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Just nominal subsidy for

Just nominal subsidy for Chinese ISSUE 559 CONTENTS 2 50 5000 90 9 25 25 10 10 90 10 3 2016 5 30 5 6 Kew 90 10 ISSUE NUMBER PUBLICATION DATE SUBMISSION DEADLINE 560 20.04.2018 18.04.2018 561 04.05.2018 02.04.2018 562 18.05.2018 16.05.2018 563 01.06.2018 30.05.2018 564 15.06.2018 13.06.2018 Published by: Creative Every Day Advertising Director: Christy Guo Publisher/Chief Editor: Raymond Chow Design Director: Bella Leung Deputy Publisher: Jun Guo Designer: Cisy Chan Editor: Helen Ngan IT & Website: Patrick Wu Ding Wang Joyce To Yolanda Liu Vinola Chan 0411 881 635 Terence Cheung 0430 583 109 Portia Wong 0434 208 163 Sam LI 0412 606 469 Vanessa Xiong 0413 769 736 03 9888 7199 Dominic Cheng 0412 440 863 ChinaTown Promotions & PR The idea of building elderly homes for Chinese came out in last State election. The Labor government now has acquired a 5000 sqmetres piece of land owned by the Department of Education at Springvale South with a cost of $2.5m. Chinese NGOs will be invited to participate in a project to build a 90-bed Chinese nursing home. The government will work out the terms and conditions of the venture with interested organisations. Decision will be made by September and time will be allowed for the organisation to raise capital money, to obtain the operating licence and to plan and build the facility. The government indicated that the land lease would be on a 25 + 25 years at a subsidized rental. From record available it is estimated the government financial subsidy on this project will be about $100,000 per annum. It looks a bargain for the State government will enable a running of a 90-bed Chinese elderly home - with such a nominal outlay. In the last election the government had solicited many Chinese votes for its 4-year term by bringing out this policy idea. With this idea to be realised just before the next election certainly will be in the governments favour. The positive impact could roll further to another round of election after the facility has commenced operation. For $100,000 a year the Labor government has been cleverly delivering something to the Chinese electorates over 3 rounds of elections. Actually what the Chinese community could benefit? In the review report on elderly services published last year, suggestions were made to abolish the existing licencing system to allow market competition for better service provision. It could be a risky business for service providers of Chinese elderly homes. It is very irresponsible of the government, apart from a nominal rental subsidy, not to offer further financial support in the running of Chinese elderly homes (the Chinese community need to raise $30 million to build the facility and bear the risk of the operation) amid this drastic policy changes and market uncertainties. Obviously this new venture under discussion is just an election vehicle. If so, both the existing and opposition governments should offer more sincere and practical support by giving more capital aid, interest-free loan, concession etc. to solve our issue of elderly home provision. On 30th May 2016 the State government announced a 90-bed elderly home be build in Kew at a cost of $56 millions. By comparasion, does it mean this nominal $100,000 annual subsidy to our Chinese elderly provision is just peanuts? Raymond Chow Publisher Advertising Department Editorial Department Address: 67 Mahoneys Road, Forest Hill VIC 3131, Australia Tel: 03 9888 7199 Fax: 03 9888 7299 03 9888 7433 Mob: 0426 236 896 Email: : Creative Every Day : : : : : Sam Yu 0433 837 083 Jun Guo 0411 168 726 Deputy Publisher 15-18 7, 23-26 30, 34 32-33 35-38 48-50 54-55 Disclaimers The views and opinions of authors expressed in Sameway Magazine do not necessarily state or reflect those of the publisher. While we do our best to make sure the information is accurate, Sameway Magazine does not accept any legal responsibility for errors or omissions. Sameway Magazine disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, and it will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential loss of business profits or special damages. We encourage readers to verify the accuracy of information or seek independent advice before relying upon it. Audited 14,475 as at March 31, 2014 The circulation records of this publication have been submitted for independent audit with the Circulations Audit Board Distributed in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide Sameway Magazine Copyright Notice Copyright 2010 Sameway Magazine All editorial content and images in Sameway Magazine are subject to copyright law and may not be copied without the expressed permission of Sameway Magazine which reserves all rights. Re-use of any of Sameway Magazine's editorial content and images for any purpose without Sameway Magazine's written permission is strictly prohibited. SAMEWAY ISSUE 559 P. 6 13.4.2018 SAMEWAY ISSUE 559 P. 7 13.4.2018

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