatives to ensure sustained

and continuous improvement. You are

invited to view our website, school charter,

ERO report, and/or contact the school for

more information.

We look forward to welcoming all prospective

students and their families/whanau to

visit our school.


Our aim is simple….to provide the best education possible for every student


Tuesday 22nd May 6.30pm

The evening will consist of an address from

the principal and student representatives,

followed by guided tours of the school’s


Phone: 03 352 6119

30 Langdons Road

PO Box 5220


Applications for enrolment are due by

Friday 27th July

My School, My Success, My Responsibility - Tōku Kura, Tōku Tiketike, Tōku Haepapa

St Bede’s College

St Bede’s is a Catholic College for boys

founded by the Society of Mary in 1911 and

it is also the only Catholic boarding school

for boys in the South Island.

Catholic, Marist and Bedean principles and

values form the basis of a holistic education

at the College, and our aim is that each boy

has the best opportunity to become the best

possible version of the person God created

them to be. We aim not to make the College

great but to ensure every boy has the

opportunity to be great, and we endeavour

to develop young men of Catholic hearts

and minds through the experiences the boys

have in their time here at the College.

St Bede’s is a College for all…a place where

gospel values are practised to help form

principled men; a learning environment

• Grounded in tradition, enlivened by innovation

and inspired by God

• Year 0 - 8 Anglican State - Integrated

• Holistic education inspired by the Gospel through

Grace/Huatau, Excellence/Hiranga, Courage/

Maiatanga and Faithfulness/Piriponotanga.

• Caring family atmosphere

• Specialist programmes

• Exciting new campus

• Transforming lives

• Limited places available in 2019


advertising feature

where everyone achieves; a place that teachers

want to come to because of the strength

of the community; a place also, where boys

can embrace spiritual, sporting, cultural and

community activities, which all combined

shape boys into men. That’s the priority and

that is in our DNA.

We welcome parents and boys to the

College’s Open Day on Thursday 10 May

between 9am – noon, where you will have

the opportunity to tour the College and meet

staff and students.

Parents are also invited to attend the

Information Evening (commencing at 7pm)

where Senior Management and students

will provide further information about the


St Mark’s School

Open Day - Thursday 24th May, 10am - 2.00pm

Cholmondeley Avenue, Christchurch | Phone: 03 332 7339

Email: office@saintmarks.school.nz | www.saintmarks.school.nz

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Tuesday April 17 2018 29

School open DayS

St Michael’s

Is your child one of 15 or 50? Is their classroom

a calm, productive learning space or

is the noise and movement unceasing? How

much of the teacher’s attention does your

child actually receive?

At St Michael’s, our small co-ed classes and

specialist teachers ensure your child is an

individual, well known by staff and fellow

pupils alike. For at the heart of St Michael’s

are the essential values of Christian faith and

good citizenship: respect, integrity, faith,

hope and love.

St Michael’s is a prep school so your child

is assured of a traditional foundation in English

and Mathematics. This academic rigour

then underpins our wider curriculums in

Science, History, Geography and Spanish. IT

literacy is taught, not assumed, and computer

use is measured. We like teaching and

talking to our pupils!

Cultural and sports’ programmes develop

your child’s foundation further, as creativity

and problem-solving come in many forms.

Specialist art and music classes are enjoyed

weekly; and most pupils play at least one

instrument, whether piano or flute, bassoon

or bongos. There are two choirs, and drama


And our extended campus is spectacular:

today, the Art Gallery; tomorrow, the Gardens;

next week…

St Michael’s has been nurturing and educating

children for over 165 years, and our

pupils come from city-wide, arriving via

the bus exchange only a block away or with

parents who work in the thriving centre.

You and your child are warmly welcome

to discover for yourselves our purposeful,

advertising feature

wholehearted and inclusive prep school.

Our next Open Day is Wednesday 9 May or

please contact our registrar, Bec Hitchcock,

for a personal tour: 03.379.9790.

St Thomas College

St Michael’s

Your school at the heart

of the city since 1851

St Thomas of Canterbury College is a year

7 to 13 Catholic integrated boys’ college of

615 students founded on an ethos of social

justice and spirituality. We encourage our

students to understand the structures which

cause social injustice and to have compassion

and action for those at the margins of

society. We are a multi-cultural school with

vibrant Maori, Pasifika and Filipino communities

with equity, diversity and inclusivity as

touchstones of all we do.

We are inaugural winners of the Prime

Minister’s National Excellence in Education

Awards in 2014 and received a 5 year ERO

review in 2015.

We have implemented a digitally infused,

real world, problem solving futures curriculum

including gamification of our junior

school curriculum, a STEM programme and

integrated project based learning. NCEA

results are highly comparable to boys decile

8 schools nationally. 100% cumulative

achievement of NCEA level 2 minimum for

leavers and 90% retention to age 17 minimum.

95% of our teachers have a post graduate

qualified through Mindlab/Unitech in

Digital and Collaborative Learning, with

a number moving on to Masters degrees.

The staff is committed to delivering excellent

education for the future world in a style

which engages boys and develops intrinsic


A deeply embedded restorative culture

underpins our pastoral care and we focus on

high engagement for boys in extra- curricular

activities, both cultural and sport. 95%

of our students participate in sport and 75%

of our staff coach .We are involved in elite

competition across a broad range of sports,

including rugby, league, football, basketball,

rowing, cricket, softball and volleyball.

✓ Co-educational, Years 1-8

✓ Small classes

✓ Specialist teachers

✓ Traditional classrooms;

academic rigour

✓ Musical excellence

✓ Christian values

✓ Before & after school care:

7.30am - 5.30pm

✓ Cental city location,

easy access

Open Day: Wed 9 May


249 Durham St 379 9790


69 Middlepark Road, Upper Riccarton, Chch|Ph (03)348 7010


Tuesday 8 May @ 8:30am—11:30am

Meet the staff and students and see the College in action

Principal and Head Boy Welcome 8:30am

Tour of the College plus activity stalls

Tea & Coffee and an opportunity to chat with the Senior Leadership Team

“An Educated Heart and an Educated Mind, providing a seamless Catholic Education for Year 7-13 boys”

Parking available on the field across the school (Sports Field)

30 Tuesday April 17 2018

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School open DayS

Selwyn House School


advertising feature

Selwyn House School offers a world-class

education with a talented teaching staff and

small class sizes which are set within a futurefocused,

nurturing environment. An extensive

range of educational, sporting and cultural opportunities

are offered for girls in Years 1 - 8.

A supportive all-girl learning environment

encourages girls to take risks without fear

of failure and develops their love of learning.

They become confident, compassionate,

articulate and determined young women who

have the values, skills, and attributes needed

to not only achieve their goals but to make a

difference in their communities. Our teachers

ensure girls are inspired and committed

to learning as they develop their unique way

of learning and achieving. The focus across

Years 1 - 8 is on the growth of the developing

girl encompassing intellectual, social, physical,

emotional, and cultural needs.

Selwyn House is committed to providing a

continuum of international education. The

combination of the International Baccalaureate

Primary Years Programme (PYP) and our

future-focused STEAM and Mechatronics

curriculum ensures girls are equipped to face

a continually changing world with confidence

and enthusiasm. We focus on instilling strong

foundations which can be successfully built

upon. Core learning in reading, writing and

mathematics is a priority. Specialist programmes

in Art, Creative Writing, Leadership,

Mechatronics, Music, Performing Arts, Physical

Education, Science, Spanish and Swimming

play key roles to further enhancing learning.

Selwyn House provides each girl with a personalised

learning experience. Each classroom

and specialist teacher has the time to a foster

meaningful relationships with each student.

Due to our comprehensive learning environment,

our girls are highly skilled, stand out

among their peers and are prepared for a successful

transition to secondary school.

Selwyn House’s nurturing environment is

apparent in all aspects of the school. In our

modern and safe, family-oriented Boarding

House, girls are supported by dedicated staff

and tutors. Girls from across New Zealand and

internationally fondly call the Boarding House

their ‘home away from home’ and easily form a

sisterhood with others.

We believe in the strength of tradition, the

promise of the future and the power of education.

For more information on the benefits of

Selwyn House School, scholarship information

or to schedule your personal tour, please

contact Charlotte Johnson 03 355 7299 or 022


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Tuesday April 17 2018 31

School open DayS

Empowering girls at

St Margaret’s College

Villa Maria College

advertising feature

Choosing the school that is right for your

daughter is an important decision and one

which no parent takes lightly. St Margaret’s

College Open Day offers an insight into a

unique education for girls from Years 1 to 13,

and boarding from Year 7. At all levels, the

emphasis is on learning combined with wellbeing

and pastoral care. Each year group has a

programme specifically designed to meet their

needs ensuring customised learning for every

girl. At St Margaret’s College we empower the

girls to become strong, resilient young women

who relate well to others and have confidence

and empathy to build lasting relationships.

We are proud of our girls’ achievement in the

2017 academic results with 100% pass rates

in NCEA levels 1 and 2, plus 99% at Level 3

and 99% in University Entrance. St Margaret’s

is the only girls’ school in the South Island

to offer the International Baccalaureate, an

international course with a global focus which

challenges and extends students. We also

offer many opportunities for girls to interact

with their male counterparts on an academic,

performing arts, sports and social basis while

holding on to the best daily learning environment.

We look forward to welcoming you to experience

the St Margaret’s College difference at

our Open Day Friday 11 May from 10:30am

to 1:00pm. The Principal’s address at 11:45am

will feature talks from both outgoing Executive

Principal, Gillian Simpson, and Diana Patchett,

who will start in the role at the beginning

of Term 3.

For further information visit www.stmargarets.school.nz

Villa Maria College is a Catholic school

for girls, educating Years 7 to 13. The College

was opened by the Sisters of Mercy a

hundred years ago, in 1918 and has grown to

accommodate 800 students within its beautiful

grounds. Girls are encouraged to make

a difference in the world as young Catholic

women with a strong mercy ethos.

Our Mission is to: “Empower each young

woman to determine her potential, live

Gospel values, confidently embrace life-long

learning and as a Mercy woman be inspired

to make a difference”.

We have a proud academic history, annually

achieving academic results, which are

among the best in the country. Students set

high goals and the College supports them

in striving for excellence. Our 2017 NCEA

results included pass rates of 94.6% at Level

1, 94% at Level 2 and 97.1% at Level 3. 83.2%

of our girls achieved University Entrance.

Villa Maria College offers many sporting

opportunities, our Sports Director co-ordinates

over 30 sports for girls to choose from.

It is not surprising that we have extremely

high participation levels, along with impressive

regional and national successes!

The cultural life of the College is also filled

with extensive musical and choral opportunities

along with drama productions and

Stage Challenge entries.

We invite you to visit Villa Maria College

and experience our special character for

yourself. You will also find a wealth of information

on our website –www.villa.school.nz




Open Day –

Friday 11 May 10:30am to 1:00pm

The Principal’s address with Gillian Simpson

and Diana Patchett is at 11:45am

SMC Boarders’ Sleepover –

Friday 11 May to Saturday 12 May

Pre-register at:


12 Winchester St • Merivale • Christchurch • (03) 379 2000



Tuesday 8 May 2018, 9:00am - 3:00pm

Villa Maria College is a state integrated Catholic secondary school for girls in years 7 - 13.

We extend a warm invitation to prospective parents and students to join us throughout the

day and see our College in action.

Meet our staff and students and find out what makes Villa Maria College such a special place.

Deborah Brosnahan (Principal) will address visitors in the College Auditorium at 9:00am,

11:00am and 1:00pm.

We look forward to seeing you.

Left to right: Julia Curnow (Deputy Head Girl), Emily Baker (Head Girl)

and Ruby Kate Ward (Deputy Head Girl)

21 Peer St, Christchurch • Ph: 348 4165 • www.villa.school.nz

32 Tuesday April 17 2018

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Local workshop provides

full servicing and repairs

Although it is a small suburban workshop, Hoon Hay Automotive

in Hoon Hay Road offers the full range of vehicle servicing and

repairs, the same as you would find in larger businesses.

Owner Grant Prior is a fully qualified

mechanic, as is his employee Wade, and

the pair service all types of vehicles, from a

basic service to a full going-over.

They also provide transmission flushes,

coolant changes, cam belt replacement,

and all electrical and mechanical repairs

using the workshop’s diagnostic tools to

assess the problems.

Hoon Hay Automotive also supplies and

fits tyres, with a variety of brands available

from entry-level Hi Fly tyres right up to

performance tyres, so everyone is catered


They supply and fit the quality Century

Yuasa batteries, which carry a two-year


WoFs for all types of vehicle as well as

trailers are also provided.

But while Grant, Wade and office

manager Sarah carry out all the day-to-day

work, the real star of the business is Jessie

the meet and greet dog, who welcomes

customers with a friendly wag of the tail

and makes sure every customer leaves

happy. She has been a key part of the team

for nine years.

So next time your vehicle is due for a

warrant or service or needs repair, call

Hoon Hay Automotive on 982 0405 and

be sure of quality results. They are located

at 287 Hoon Hay Road, with plenty of offstreet

parking available.

The team at Hoon Hay Auto



■ All Automotive Repairs and

Servicing including 4WD

■ Suspension Brakes & Cambelts

■ WOF, Tyres, Batteries

■ Courtesy Car

55 Lincoln Rd, behind Caltex

(Cnr Lincoln & Torrens Rd)

Ph 03 982 4268

Mob 027 331 0382

Email: parkerauto@clear.net.nz

• new & quality

secondhand tyres

• alloy wheels

• replacement rims

• puncture repairs



8c Birmingham Drive,

(Cnr Hands & Birmingham Drive)

Ph: 03 343 0099 Cell: 027 226 3805

Website: www.jcmdirect.co.nz

NeW LoCATIoN 95 Gasson St

The Automotive

Lamp Specialists

New and Used Lamps for Cars, Trucks,

Vans, 4WD and Motorhomes

95 Gasson Street, CHRISTCHURCH

PH 0800 225 483

• W.O.F • Servicing

• Repairs • Batteries

• Auto Electrical • Tyres

• Clutch • Cambelt

• Diagnostic Equipment



287 Hoon Hay Road


Open Mon-Fri

Ph. 982 0405








• Panel beating

• Spray painting






Smart repairS (NZ) Limited

automotive refinishers

272 Lichfield St (Fitzgerald Ave end)

Ph 377-0409

A vonhead



6 months roadside assist

with any vehicle servicing

• automatic transmission

flushing service

• Wof • tune-ups • suspension

• batteries • neW tyres • oil &

lube service • courtesy cars

• full mechanical repairs

oPen 6 days (sat until 1pm)

126 racecourse road

Ph 342 7123 or 027 495 6600

Free Check & Assessment






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Tuesday April 17 2018 33


Experience the magic of Clifton Hill

20 Tuawera Terrace, Sumner

Price: $980,000

3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 3 toilets | 2 living rooms | 2 car-garage | 4 off-street parks | Listing #FM5389

Homes like this on the middle slopes of

Clifton Hill are seldom available, especially

ones with so many possibilities to make your

own and suit your lifestyle.

Recent revitalisation throughout this

two-level, 3 bedroom home has resulted in

a ready-made opportunity to experience

the joys of this location with dynamic and

breath-taking views from the City and Alps,

to New Brighton and the Pacific right up to


Easy drive-on access to the property,

includes a double garage and ample offstreet

parking including a separate space for

boat or caravan parking. The home consists

of 3 bedrooms, all with ample storage, and

the master boasting a walk-in wardrobe and

modern ensuite complete with underfloor

heating. The living area is a great size, opening

out to a huge north-west facing balcony for

optimal sunshine, and also leads through to

the kitchen with its compelling views of the

ocean. The jewel in the crown of this home

us the large upper level space - configurable

as you please - equally rewarding as living

area, enormous bedroom, or even a future

kitchen and dining... and with the best views

of the property to top off the experience.

Outside, a massive back yard sprawls gently

down the hill, with the upper portion easily

made level to accommodate a pool or formal

landscaping and living. For families, this

space is invaluable, including 2 small sheds

that can be used as play houses if desired.

Fruit trees and established planting also

complement the ample size of the section.

Other features of the house include a log

burner in the living area, storage under the

house, new pathways and driveway, and 3

toilets in total. Exposed timber beams add

character to the living spaces, with rimu

floors upstairs adding warmth, along with

new carpets throughout and an additional

heat pump.

Open Home: Wednesdays, Saturdays and

Sundays 11.30am – 12.15pm.

See you at the Open Homes or to arrange

a private viewing of this property call Joy

Butel or Alistair Hazeldine of Harcourts

Grenadier Ferrymead (Licensed Agent

REAA 2008) on 384 7950 or Joy mob: 021

353 280 or Alistair mob: 027 572 1555

now bigger than ever

growing with you

SprIng Is here –

It’S Sow Time

how to get the best results from

seeds and seedlings

100% NatIve In

The capItal

Unravelling the secrets of

Otari-wilton Bush

The New Zealand

landscape awards

The people behind

the projects

$7.90 incl. GST

Save our roSeS

How a rose register is protecting our heritage

September 2016 | 100%

It’s time

to grow!

New look and more

content than ever!

MeeT LeSTer Brice

A Garden coach

auckland Botanic GardenS

Why we love our public grounds

The magazine for

gardeners who like to get

their hands dirty

SubScribe from

$43. 50*

*6 issues/6 months

ISSN 2423-0219


0800 77 77 10



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Tuesday April 17 2018


Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Health & Beauty



Held at St Faiths Church Hall,

46 Hawke Street, New Brighton

Sit & Be Fit

Monday 1 – 2pm

$4 per class

Movement to Music


9.30 – 10.30am

$5 per class

For more info contact Katrina 3811704 or 0274966845

Caravans, Motorhomes

& Traliers

CARAVAN Wanted to

buy. Up to $5000 cash

today 027 488-5284.

Community Events



want to have a drink thats

your business. If you want

to stop, we can help. Phone

0800 229-6757






*$30.00 off your first

service with this coupon!*

No problem too big or

small from home PC’s to

business networks. PC

slow? An end to Viruses,

Spyware, and Clogged

Systems. Safe secure

hassle-free computing.

Lost files recovered.

Microsoft Certified,

MCSE, MCP+l. 30 years

experience. Call Andrew

Buxton this week on 326-

6740 or 027 435-7596

for $30.00 off* Custom

Computers Christchurch


& Supplies



UP? Shrub, hedge &

tree pruning, Lawns,

Gardening, consistently

reliable general property

upkeep, Dip. Hort. 10

yrs experience, One off

tidy ups or on-going

service. Nick’s Property

Maintenance. Keeping

your garden beautiful.

Free Quote. Ph. 942-4440




Grooming $46 small,

$52 med, experienced

and qualified groomer/

veterinary nurse,

Redwood, ph June 03 354-

6414 or 027 746-5295

To Let


city & lifestyle. May

onwds. Lovely homes/

pets. Ph 359-2323 www.



Trades & Services


★Garden Clean-ups


★Lawn Mowing

★Garden Maintenance

Call us today for a FREE quote

PH 0800 4 546 546

(0800 4 JIMJIM)



Are you

moving house

or trying to


Call All Clear

Canterbury. We work

with you to recycle,

sell and dispose of

unwanted items.

Ph: 03 260 0934

or 021 078 4553




licensed carpenter

LBP, all property and

building maintenance,

repairs, bathroom/shower

installations, with free

quotes 03 383 1927 or 027

245 5226 ciey@xtra.co.nz


For all building work

but specialist in bathroom

renovations, 30 yrs

experience, with service

QUEENSLAND SUN- and integrity. Free Quotes.

SHINE COAST AUSTRA- Ph Lachlan 383-1723 or

LIA Resort, Ocean Views, 0274 367-067.

Balconies, Self Contained,

1 or 2 B/R Ensuite, *****************

Heated Pool, Spa, Sauna, CARPET & VINYL

Free Internet, Shops, LAYINg Repairs,

Restaurants, Tennis, Surf

Club & Patrolled Beach,





Public Transport at door. jflattery@xtra.co.nz, ph

Ask for our SEASONAL

SPECIALS. Phone 61 7

0800 003 181 or 027


544-35011 Email: reception@mandolin.com.au





Wingfields Contracting,

Pets & Supplies all interior & exterior

painting & all forms of

interior plastering & jib

fixing, ph Mark 021 171-

1586 or 355-5994


Quality work, I stand by

Canterbury Ph Wayne, 03

385-4348 or 027 274 3541


All aspects in painting.

Very competitive in roofs

and fences. Please call 027

241-7471 or 335-0265



Public Notice





FREE 20 week course.

NZ Certificate in Business (Admin & Computing).

This course will cover Windows 10 and Microsoft Office

(Word, Excel and Publisher). Taught within a business context,

this programme will prepare you for the modern office.

Hours are flexible and can include night classes.

Trades & Services



PLUMBING Certifying

Plumber for all types of

plumbing, maintenance,

spouting, alterations etc.

Phone 352-7402 or 0274-



Spouting Unblocked,

Cleaned Out and Flushed

Out. Also Full Handyman

Services Available. Call

Trevor 332 8949 or 021

043 2034



Earthquake Repairs, Grind

Out & Repoint, River/

Oamaru stone, Schist,

Volcanic Rock, Paving,

all Alterations new & old,

Quality Workmanship,

visit www.featureworks.

co.nz or ph 027 601-3145


35 years exp, no job

too small. Ph Ross 027



Repairs, tvs, microwaves,

stereos, DVD. Aerial

installations and kitsets,

480 Moorhouse Ave, ph 03

379 1400


Dining Chairs, Lounge

suites, Caravan Squabs

etc. recovered. Free

Quotes. Phone Graeme



35 years exp, no job

too small. Ph Ross 027



0800 834 834

txt OFFICE to 027 557 8839

Trades & Services


& all camera tapes

converted to DVD, video

taping special occasions,


ph 03 338-1655


Average 3 bdrm house

inside or out $40. Both $70.

Phone Trevor 344-2170

Wanted To Buy

TOOLS Garden,

garage, woodworking,

mechanical, engineering,

sawbenches, lathes, cash

buyer, ph 355-2045

growing with growing you with you

100% NatIve 100% In NatIve In

The capItalThe capItal

Unravelling the Unravelling secrets the of secrets of

Otari-wilton Bush Otari-wilton Bush

The New Zealand The New Zealand

landscape landscape awards awards

The people behind The people behind

the projects the projects

$7.90 incl. GST

ISSN 2423-0219


50 Hazeldean Rd,

Addington, Christchurch

A division of ATC New Zealand. (Est 1984). NZQA Accredited.

SprIng SprIng Is here Is here – –

It’S Sow It’S Time Sow Time

how to get the how best to results get the best from results from

seeds and seedlings seeds and seedlings

$7.90 incl. GST

ISSN 2423-0219





September 2016 | 100% | 100%

It’s time

to grow!

New look and more

content than ever!

MeeT LeSTer Brice

A Garden A coach

Save our Save roSeS our roSeS auckland Botanic GardenS

How a rose register How a rose is protecting register is protecting our heritage our heritage Why Why we love we love our our public grounds


Trades & Services


Locally owned & operated with

over 30 years experience.

• Extensions & repair • Roof coating

• Concrete & clay tiles • Butynol

• Malthoid • Asbestos Certified

• Coloursteel • Old iron • Guttering

Phone Dave 981 0278

or 021 223 4200

E: dave@beaumontroofing.co.nz




Separate colours

Boxes - 40 plants

Plant now for early winter

and spring flowering





27 Ottawa Road. Phone: 389-7855

Hours: 8.00am-5.30pm Mon to Fri, 8.00am-5.00pm Sat


The go to guys for

plumbing services

✓ Plumbing and Gas

✓ No job too big or small

✓ All areas covered

P: 03 595 5610

E: info.ccp@gofox.nz

W: gofox.nz

now now bigger bigger than than ever ever

The The magazine for for

gardeners who who like to like get to get

their their hands hands dirty dirty

SubScribe from from

$43. 50* 50*

*6 issues/6 months

*6 issues/6 months

0800 77 77 10 www.gaRdeNER.kiwI

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What’s On


Lunch & Dinner

All you can eat, 7 days

Bookings Essential

PH 386 0088



To advertise, contact

Jo Fuller 027 458 8590


‘Famous for their roasts!’


Cooked Breakfasts

Check out our extensive breakfast

menu from Continental to Cooked

We are open from 6.30am


Two courses $20

Soup/Roast or


Special available lunch only

Monday - Saturday 12pm - 2.30pm


Kid’s 2 course




We are family


Great Kids menu

plus designated

play area.






& Motorlodge

118 Racecourse Rd, Sockburn,

Christchurch. Ph 03 342 7150











Live Music:








Offer available for a limited time

and includes tea, hot chocolate













www.gardenhotel.co.nz | phone 385 3132

What’s On







Open Tuesday

to Saturday

from 12pm - 2pm

& from 5pm.



Pierview Restaurant

Open from 5.30pm

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

and for

Sunday Brunch

from 10.30am to 2pm.

SUNDAY 29th APRIL, from 5.30pm


$25pp BOOK NOW!

202 Marine Pde | Ph 388 9416 | www.newbrightonclub.co.nz | Members, guests & affiliates welcome








GF & V options available

Chalmers Restaurant



Early Bird Special

5.30pm - 6.30PM



Family Friendly






2018 SUBS









THE COUNTRY $6 entry



Tickers $20 on sale now

at the club ofce

The Hornby Club | ph 03 349 9026 | 17 Carmen Rd | Hornby

www.hornbywmc.co.nz | Members, guests & affiliates welcome

Treat Mum to lunch by the sea!

Our Pierview Restaurant will be serving a

beautiful Mother’s Day lunch buffet on

Sunday 13th May from 11.30am.

$25 per person.

Bookings essential on 388 9416.

Due to Mother’s Day, the restaurant will not be open

for our regular Sunday Brunch, and will be open for

normal a la carte dinner on Sunday night.



202 Marine Pde - Ph 388 9416


Members, guests & affiliates welcome.

36 Tuesday April 17 2018

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St Asaph St





Barbadoes St

Ferry Rd



Fitzgerald Ave









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