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Bourge-wise Cat

About Now By Bruce McRae

About Now By Bruce McRae Meanwhile, in the airy labyrinth, in a bathtub full of corn liquor, in the red barn on a hillside. While you were squinting intomorrow’s sun. When the lion purred deeply. While you were paring your nails and twiddling with the radio, incident brushing against incident, willpower crooking a finger, intention taking a short vacation, ‘in the meantime’ on your breath, time an old fire in an older world, time a sniper, a deer in its crosshairs, an arrow coursing from one moment to the next. And meanwhile, by the river’s edge. Beside a splash of accumulated brilliance. Behind a page or leaf or pillar. Where everything is or it isn’t. Just when the robin came down from its village of mad branches. The same moment an ambulance passed.

About the time a voice explained, “Right about now.” During the storm of what and when. During the rise and fall of the executives. During a long ride into theoutlands, the race between hour and minute, a word leading, an action following along behind. Everything happening all of the time. When there is no then to go back to, lost among the smudged lettering and fudged illustrations, this now before all other nows. Here is the beginning, where it ends. The same sun as before, but a different planet. ! !"#$%&'()%N!J&='%!\'`,%>!,!R,6,.#,6!$=5#'#,6!'=&&%6:9*!&%5#.#6B!36! H,9:!H4B!!#5!,!W=52',&:!63$#6%%!C#:2!3-%&!,!:23=5,6.! 43%$5!4=)9#52%.!#6:%&6,:#36,99*!#6!$,B,I#6%5!5='2!,5!W3%:&*>!`,::9%!,6.! :2%!Q3&:2!G$%&#',6!`%-#%C0!K#5!)33(5!,&%!^12%!H3XR,99%.!H366%:5! AH#9%6'%.!W&%55E>!^G6!n6)%'3$#6B!V#:!L8!V&%6I*U!AR,C#6B!R&3C!W&%55E! ,6.!^"#(%!G5!

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