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Bourge-wise Cat


EDITOR’S SCRATCHING POST: CATATONICALLY SPEAKING This issue's cover features several artworks by the late great artist Louise Bourgeois. Those artworks speak to me for obvious reasons, but also, her surname just happens to echo a theme that Clockwise Cat so vociferously rebels against - the bourgeoisie. Interestingly enough, over time the word bourgeois has come to signify something rather different than what it used to indicate. It used to refer to the middle class, but has inexplicably evolved toward encompassing allusions to affluence. Clockwise Cat, of course, is a champion not just of the middle class, but of the poor and indigent. We rail rowdily against the wretched economic oppressors that would stratify society into a class crass system, leaving some so destitute they must slumber in the sewage-strewn streets, stewing in their own urine and feces. The editor may partake in bourgeois activities from time to time - gourmet dining, anyone? - but we find this modern-day tilt toward luxury everything (from condos to dental spas - I mean, what in the FUCK is that?) abhorrent in the face of so much misery. So we dedicate this issue to a wonderful stalwart woman whose art covered the gamut from sculpture and painting to printmaking, and whose themes emanated a feisty feminist flavor. But we also dedicate it to those, who, like antifa, fight against the forces of fascism that, like giant arachnids, terrorize us all, culturally, mentally, and financially bankrupting us.


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