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"Transatlantic puffs

"Transatlantic puffs known as clouds Hold moisture before letting go to rinse us clean." (lines 31-32) Greenblatt's and Murphy's processes, as Murphy explains in her forward, naturally dovetailed. Both have a highly intuitive, free-flowing approach that filters out only what is most superfluous. And yet it's their styles that while markedly different on their own, somehow interlock in an organic way that is not jarring as one would expect. I'm familiar enough with both poets' work to be able to discern who likely wrote which lines or phrases. Greenblatt infuses fantastical elements into her work and smashes together aspects of nature to create a new diction. Murphy, conversely, has a more rigid logical lexicon that manages to evoke a sense of warmth and wonder. Both poets impose invigorating innovation in syntax, imagery, and vocabulary in order to deepen the dimensions of our understanding of how language shapes our world. With these ghazals, they further their linguistic mission in dizzying ways, contorting our way of seeing and being: "Skinfuls of spine spin the vertebrae/Mindward in the hope of reaching home." ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

! CAST OF CATS ALI CAT/ALISON ROSS FELINO SORIANO CINDY HOCHMAN SUSAN COSSETTE PHIL NELSON SOLEIL QUETZAL PUBLISHER/EDITOR RESIDENT POET RAD-ASS REVIEWER FEATURED FEMME CARTOONIST* KLOCKWIZE KAT KATWIZE KLOCK *PHIL NELSON is a 55 year old amateur cartoonist who began drawing a comic strip called Coconuts around 50 years ago. It went nowhere until he made it onto Madhattersreview where he collaborated with Carol Novack on several cartoon projects and shared cartoon editor duties with fellow cartoonist and flasher Marja Hagborg. He currently resides with his wife, daughter, and a feral kitten named Michonne in Havertown, Pennsylvania.

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