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Under the Duvet By Rehan

Under the Duvet By Rehan Qayoom' ! ",5:!6#B2:!

IT HAS BEGUN by James Kowalczyk America is already great thank you president Tru…sorry, I just threw up in my mouth… When I hear “again” I think of a time when chinks build the railroad, niggers build the Whitehouse, and the queers knew their place, a time when foreigners were wops, polocks, micks, kikes, spics, and wetbacks that were not quite human and political cartoons had illustrations to match the terms… When I hear “again”, I think of a time when women knew their place and children knew their role- in the kitchen and seen but not heard…. herd mentality, that’s what I think of when I hear “again”, a time when if you said that right thing or pointed a finger maybe, just maybe, you’d be invited into the flock…led by Jesus, not some pack of animals led by a fucking sand-nigger… When I hear “again” I think of some cops doing whatever the hell they want behind closed doors…but then again, today they do whatever the hell they want in the streets… When I hear “again” I think of hominid animals preying on the other, blood dripping from a castle window where heroes of horror with twisted smirks and jaundiced eyes chew on the poor…their mouths open with carnage pate riding on galloping tongues greased with bullshit… while miss highly manipulative prances to the beat of the goose stepping alternative boys who under a dark sky spew turds of venom... but all strike out when they face Sandy Koufax, a Brooklyn Jew, known as the Left Arm of God…and they all run from Jimmy Cagney and Angels with Dirty Faces who scream in horror as Liberty levels her torch as a flamethrower aimed at the other…who, to paraphrase Shakespeare, have eyes, hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions like us…is not the “other” subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer as everyone else? If they are cut, do they not bleed? If they are tickled, do they not laugh?

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