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559 Asian Media QX80 QX80 5.6 V8 QX80 LX570 2018 QX80 Asian Media drives the plush and mighty Infiniti QX80, the Japanese automaker’s flagship at the Media Launch. Bold statements are usually backed by big ambitions. The QX80 is the brand’s equivalent of a big, bold proportions motoring statement – a seven-seat Airbus of a car, driven by a sizeable 5.6-litre V8 engine, with aluminiumalloy block and heads. While considerably larger in size, the SAMEWAY ISSUE 559 P. 48 13.4.2018

GLS QX80 SUV 5,340 1,945 2,265 QX80 QX80 SUV QX80 QX80 8.0 960 x 540 8.0 USB 1013 QX80 is positioned against cars like the more expensive Lexus LX570, Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz GLS. Infiniti does not consider the new QX80 to be its top model, but its grandest vehicle manufactured at present. It does exemplify Infiniti’s presence in the Upper Large Luxury SUV segment, at 5,340mm in length, 1,945mm tall with roof rails and 2,265mm wide including mirrors. The design of the QX80 is not conservative; it employs gigantism as its primary stylistic philosophy, posing as a fashion statement for industry top-dogs with a ‘Commanding Presence” on the road and a move away from smooth rounded curves in favour of more angular shapes. The unorthodox frontal design is sure to divide opinions. Once you get past the slightly awkward fascia most of the car’s proportions hit the right notes; the ride height gives the QX80 the perfect SUV stance, while the car’s new profile is organic and muscular viewed from side, rear or front.Inside, the QX80 is as spacious as spacious gets. You enjoy a high driving position and a great view of the road ahead, while heated and ventilated seats in the front redefine cabin comfort. Furnished in upscale materials, the QX80 is one of the most luxurious, highest-quality passenger compartments created by Infiniti to date. There are an overwhelming number of controls and the 8.0-inch infotainment system offers a high 960 x 540-pixel resolution. The cabin has an air of opulence. As for the second row, passengers get two airline-style “captains chairs” which remotely flip for rearrow entry, with dual 8.0-inch colour headrest monitors and headphones for playback of games and movies. Two further USB ports have been added to the rear for mobile device SAMEWAY ISSUE 559 P. 49 13.4.2018

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