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Pegasus Post: April 17, 2018

18 Tuesday

18 Tuesday April 17 2018 Latest Christchurch news at PEGASUS POST Mairehau high School Encouraging ExcEllEncE in our community The Principal’s Desk Mairehau high School is a smaller community high school with a focus on achievement, success, excellence and quality. The school is a co-educational high school established in 1961 to serve the northeast sector of christchurch. The school’s name is that of the district named for the daughter of Marshland’s landowner and benefactor, arthur gravenor rhodes. Harry romana, Principal in Maori, Mairehau is a shrub prized for the fragrance of its flowers, the fragrance of the Maori mist maiden. The motto, ‘Mairetia i te matauranga’ means ‘be fragrant with wisdom’. The crest outline is a symbolic canoe prow denoting hallowed ground. in its upper part is a symbolic Mairehau flower and the mere of leadership below it. The scrolls symbolise a continuing heritage and the white line the living soul of people. The school colours are red, white, and black as these were the only colours available to Maori craftsmen. Mairehau high School is an innovative and creative state secondary school focused on high expectations of achievement. We have enjoyed significant roll growth in 2018 and look forward to welcoming more students into our community school in 2019 and beyond. important features of the school include: • a culture of innovation based on collaboration and mutual support among staff • We are a true community school, valuing diversity and individuality, and welcoming all • excellent relationships between staff and students • our size means we are very flexible • our rebuild will allow us to retain our traditional classroom environments • We have Flexible learning Time for three hours per week at Years 9 and 10 • an academic Dean with responsibility for promoting achievement • We offer many scholarship opportunities • an emphasis on pastoral care and close personal contact with students’ families, including “The Mairehau Way.” our school care programme (challenge, achievement, responsibility, and empathy) • emphasis on school improvement through a focus on student presence, engagement and achievement • Deans responsible for pastoral care and academic achievement of each year group • We are a restorative Practices School • We have a Senior School Dean with responsibility for the pastoral care and academic achievement of Years 12/13 • our art Teacher, angela Marshall, has provided significant progress with the school’s well-considered gifted and Talented education (gaTe) programme. a wide range of abilities is identified and fostered in gaTe planning and approaches. identified students have ongoing opportunities to explore and extend their learning within their area of special ability. Further details about the school may be found on our website www.mairehau., our school app or our facebook page. 2018 Musical Production We are producing our musical production ‘high School Spoof-ical’ on May 16 and 17 at 7.30pm in our school hall. a group of enthusiastic students and staff have been rehearsing after school and at the weekend for the last two to three months, so this promises to be great entertainment. We would love you to join us in a night of toe tapping good times. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children and students, and are available at our school resource room where eFTPoS is available. Thanks for supporting us. First Foundation Scholarships We are very proud of our First Foundation Scholars Tayla Prouting and Tarryn Wilson who received these scholarships at an award ceremony on Feb 26 at the commodore hotel. This scholarship will provide them with valuable financial support for three years of tertiary study. Tayla is pursuing a health Sciences degree while Tarryn is studing towards a commerce degree. Tarryn is also attending a Business Boot camp at Massey university for 4 days during the upcoming term break. This will give Tarryn an excellent overview of what it will be like to study at university and what a degree in commerce will involve. left to right: Tayla Prouting , Tarryn Wilson Dianna Isaac Retirement Village had an Easter surprise from our students. Niko Smith Head Boy OPEN EVENING TUESDAY MAY 22, 5.00 - 7.00pm Phoebe Pratt Head Girl our students, armed with baskets full of delicious chocolate eggs, gave the residents of the complex an egg, a smile and a chat. We are looking forward to our new rebuild and improved facilities which will allow us to retain traditional classroom environments. Mairehau high School — a community school with vision, empathy, and an inclusive culture, working together to meet the needs of our students. left to right : Jess Thomson, caley gopperth, Tarryn Wilson Mairehau High School, Hills Road, Christchurch P. 385 3145 F. 385 3143

PEGASUS POST Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday April 17 2018 19 Mairehau high School Encouraging ExcEllEncE in our community Wharfedale Track Overnight Trip From the 20th to the 21st of March 2018, the outdoor education level 2 and 3 class completed the Wharfedale Track. The Wharfedale Track is one of the best and longest stretches of single track in canterbury - curving through the beech forests around Mount oxford. The students spent their Tuesday afternoon hiking the 15km track to the destination of the Wharfedale hut where they then cooked their dinner on gas cookers outside. it was an early rise on the 21st where students were then back on the track at 8.30am to head back to View hill car Park. overall this trip really brought the class together and the students feel they know each other far better. Trucking Industry Expo left to right: eden Williams, Piers Jones, Jordan Sach a group of students recently attended the inaugural Trucking industry expo. We battled a cold day with rain, but it was a great opportunity to hear about the careers that are attached within all aspects of the trucking industry – from driving, to sales, engineering and satellite navigation. all students were given enough time to hear about what is involved and requirements to enter any of the careers on show and ask any relevant questions. Next term, we have arranged a visit to one of the exhibitors we talked to, who builds the truck trailers. eden, Piers and Jordan are standing beside an elite truck motor that cost a mere $1.4 BillioN to develop. World Vision Youth Conference on 14th March, five Mairehau high School student leaders attended the World Vision Youth conference which was hosted at the la Vida conference centre in christchurch. The World Vision Youth conference (WVYc) is an international leadership event for secondary school leaders (years 11-13), run by World Vision. The day is designed to ignite a passion for justice and equality in young New Zealanders, and equip them with lower, left to right: Jakob callender, anysha Te Moana Standing left to right: Jade Komene, Tarryn Wilson, Kerry Fairbrass the leadership tools they need to go out and create change both locally and globally. overall, each of the students felt they really gained a wider perspective and have been influenced into incorporating some of the main points they learnt from the conference into initiatives at Mairehau high School. “I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend this event! I feel that I am now more equipped to share the knowledge that I gained with the students at Mairehau High School.”- Tarryn Wilson (Marketing Student leader) Year 12 PE camp Mairehau High School, Hills Road, Christchurch P. 385 3145 F. 385 3143