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Pegasus Post: April 17, 2018

12 Tuesday

12 Tuesday April 17 2018 Latest Christchurch news at FOCUS ON HEALTH 1 in 2 people deficient in B12 Emerging research has shown as many as 50% of older adults & as many as 25% of younger adults are deficient in vitamin B12. Scientists at Rush University Medical Center found those most deficient in vitamin B12 to have the smallest brain mass & the lowest scores on tests measuring short-term memory, concentration & brain performance. Another study showed that older people with higher levels of B12 in their blood have bigger, healthier brains & score higher on cognitive tests than those with lower levels. Yet another recent landmark study showed that B12 supplementation slows the accelerated rate of brain shrinkage & declining cognitive function. B12 is essential for energy production, cell health, regulation of mood & sleep cycles, nerve health & repair, & prevention of homocysteine a serious cardiovascular risk factor that is known to cause damage & plaque in the blood vessels. It can also increase the chances of a stroke. Harvard researchers found a 34% decrease risk of vision loss in a study of participants aged 40+ who supplemented with B12. Another study linked a higher risk of hearing loss in subjects in their 60’s who were low in B12. The reason so many people lack B12 appears to be our body’s ability to absorb it declining with age as the digestive system becomes less efficient. Anti-reflux medication & other drugs further reduce B12 absorption. The the form of Methylcobalamin sublingual tablets that are dissolved in the mouth & thru IS YOUR BRAIN SHRINKING? BRAIN FOG, FORGETFUL, FEELING OLD, LOW ENERGY, MOOD SWINGS, DIFFICULTY SLEEPING, PINS & NEEDLES, NUMBNESS IN LEGS Up to 1 in 2 people may have a shrinking brain due to a lack of vitamin B12. Supplementation of methylcobalamin B12 has been shown to reduce the rate of brain shrinkage & support memory & brain function. B12 is also known to protect against homocysteine a serious cardiovascular risk factor that can also damage the hearing, eyesight & affect the mood. B12 is essential for energy, cell health & nerve function. B12 SupportS: • Memory & Brain Performance • Helps protect brain from shrinking • Energy & Recovery • Nerve Function • Helps protect blood vessels from damage • Sleep • Cellular Health & Repair • Vegetarian’s Diet • Good Health • Cardiovascular Health SEE A DIFFERENCE IN AS LITTLE AS 48 HOURS! SUPER PRICE OFFER Superior Methylcobalamin B12 (High Absorption Sublingual Lozenges) 100 Lozenges Only $ 32 .90 200 Lozenges Only $ 59 .80 MAIL ORDER AVAILABLE Bringing You the Best in Natural Health MARSHALLS HEALTH & NATURAL THERAPY CONSULTING - PRESCRIBING - DISPENSING - MANUFACTURING - MEDICAL HERBALISTS 110 SEAVIEW RD, NEW BRIGHTON • PH 03 388 5757 • Email: - WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO HELP! - ULTIMATE BEAUTY OIL Our new ULTIMATE BEAUTY OIL contains a perfect combination of three of the best skin oils known to help keep your skin healthy vibrant & flawless. The 100% pure blend is as natural as it gets containing only Organic Dilo, Organic Argan & Wild Rosehip with no other additives to give your skin the best natural nutrition. These three oils all offer remarkable skin benefits. ULTIMATE BEAUTY OIL SUPPORTS: • Skin moisture (Hydrates the skin) • Gives the skin a natural boost of nutrition giving it a youthful glow • Helps restore skin elasticity leaving it plumper & softer • Helps restore damaged skin & speed healing • Reducing scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, blemishes • Has powerful anti-aging properties to protect your skin helping keep it young & healthy • Stimulates healthy new skin cells Bringing You the Best in Natural Health good news is B12 in bypassing the digestive tract have been shown to effectively raise B12 levels in the body. Further detailed information is available from the Natural Health Advisers at Marshall’s Health & Natural Therapy, 110 Seaview Road, New Brighton, Phone: 388-5757. We are always happy to help! 50ML BOTTLE ONLY $26.90 MAIL ORDER AVAILABLE MARSHALLS HEALTH & NATURAL THERAPY CONSULTING - PRESCRIBING - DISPENSING - MANUFACTURING - MEDICAL HERBALISTS 110 SEAVIEW RD, NEW BRIGHTON • PH 03 388 5757 • Email: - WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO HELP! - Ultimate beauty oil? Are you looking for a beauty oil that contains a blend of some of the most effective oils available & that these oils are just 100% pure & natural with no fillers or cheap additives? Our new ULTIMATE BEAUTY OIL BLEND contains a perfect combination of three of the best natural healing & skin restoration oils available to give your skin what it needs! The first oil is the remarkable Organic Dilo. One of the best kept secrets of the Pacific Islands Dilo oil may however be the number one natural beauty oil available. According to ethnobotanist Chris Kilham, Dilo is a powerful skin regenerator, as it is one of the most effective agents in promoting the regeneration & formation of new skin tissue. It is super-absorbing & can penetrate all three layers of the skin, offering exceptional cell hydration & regeneration. Dilo contains powerful antibacterial, antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties which promotes the growth of healthy & glowing skin. Organic Argan oil (or liquid gold) is the next amazing oil that is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients, fatty acids & vitamin E. It gives the skin a youthful glow restores elasticity & leaves the skin feeling plumper & softer. Wild Rosehip is the final powerful oil. It is known to hydrate the skin & correct skin damage over a period of time. It is well known to help with scars, stretch marks, age spots, skin pigmentation & reduce the signs of premature aging. The ULTIMATE BEAUTY OIL BLEND helps give your skin the nourishment & nutrition it may require to restore itself & keep it vibrant & flawless. Marshall’s Health & Natural Therapy, 110 Seaview Road, New Brighton, Phone: 388-5757. Bringing you the best in natural health! ARE YOU READY TO DOWNSIZE? Paying rates for a house that’s too big? Paying maintenance and heating costs for space you don’t use? A move to one of our architecturally designed villas at McKenzie Lifestyle Village in Geraldine will cut those costs. Three villas are available for occupation now, priced from $355,000. Talk to Hayley Grant today on 0800 84 55 24. Ears, ears, PEGASUS POST ears Ear Health Canterbury has been providing a microscopic ear cleaning service in Canterbury for 19 years From small beginnings in 1999 where monthly clinics were held in the Christchurch Hearing Association in Beveridge Street the service expanded rapidly as clients discovered and appreciated the benefits of micro suction technology. Twelve months later clinics had increased to 5 days a week and with the help of more trained Registered nurses and Reception staff clinics opened in Rangiora, Ashburton Timaru Temuka and Waimate. In 2004 the clinic moved with the Hearing Association to larger premises at 275 Riccarton Road. They remain there today offering a Monday to Saturday service and a popular and busy mobile service to Retirement Villages, Rest Home residents and to people with mobility difficulties in their private homes. While a weekly clinic is still held in Ashburton, the South Canterbury clinics are now under new Management. Many conditions affecting the outer ear canal can be treated and monitored at Ear Health including infections, relieving impacted wax and removal of foreign bodies. Preventative education is also offered and for those with hearing aids due to sensorineural hearing loss Ear Health has accredited ACC and War Pension funding This safe, accessible, affordable ear care is provided to all age groups in a client focused environment with the nurses working collaboratively with General Practitioners, Audiologists, Hearing Therapists and Secondary Care Consultants. Maintaining good ear hygiene has many benefits. It can improve hearing and balance, reduce the symptoms of tinnitus, improve the effectiveness of hearing aids and reduce the incidence of aural infections. Most importantly, this then enhances quality of life. To contact Ear Health phone Jillian or Linda on 03 3488 716. Professional Ear Care ACC and WAR Pension Approved 275 Riccarton Road Between Clyde & Ilam Rds Spacious parking • Orbiter & Metro bus stops outside For all appointments Phone 348-8716 Fax 341-5873 Rest home and private home visits available by arrangement

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