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E&S Wood Creations 2018 Catalog

A Unique Keepsake... •

A Unique Keepsake... • to grace your child/grandchild with, as a special memory piece all their own. • to hold them close in heart as you display the next generation, each distinctive one, together. • to go the extra mile for the bride and grooms special day • to remember their anniversary; recognize their efforts in making their marriage meaningful. Block Options: 1. 2. Rock-A-Bye Baby Suggested Info: Top: Initial of first name Front: First, Second & Last Name Left: Small Footprints, Time Born Right: Birthdate, Weight, Height/Length Back: Son or Daughter of Parents First Name Bottom: As a gift: A gift from "Names of Givers" For yourself: Your relationship - grandson/daughter of "your own names" A copy of your own children: either put # of sequence in the family or Son/Daughter of parents first names & last name Anniversary/Wedding Suggested Info: Top: Double Hearts, Date of Marriage Front: Both First Names Left: Daughters Full Name, Born, Day, Time Right: Sons Full Name, Born, Day, Time Back: Their Wedding Slogan Bottom: Daughter of.../Son of... 3. Custom (Create Your Own) 114 E&S Wood Creations

What Kind: What Size: Imprint: Wood Specie: Rock-A-Bye Baby Anniversary 1 3 / 4 3½ Print Cursive Cherry Maple Finish: Finished Unfinished Size: Small ($20) Large ($25) Info needed for each side: Top: Front: Left: Right: Back: Bottom: Name: Address: City, State, Zip: Phone #: E&S Wood Creations 115

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